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From the Burpple community

Pine nut gelato. The pine nut oil is added into the gelato, giving it it's unusual smoothness. Really good. He uses pinenuts which he sourced locally, which he says have less flavour but are sweeter


Not all the prawns heads are of the same quality, one of them got that unpleasant taste but the rest were nice. If you find it abit too fishy there's something wrong. The meat here wasnt that different from normal prawn, unlike other carabineros I've had, but it's a lot sweeter

The umami that pasta deserves. It looks like your normal tomato spaghetti but this is how it should taste, the meatiness was so satisfying

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Leek cylinders, homemade pork and beef sausage, polenta crisps? This is where the difference in the slices really hit me. Because of the difference in the density of ingredients and the cutting, the slices are unique and some taste different.

My friend found it mind-blowing but I just tot it's very similar to a Chinese taste profile because of the leek and the pork lol. Quite a pity should have gotten his slice >

My pick of the meal. Burnt leeks, pepper sauce(not the hot kind, very mild actually), anchovies. The burnt leeks were good on its own but abit overpowered by everything else. It's crisp but abit too chewy when you start chewing on it. It's served with a chili oil and that's what makes the bite. Somehow the seemingly simple chili oil combines with the anchovies to form an explosive umami. So, so good

Start of the proper pizzas.

This is why we're here. Chef shared that the previous group had ordered 8 pizzas out of the 10 dishes haha(plus one small pasta and one starter) even the dessert was 2 dessert pizzas. And now we finally know why

No, it's not a misspelling. This specific style of crust is created by chef, but he mentioned that this general style of crust is actually regional. What's interesting is that there are more Singaporean restaurants doing this style than in Italy(maybe because of being inspired by him). What's special is that the pizza dough is very soft, pillowy almost. When it's cooked in the gas oven(for consistency, compared to wood), the crust becomes wonderfully springy(ofc with crisp on the exterior).

The crust was good enough to eat on its own. Some places have very flavourful crusts which achieves that as well, but the ones here do so solely because of texture. It's not dry even on its own.

The toppings were good too. Parm was very savoury. There's even an extra piece for dispute, but us Asians were too nice to fight over it and it was left there for quite a while haha

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