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The ingredients were all rather fresh and tasty, and I liked the handmade fishballs and meatball best! The soup was also very light and clean-tasting. My family returned for another meal a week after!

I’ve found this is the one of the best value-for-money. I ordered this through delivery, and when I received it, a good portion of the meat was still warm, and the crackling was still crisp and crunchy.

Love the way the meat was roasted as it’s tasty, without being overly salty. Plus point is, at the price of $20 for this 500g of meat! 👍

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Just a few doors away from Geometry, Carrara cafe is another neighborhood minimalistic cafe that serves homemade gelato and western cuisine in the Bukit Merah estate.

Their signature Bluepea Lemongrass Pandan gelato flavour, or the “Little Nyonya” flavour, was one of the flavours that earned them recognition at the Singapore Gelato Championship 2019. If you like a herbal aftertaste, then you should definitely give it a try. We had a crowd favourite, milk and honey, which was simple but comforting. I liked that it was creamy without the heavy milk fat taste (which can be quite a turn-off), and paired harmoniously with the honey floral flavour. Also went for a comparatively light flavour, oolong osmanthus. A pleasant, full-bodied, toasted black tea flavour with a hint of floral fruitiness. Waffles here were soft and fluffy, though I would have preferred an additional crispiness. Pretty disappointing ice lemon tea that was strongly flavoured and diluted.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we enjoyed 2 waffles gelato set at the price of 1!

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A hidden gem in community center near to redhill mrt... Love their local prawn and pork ribs noodles most... Awesome place to chill at with your kopi hahaa... Toast is regular but I still love having it while sipping my kopi...

Matcha Latte ($4) was quite creamy, milky and thick texture after stirring with milk. It's also under Feb Promo (slice of cake + hot tea / coffee) ($9.60). I literally ordered Matcha Latte at every café in Singapore and even at overseas (recent at Malaysia).

Red Wine Pear Cake ($6.90) is latest new cake under menu. It's also under Feb Promo (slice of cake + hot tea / coffee) ($9.60). I heard from lady boss that it was released on last friday. They cooked pear with Red Wine and caused that red wine aroma spread around the cafe. During first few tries of cake, I thought it's yam taste but it's pear diffused with Red Wine :"). I really like the way they use fruits (sweet taste) (figs / strawberries / kiwi / blueberries) mixed with pear diffused with Red Wine (refreshing + sour taste). It's quite simulating for the lighter taste and quite suitable for post-cny desserts.

The curry sauce pairs especially well with the Hainanese Pork Chop! The Pork Chop is coated in a layer of cream crackers before being deep-fried, adding a nostalgic crunch and flavour

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/hong-seng-curry-rice/

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The eatery provided a quick, fuss-free meal and self-service. You need to collect hot Black Pepper Braised Pork Ribs Noodles ($4.80) from the counter after the person called your order number. I realised fried sliced pork ribs was quite thin compared to last review that I wrote previously but the la mian serving was just nice for one person.

I’ve posted about this stall before but feel that it deserves another post so to refresh those who’ve been and those who haven’t seen the previous post. Situated inside Kim San Leng Coffee Shop at Blk 116 Bukit Merah View S151116 this stall is manned by an elderly couple who cook and a helper who takes the order. For $3 you get a bowl of noodle with fish cake slices, 2 fishballs, fresh pork slices and minced meat. The well cooked noodle is added with sauces, black vinegar and pork lard bits. The aroma of the black vinegar coupled with the pork lard bits really wake up your appetite. Seriously for $3 it’s more than a value for money excellent meal.


Where’s your favourite from?

Fu Ming at Redhill Food Centre is quite popular as a supper treat for its Fried Carrot Cakes ($3, $4, $5), available in both white or black versions.

To look out for the stall, find the “Mickey Mouse” on their signboard.

Good to know that this stall still steams their own carrot cake, and thus you would find it softer and more watery, compared to many others who simply get their supply from factories.

Get the black version. There is this soft texture and flavour along with hint of radishes, some pieces of eggs, dribbled with sweet black sauce which was added twice for extra sweetness.
bit.ly/friedcarrotcakesg #DFDMichelin #DFDHawker


It says a lot when my previous review here was less than a month ago :p got our usual double scoop ($5.40) (+$0.70 per premium flavour) with both old favourites and new flavours of the month 🥳 of note is Gianduia, a rich chocolate with hazelnuts - I thought it’d be like all other Nutella-esque flavours but this one really impressed me with its smooth nuttiness!! Bliss, their pink guava flavour, also won me over with its refreshing zest. Pistachio and rum & raisin were good as usual!

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