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Wheat Flour, Butter, Orange, Chocolate, Milk, Sea Salt, Sugar, Culture.

While the Classic Croissant was a simple item done well here, the Orange Chocolate Escargot stays as my favourite pastry of the two (or at least the pastries that I had tried). Essentially their Classic Croissant shapes in a different form, the Orange Chocolate Escargot was nothing short of amazing with its light, flaky pastry which carried a buttery aroma, packed with swirls of their homemade orange confit and cacao berry pallets that provide not only a hint of sweetness but also a refreshing, cirtrusy zing that provides a flavour contrast to the pastry. Really pretty impressed with both items that I had here at Petit Pain; certainly a spot that bread lovers should probably include in their list of to-try places in the East — a hidden gem in the Joo Chiat neighbourhood.

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Innards are such a guilty pleasure! Intestines, liver and fishcake!

Yummy wanton noodles at Eng Seng Restaurant. Fried wantons are huge and packed with big and succulent prawns and noodles are al dente.

I suffered from “grab-a-phobia” when I was young. It’s a condition in which the sufferer has a fear of the claws of a chicken feet clamping the face when attempts are made to eat the fleshy palm part. At least, that’s what I named my phobia 😂😂😂 I got over it some years later and after that, dimsum wasn’t dimsum without an order of “feng zhao” or “Phoenix Claws” (it’s the romanticised name for steamed chicken feet).
However, the tastiest version for me, isn’t found in a Chinese restaurant but at a humble hawker stall that happens to also be one of my all-time favourites for wanton mee.
“Joo Chiat Ah Huat Wanton Noodle”, stall #01-04 at Dunman Food Centre, does one that’s terrifically delicious. I have witnessed customers ordering only that to enjoy on the spot or as takeaway.
The style of preparation at this stall involves frying the chicken feet before braising which makes the skin flavourful and puffs it up for extra texture. The sauce is thinner than the usual thick, unctuous sort of midnight-coloured braising liquid but it is wonderfully aromatic with garlic, ginger and sesame oil. Shown above is the $3 serving and it is good for two persons to share. There is the option to have it with noodles too.

The communal place was a very nice place w card games for big groups. I really liked the flaming pork ribs, but the salmon miso was slightly underwhelming. They seemed to be short staffed so customers may need to be more patient during peak hours. But otherwise it was a lovely experience.

We were awed by the welcome drink mocktail ($8++)! Such a pleasure for the palate 👍 The coffee lemonade ($8++) was pale in comparison. My taste buds said: do not try to marry coffee and lemonade.
Both miso salmon $20++ and yuzu butterfly chicken $18++ gave us pleasant surprises. The salmon and mashed potato in the former were so delish and the latter had a sweet, aromatic yuzu flavour in it! Nice!👍👍
Will be back!

Both Kazan guy don and unagi don ($16.80++) were tasty and generously portioned. The only improvement I hope to see is for the restaurant to provide miso soup or a small salad or some pickles along with their dons.

Location: Dunman Food Centre, 271 Onan Road, Singapore 424768
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The variety on the menu is great. There are so many options to chose from. There is even mee soto, lontong and mee siam. The taste is freshly cooked and delicious. About $6.80 for my plate of beef rendang, tempe and spinach. Highly recommended! They have a special corner exclusively for dessert

This is probably still the hottest prata place in Singapore, with wait times typically around an hour. I like their kosong prata, which is crispy outside and fluffy inside. For an even crispier version, go for their coin prata. To be safe, go before 10am because they may sell out by 11am.
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