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Good decision to leave this to the last as it's rather filling. Came in expecting something exciting but got a really pleasant, mild, homely version which I had absolutely no complaints about. Extremely tender especially considering the cut of beef, but it's a rather mild version so do mix in the sambal at the side

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Essentially popiah with lettuce and cuttlefish, but it's surprising that the jicama keeps some of its crunchiness even when it's cooked. Btw their sambal is frigging fiery

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I prefer tom yam base than chicken / beef base. The best is with glass noodle😍😍😍 Small portion $ 1.9
Big portion $ 7.5 -8
@hatyaihalal at Katong I12
They also have non halal version, Gu Thai at United Square

Got the soft crust which I dig and a really mushy centre, but unfortunately the crust to filling ratio is off. Which u can remedy with the ice cream which is 2.8nett extra(the apple pie by itself is 5nett). But then the ice cream, while it is a huge scoop, is a general brand and slightly icy.

Pick ur poison :P

As a self proclaimed food purist, I usually don't let anything such as the service, whether good or bad, get to me. However, seeing that this is a homely dish, I argue that the homely decor and the hospitality of the nice chatty auntie really makes the food that much better.

True to their description it's really a generous portion and whenever a place dares to serve oxtail with just a spoon u know you're in for a treat. Superbly tender oxtail that really makes a fork redundant, as well as a thick soup and well cooked potatoes just before they turn into mush. Combined that with their butter roll and you've got a rustic meal. Though truth be told evidently one roll is nowhere near enough lol

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As a "reward" haha so idk the price. It's a rather crusty bread since it's well toasted and has a nice stiffness

Food looks good but doesn’t taste good.

I came on a Saturday afternoon, 30th June.. had a plate of salted egg buttermilk pork but it didn’t taste that good as what people has commented on the reviews. Perhaps it was an unlucky day for me, pork meat was overcooked and it’s hard to chew. The meat were all pre-fried beforehand and were recooked once every order was taken. Buttermilk was rather overpowering and it does not have any salted egg taste. The sunny side egg was overdone and cold too.

More importantly, service was bad. I was standing in front of the stall for about 10 mins. They seemed to be busy handling orders but did not bother about me and totally ignored my presence although I was the only person standing in front of the stall.

Finally when I get to have the cook's attention to make my order, I mentioned in mandarin “一盘咸蛋猪肉饭”, which was literally translated from their English menu “salted egg chicken/pork rice” 
I was surprised that the cook, who is a Chinese National could not understand and speak Mandarin and kind of expected me to speak in his own dialect. He could not understand "咸蛋" means salted egg. He replied to me something like "虾蛋“ which it does not seem right to me.

Basically we could not understand each other, I have to point to him to the poster that was placed in front of the stall. Finally he got to know what I want, he gave me a stern look as if all the while I have said something wrong to him, and I could see he was not happy in serving me. 

I came because of the good reviews I saw from the social media. But after this experience I would think $8 for a plate of overhyped salted egg dish, it is not worth it.

Will not come back again as the food and service is terrible.

I come here on a regular basis now because I love it so much. Tried the Mee Siam ($9.90) today and it blew me away! It was a huge bowl, with very tasty gravy, topped with crispy tai pok, mock fish balls and fish cakes.

Take note that this dish is only available on Wednesdays!

They serve really good coffee, and they have an unique seating settings, whereby the seats are positioned facing the narrow walkway. If I had stayed or work nearby, I would definitely frequent this cafe.

Pretty good chicken rendang from this shop that used to be at lavender Hawker. The rendang sauce was rich with spices and lighter on the coconut milk.

However , the portion of chicken was on a smaller side .

Good but perhaps not sufficiently attractive enough to travel all the way for it.

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The duck rice comes in $3/4/5. The sauce with the rice is a perfect combination and I really love the herbal soup here too well

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The Nyonya Bak Chang (not pictured, in my stomach) and the otah are a must order! But I wish the food is served hotter.