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Delivery but these were still good! Crunchy and they were quite generous with the prawns. The ngohhiang was pretty good too - generous with ingredients, meaty, with bits of chestnut giving it a good crunch! Having said that, any more than one roll was a bit jelak to me as I could pick out some pork fats within.

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• Orange & Choc Escargot ($3.80): 6.5/10
Okie I’m not a huge fan of this kind of orange in my food so I knew I wouldn’t really enjoy it as much as a lot of y’all; don’t come at me pls 🥲

• Apple Danish ($3.80): 7/10
The apples were slightly tangy and really aromatic but tbh I enjoyed the pastry the most!! I loved how the pastry remained crisp and held up the fillings really well 🤤

• Pain au Chocolat ($3.50): 7.5/10
Choc batons wrapped within the pastry - what else can we ask for?? (Okie apart from even more choc keke) 🤩🤤

• Classic Croissant ($3): 8.5/10
This is defo my FAV and it’s very indicative that plain things can be great too!!! The layers were so flaky and buttery and I kept some for the next day. They tasted as amazing after reheating!! 🥺

Cozy cafe ambience and friendly staff! Had the Yuzu Chicken, Thicc Burger and Chocolate dome for dessert and they were very generous with the portion.

The meat was big and juicy and the whole vibe of the cafe made it a great place to catch up with friends or even for a date. Will be back for more soon! Will definitely recommend :)

Had the yuzu chicken which was so juicy and delicious. A really generous portion for the price paid. Also had the chocolate dome dessert which was fun to eat with all the different ingredients. Overall the food was really delicious and the staff was super friendly as well! Will definitely come back again

A very decent delicious burger! Cooked to medium,very juicy, beefy!

Nicely crisped exterior, with a slight soft centre, yet easily pulled apart — this is how I define a good prata. I was really looking forward to try the crispy prata from Mr and Mrs Mohgan, and I got the plain ones. They were delightful. Hot and crispy, and flaky at some parts. The Assam curry was light but not watered down, and lingers on my tongue too. A good prata curry shouldn’t mask the taste of the prata.

(My friend gave me a coin prata to try and it was slightly sweet with a soft whiff of margarine. Maybe I will try it next time!)

We waited close to an hour for our prata from 11am, and the prata sells out by 12pm on a Saturday afternoon.

Ordered big bowl with grilled dory. Delicious wholesome food. Choice of 2 bases so very filling, my go-to in the Joo Chiat neighbourhood for healthy fuel 🥗

Cosy ambience perfect for a laidback afternoon on the weekends. Coffee was great! Will be back to try the pancakes next 👍🏻

Ordered the Yuzu chicken and seafood pasta. Both were great! Very flavourful and comforting. Really enjoyed the sweetness of the chicken so would definitely be back for that

NYC Bacon, Eggs & Cheese Bagel $13. Well flavoured omelette enhanced by the saltiness of the tender bacon in between thin sliced & soft bagels. A must try!

Bjorn’s Truffle Egg Mayo Chicken sausage $13. A nice snap to the sausage. Truffle egg Mayo nicely done.

The apple danish was also crisp outside, with a warm and earthy apple filling encased within. It reminded me a little of ritz's apple strudel, with goopy cinnamony soft apple cubes.