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Cream sauce was nice, got a lil gelak at the end but still good. Nice match with the seaweed. Clams and squid were a lil overcooked though.

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Very filling.
Marmite taste could be stronger. Waffles soft and fluffy.

Nestled in a HDB estate (just in front of the famous ABC Brickswork Hawker Centre), Carrara was a surprise gem! They offer a pretty decent variety of brunch, pasta and mains even though they are predominantly a gelato cafe? Pictured is the Salted Yolk Chicken Waffles - the waffles were great, the salted yolk sauce was okay. Chicken tasted like the ready made ones from Tay's. The wedges and salad were pretty good. Overall, good meal for the price as there was 1 for 1 using Burpple Beyond! Will head back for their ice cream waffles. It was packed when we visited on a Saturday night, so be prepared to wait as it is a cozy little cafe!

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Pity they didn’t have burpple Beyond for double scoop. They had a number of unique flavours (blue pea lemongrass). Milk and honey was great!

The other reviews were right... The chicken sausage was not to my liking. It had a weird chewy texture and I had trouble even piercing my fork through the sausage.

What a pity because the rosti was excellent! It was crispy without being too oily.

I wouldn’t order this again because just eating carbs isn’t satisfying for me. The other item I tried (marmite chicken waffles) was way better.

Paid around $7.50 per main after Burpple Beyond.

Nicely seasoned chicken that was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The waffle was also fluffy and crispy initially, but it didn’t really maintain its shape for the entire meal. Towards the end, it lost its crisp but that’s understandable! I’d order this again.

Ambience was good but I’d imagine if the cafe was full, you’d probably be distracted by the noise and surrounding conversations. Went at around 6.30pm on a weekday night and that was just nice.

Paid around $7.50 per main after Beyond.