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I love this. Still one of the best fast-food burgers in Singapore.

Smooth and tasty porridge with generous amount of well marinated mince meat, slices of pork and tender liver.

At $3 for either pork or fish porridege, its hard to find a substitute for it. Add-on an egg for 50cents.

DO NOTE: the opening hours: 6:30am to 10am !!! CLOSED ON SUN & MON

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First the crowd, then the queue, and before the last few slurps are over, you have someone else eyeing your seat. On top of that, food quality isn’t great.

So it’s back to basics. At Bukit Merah - Good old piping hot Mee Soto with extra chilli 🌶! Coupled with bandung! Under the cool fan, devouring at MY pace! And it’s colourful too!
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I'm not a big fan of 担担面 so I'm not a good judge. But I guess it checked all the boxes.

It's egg fried rice, so it depends on whether you like egg fried rice - I do. Meat was unspectacular and doesn't deserve the signature tag.

I tried the salmon mentaiko don today. The mentaiko sauce was very generous but the egg yolk was a little over done. Didn’t expect the tofu to be one big chunk though. Overall it was a well deserving meal. Not sure why the salad base is no Long available, but you can still opt for brown rice for a healthier choice. Yumz. #burpple #letsguide

Surprisingly good. Both pork and fishballs were of quality. The soup had lard and anchovies so it's very umami.

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At fatty cheong’s noodles stall ( next to nanyang coffee ), you can expect a a plate of excellent noodles.

While most would go for his char siew rice ( at his first stall ), there has been a steady build up of followers for his Wanton Mee at his second stall that does mainly noodles.

The char siew is roasted to perfection with a slightly sweet and glistering ✨ exterior . The Char siew is moist and succulent. The noodles are springy and cooked “‘al -dente” and accompanied by sambal chilli on the side and drenched with a tasty and saucy broth .

Portions are very generous and that is an added plus point 😊


Really amazed by the quality and consistency of their chicken in all outlets, despite the difference in waiting time. Succulent smooth chicken drizzled with yummy soy sauce. Their rice is well cooked and coated with fragrant. So good for any time of the day.
Awesomeness: 9/10

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Located at ABC Brickworks Food Centre, 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-02 Singapore 150006. Tom Yum Yee Mian Sliced Fish Soup, $5. This is such a comforting bowl!! Tom Yum broth is very flavourful, and has some sweetness in it! We just couldn’t stop sipping down spoons and spoons of Tom Yum broth! Yee Mian was well-cooked to the right texture with some hardness in it, perfect for our liking! Fish slices were very fresh and thick, and they have that bean paste with chilli dip that we adores but couldn’t find it anywhere else! Very delicious and superb! #hungryunicornsg #abcbrickworks #fishsoup #slicedfishsoup #鸿升