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One of those rare food brands I'd return to. This time roast meat stood out more than char siew, with crackling skin. Char siew I asked for a fat cut and it's nice, just not the crazy level Fatty Cheong can be.

Apparently a signature item here. Like most such sausages, the casing was irritating. But I admit the meat was quite delicious.

Strong, authentic flavour. But I couldn't find any sardine! At least not chunks of it. Sad.

Yes, I’m pissed that Singapore’s going into Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo (all you had to do was close the damn borders CJ!). However, I can take comfort in the fact that I finally made time to pay a visit to @a8undance, ‘cause this still new tiny little hole in the wall has some gratifyingly good food.⠀

Sure, at $11.90 before ten percent service charge, the XO Fried Rice can seem pricey when compared to a far more popular fried rice merchant, but the moolah I spent was a solid investment. The fluffy, sensually oil slicked short grain rice was well fried & imbued with little eggy bits and tiny shreds of actual crabmeat within. The XO sauce that has been fried with the rice imparts a deep, umami unctuousness to the delightfully carb-y pile. Sure, there isn’t much wok hei in the rice, but the XO sauce makes up for that.⠀

The additional crispy chicken cutlet ($4.50+ additional) alluringly draped on top of the fried rice is amply appetising. The juicy chicken fillet is expertly battered & deep fried with what smells like the ubiquitous Chinese five spice mix, and the crispy skin is undoubtedly delightful. Definitely a worthy add on for a fantastic plate of fried rice.⠀

Abundance is definitely living up to their name, ‘cause there certainly ain’t no lack of delicious dishes on their menu. Better yet, there’s an abundance of comely craft beers on their taps to wash down it all down.

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Signature Bak Chor Mee (S$5.50)
Available at @ChunSengNoodle
Tender braised pork belly and crunchy prawn dumpling.

Chun Seng Noodle House
Address 🏡 : 6 Bukit Merah Lane 1, # 01-113 ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 150 006
Open ⏰ : Sat - Thu : 5.30am - 2pm
WhatsApp ☎️ : 8189 3949

Soy sauce chicken and sayur lodeh. I love their gravies and chilli sauces!

Unlike the fried wantons at most places. These were thick and sumptuous. Unfortunately it's also $3.50 for just five to six pieces.

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, so y’all better have your dinner plans laid out & ready. If you’ve taken the high IQ plan of heading to one of @fuleegroup thirteen outlets islandwide, you can definitely look forward to these delightful Double Flavour Prawns which are exclusive to Set B.⠀

The prawns are gargantuan in size, yet they are impeccably fresh with the prerequisite snapback on each bite to prove it. The crustaceans are de-shelled, dusted in a light coat of batter and deep fried to prawn-y perfection. The sauce, which seems to be a combo of black pepper sauce & salted egg yolk sauce, is undeniably umami with a little kick of heat from the pepper, and the thick, deeply salty unctuousness of the salted egg sauce.⠀

Admittedly, the sauce is definitely more salted egg yolk than black pepper, but that’s a good thing. The subtly sweet, scintillatingly salty and luscious texture of the puréed salted egg yolks are most definitely why this dish is a winner of a dinner, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have this sauce amply coating an array of massive prawns.⠀

For the final time for now, thanks the hospitality, @fuleegroup & @esth3r_esth3r!

Fish makes you smarter. So this Mother’s Day, make the galaxy brain, 300 IQ play of bringing momma to @fuleegroup to indulge in either Mother’s Day Set A or B. Both sets include this terrific Tiger Grouper fish that’s steamed with garlic in soy sauce. It’s a simple dish, but it’s quite unbeatable.⠀

The felicitously fresh fish is undoubtedly the most crucial component of this dish, for if the fish were any less fresh this would’ve been rather lacklustre. The firm, flaky & moist fish possesses a clean, mild sweetness that’s a perfect pairing with the salty soy sauce. Of course, nobody can live without garlic unless you’re a vampire, and the crushed garlic supplies the fish with all of its addictive yet unquantifiable qualities, making it a true treasure of the seas.⠀

Don’t hesitate any longer, get smart & bring mom for some palate pampering at any of Fu Lee’s outlets islandwide.⠀

Thanks for having me, @fuleegroup & @esth3r_esth3r!

@fuleegroup Thai Style Fried Pig’s Trotter is exclusive to Mother’s Day Set B ($208 nett for dine in, $188 nett takeaway), and it’s a pretty compelling reason to be extravagant & lavish your mom with love. Plus it’s pretty massive, so you’re definitely getting more than your money’s worth.⠀

The titanic trotter is (sorta) sous vide before getting deep fried to impart lots of delicious colour, and more importantly, to transform the jiggly, gelatinous skin into a remarkably crispy rind. Titillating sweet, mildly spicy & sour Thai sauce is ladled all over the deep fried trotter, and garnished with a Thai green mango salad mix before arriving at your table to impress.⠀

The charmingly crisp & light rind absorbs the sapid sauce very easily, so you gotta eat it quickly to capture the crunch. Below the thin rind is a luscious layer of decently rendered fat, which joins forces with the tasty Thai sauce to amply lubricate the entirety of this dish. The meat gets delightfully juicier & tender the deeper and closer to the bone you get, and every bite is a delight.⠀

Well folks, this is an excellent way of thanking your moms for putting up with all your nonsense over the years. So don’t hesitate, treat your first lady right at any of Fu Lee’s thirteen outlets all over Singapore this Mother’s Day!⠀

I really appreciate you hosting me, @fuleegroup & @esth3r_esth3r!⠀

The chicken is a delight to eat with the beancurd, but what if I told you that there was an even better way to savour this? That’s right, Fu Lee has thought of everything, and the Sausage (preserved Chinese sausage) & Silver Fish Fried Rice is also on both set menus. Each fluffy oil slicked grain of rice is inundated with a delightful amount of wok hei, and is streaked with strips of omelette. The crunchy, salty silver fish as well as the chunks of lup cheong provide the satisfying saltiness that flavours this fantastic fried rice.⠀

Thanks for having me, @fuleegroup & @esth3r_esth3r!

The curiously christened Volcano Home Made Beancurd, which is a component of both @fuleegroup Mother’s Day set meals, isn’t quite as violent as its name would lead you to believe. Logs of silky smooth & strikingly soft egg tofu are deep fried and topped with the volcano part of the dish, chicken strips stir fried with doubanjiang (spicy bean paste) and dried chilies. The tender chicken is comprehensively coated in the thick umami, sapid sauce, and it tastes a lot like kung pao chicken.