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Ah Yeè Soon Kueh. 😱😂👌

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Comes with prawns, bean sprouts, kang kong, pork ribs and crispy pork lard. The ribs were tender soft which detach from the bone easily. Soup was more creamy rather than rich and it’s not refillable. A little pricy for the portion served too 》$8/regular

The pasta is good and it is so worth it with the 1-1 deal

Just admiring those layers felt like already half the battle was won.
I can confidently claim that these are the best croissants I’ve had in Singapore taking place of my no.1 from Tiong Bahru bakery.
Note that the bakes at Petite Pain are elusive because they are usually sold out (way) before closing hour.


Rlly unique chili with a distinctly herbal undertone. Not bad at all

Not the biggest fan of pumpkin cake in general, this one was okay

I must say, pretty decent plates. Salmon was cooked perfectly and love the very very creamy, silky mash.

It tastes so "normal" but it's executed so well. I mean that in the sense where it isn't very different from normal soon kueh, but the generous amount of hae bee gave it such a mellow sweetness and fullness of body. Doesn't need anything else, a must-try at this stall

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Their kuehs are q big and I love the skin that has a bit of flour texture to it, apart from being soft and carrying a slight chew, compared to the clear mochi-esque skins that I'm used to

The smell is really pungent but the taste wasn't very sharp, super addictive and hard to stop eating. Highly recommended!

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Chili was normal, pork ribs and prawns were not bad. But I really liked how their did they kway teow, it's soft and almost sticky, quite different from my favourite stall at yuhua. Their sauce base was also quite fragrant, if subtle.

Theres no refill for the soup and for good reason, it's the most intense bowl of prawn broth I've had. It's pure prawn umami and sweetness, not like other places with gao soup beefed up by pork stock. Sip slowly, I needed to take gulps of water in between sips lol.

Definitely a must-try, I love super gao prawn broths and this is the first bowl up to my standard

Avoid this. Q normal since it wasn't crispy at all, get their plain pratas for sure