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On my mission to visit the 18 places on Straits Times’ what’s baking in the east, we came in on a late weekday afternoon and had no chance to try the sold out exquisite cakes here.
I settled for the pastries and had a cookie crumble like blondie with a large mochi center and crunchy whole macadamia nuts. I also had the almond croissant with a center of heavy nut butter unlike other almond croissants you’d be familiar with. We then took home a baguette which I had trouble reheating a few days after because it became really hard.
I’ll return to try the acclaimed cakes, and Tigerlily is a tea/ brunch spot I’d consider since we live in the East; if we manage to get seats.

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Felt dismay when “what’s baking in the east” (17 Oct 2021) came out on the Sunday Times Life, for i have not tried every one of the 18 establishments mentioned in the article; I will attempt to try them all. Since we live in the East for almost 7 years now and frequenting Katong on at least a fortnightly basis, I should shouldn’t I?

On a weekday afternoon I happily strike out one from list for I managed to grab wunderfolk’s tarts which are usually OOS on the weekends. The tarts are not cheap but are meticulously prepared as you observe from the open kitchen concept when you enter the stall. Based on my smattering of tarts in Singapore, I actually think they might give the likes of Drips and maybe Tarte some competition? You be the judge.
The only grip may be the limited flavour selection currently. I had the lemon meringue and sesame, both were great; for the latter think smooth peanut butter consistency for your filling but instead of peanut you’d get sesame. Delicious!

Did not expect to find such a good brunch place in joo chiat! Their staff were very friendly and the food was good! Would highly recommend their beef pasta and miso pancakes!! fun twist on the normal options, very pleasantly surprised, would come back again!

Amazing dining experience! Staff was really friendly and food was great too! Had fish tacos and truffle fries for sides — the portion was huge! For mains, I shared the spicy scallop aglio olio and wagyu beef burger with my partner. Both of which were amazing! Will definitely come back!

Pho was okay. The grilled cockles, however, were another story.

They tried to convince me that the 18/25 of the cockles that weren't open could be opened with a toothpick. I'm like... No.

Then they offered to re-grill the crap out of them & now I have blackened cockles. Which I poked & out of the 18 grilled, 9 still weren't opened. The ones that did open are opened ever so slightly that the width of a toothpick can't even fit in.

Just..... No. You may be comfortable with prying these open, but I'm not. I'm good, thank you very much

Common Man is anything but for the common man at these eye-watering prices, but damn, do they do brunch well.

If you’re feeling famished, you can’t go wrong with their full breakfast – featuring a heaving plate laden with two free-range organic eggs(done any style), bacon, pork sausage, herbed roma tomato, hash brown, portobello mushrooms, and house-made baked chorizo beans. Special mention has to go to the full-flavoured buckwheat ketchup, which is much less cloyingly sweet than commercial versions. If I found anything lacking, it would be the absence of an additional slice of toast to accompany the plethora of ingredients.

Taste: 3.5/5

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Silky smooth and creamy, the pumpkin hummus is a hidden gem of a dish and easily one of the best sides at Common Man. Served with a moreish pumpkin seed praline and fluffy pita for scooping up all that delicious dip, we wiped the plate clean in no time.

Taste: 3.5/5

A straight forward yet undeniably enticing combo of two light and airy pancakes accompanied by strips of crispy bacon, a fried egg, maple syrup and yummy seasoned creamy butter definitely satisfied my breakfast cravings without leaving me feeling overfully full.

Taste: 3/5

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A wonderful hidden gem located in the Katong/Joo Chiat area! Great selection of menu and friendly staff. For Sides, we ordered the tasty and generous portion of Fish Taco and Truffle Fries, coupled with delicious Spicy Scallop Aglio and the Wagyu Burger! Overall, the food was amazing and we will come back again

I’m almost certain that the first post I ever did see about Da (big in Mandarin) Dong Prawn Noodles (大東蝦面) was from @veronicaphua, and then my feed just went absolutely wild with nothing but Da Dong swinging around. I know from personal experience that having a Big Dong is absolutely awesome, but I simply couldn’t understand why everyone was losing their minds over Da Dong’s, well, 大东.⠀

I have failed in my quest to survey Da Dong twice before, so I made sure I was up bright and early to get the full Da Dong experience. I got a bowl of their standard pork rib prawn noodles ($8), and made sure to order thin vermicelli so as to avoid interfering with the legendary broth. Well, that was apparently a really good idea, as the broth turned out to be milder than most other prawn broths.⠀

It’s a lot less forward on the briny sapidity that only seafood can deliver, instead relegating the seafood umami to the copilot’s chair. The captain here is definitely the pork bones that have been painstakingly boiled down into the stock, which results in a lighter and cleaner, yet richer & fattier broth. You are far less likely to get overwhelmed with Big Dong than any of its contemporaries, but the deeply savoury broth is no less satisfying as it slides into your guts.⠀

As you can see, the $8 bowl is pretty miserly especially compared to any other famous competitor out there. Sure, the prawns were fresh & the pork ribs were terrifically tender, but nobody other than people with small appetites are gonna be full for long on this. Still, I’m glad to have enjoyed this famous prawn star, and now I completely understand why so many people are lusting for Big Dong.⠀

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A hidden gem hidden in Joo Chiat! Came for brunch with a friend and it didn't disappointed. Staff was really friendly and they gave a really cute welcome drink when we arrived. Atmosphere was comfy for a nice catch up session!

The Miso Pancakes stood out and had a really unique taste. My friend and I definitly savoured every bit of it :)

Despite working at Joo Chiat, which is effectively Singapore’s Little Saigon, I rarely have Vietnamese food. However, I’m glad I decided to sample the Bún Thit Nuong Chá Giò, which is a Spring Roll, Grilled Pork combo on a bed of vermicelli noodles at Lap Vietnamese Restaurant.

Yeah, I know, I actually had to dig to find the noodles too. Yes, the bowl is actually a large bowl. That’s right, the pork chop & vegetables were so awesomely abundant that it obscured the prodigious portion of noodles. The vegetables & vermicelli noodles were unseasoned, but there’s a bowl of sweet chili sauce provided that you mix into it all to power it up with sweetness, spiciness and just a little twinge of tanginess.⠀

The pork chop was incredibly intriguing, as it was a little on the tough side, yet it was most definitely not dry. It’s been sensationally seasoned with a herb & spice rub that I can’t place for the life of me, and it’s acquired a delicious smokiness from the grill. Better yet, it’s served with the bone, and as expected, the meat got felicitously fatty & divinely juicy the closer you get to the bone.⠀

The surprise star in the bowl definitely has to be the deep fried spring rolls. It’s charismatically crunchy, and Lap is incredibly generous with the minced pork in the filling. The minced pork is sensationally seasoned, and the crunch of water chestnuts is endlessly endearing. The perfect blend of savoury, soft meatiness juxtaposed with the indecent crunchiness of the chestnuts & the thin rice paper wrap? Sold, sold and SOLD.⠀

Yessir, Lap serves up Viet food so good I’d gladly lap it all up all day any day. GOOOOOOD MORNIN’, SAIGON!

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