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Swee Kee used to be popular for their affordable price, but of course they can’t sustain like this in the time of inflation now.

But people still queuing up for their noodles selections. For a bigger portion, you can request for more noodles like mine. Topped with slices of char siew and a bowl of soup with wantons.

Portion is decent and the been hoon got smell of wok hey.

Arrived at 1.15pm and there was no queue. Ordered black and white fried carrot cake at $5.00 with chilli.

To be honest I have always preferred white version of carrot cake. But this time, to my surprise, the black carrot cake blew me away. So many layers of flavour, the black carrot cake was sweet, savoury and spicy with a little bit of charred taste. The white carrot cake was savoury and spicy, with adequate chai poh (preserved radish).

Overall a good carrot cake but a little oily.

A gem in the neighbourhood!
Ordered the gua bao, peanut ice cream roll with fizzy ice lemon tea and mentaiko fish!
It was a cozy ambience and we were seated outside. However, it was raining on the day itself but there's shutters that shields us from the splatter of rain so it doesn't destroy the atmosphere at all!

Enjoyed myself and the food was good. Definitely going back again. Price wise was a little pricier than normal coffeeshop but worth it!

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Old school coffee shop at Lengkok Bahru that is hidden from the main road but popular among the residents here.

There’s only one stall in Seng Hong coffee shop that sell fishball noodle. Comforting meal topped with fishball and minced meat.

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Very Old school chicken rice stall, instantly felt I was transported back to the 90s.

Located at Old quiet neighbourhood at Jalan Rumah Tinggi.

Chicken rice here is rather good. The sauce is not very flavourful, but the chicken was fresh and tender. Rice was damn flavourful

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Throwback. This flavour was for a limited time. The curry tasted like McNuggets curry sauce. Also unique was the breaded patty. Novel but not great.

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Throwback. The chicken was as good as the pork, because, well, Michelin grilling. But their pasta is really worth a mention. It's delicious and actually uses mee pok haha.

Throwback. I don't know why it looks so pale but it's good lah. No wonder quite popular.

Fried rice with Chinese sausage @ $6

Chanced upon this place and it somehow looks inviting so we decided to give it a try and it did not disappoint.

Really good standard for the fried rice.
Better still if you add on the chilli that you can help yourself with on the table. There's also some small veggie inside which gives a different texture to the entire dish.

All in all, a great experience, especially given the price point being very reasonable and affordable!

Secret recipe dry noodles with pork @ $6.50

Chanced upon this place and it somehow looks inviting so we decided to give it a try and it did not disappoint.

The noodles was cooked just nice, not overly done. The pork chop was also tasty and tender not chewy at all. The sauce is the best, giving the whole dish a great umami taste.

It came with that small bit of chilli as shown in the photo but they have the chilli on the table that you can help yourself. The chilli is really great and it does have a bit of spiciness to it (not just salty like some other places).

All in all, a really good experience, especially given the price point is really affordable and reasonable too!

Long queues in this section of the Bukit Merah Food Center. One for the value for money Cai Png. One for the Ban Mian and another for this noodles shop.

I normally will give noodle stall that have as wide a menu as this one, a miss. As they say, Jack of all trades…But this stall comes highly recommended to me.

So I joined the 12 person long queue and shortly, before I got to the front, the stall
assistant came to take my order. As instructed, I went for the Kolo Mee, White Sauce, with chilli. But I chose the larger portion at $5.50 instead of the small.

The portion was huge. It had loads of char Siew, minced meat and garnished with fried shallots (factory type) and lard bits. Noodles were also not your typical Wantan mee noodles that most Kolo mee stalls use but a more curly version that looks similar to instant noodles.

Noodles were cooked just right and the white sauce (lard oil) further accentuated the taste of chilli sauce infused noodles. Char Siew and minced meat was normal. I did realise that I should have stuck with a small portion because at the end, it was getting too much.

Good Kolo mee. It’s not often that you can get a choice of white, black and red sauce.

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