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I ordered the cheesesteak burger and fizzy yuzu. Loved the burger, brioche bread was well toasted and the sauce was delicious. The pricing was reasonable too. Ambience of the restaurant was great too. Service was quick and the staff was friendly.

Had an enjoyable lunch with a friend at The Communal Place this week, where I had their pulled pork burger and iced osmanthus sencha. The tea was refreshing, and the burger was savoury and immensely satisfying! Really recommend :)

We always forget to preorder (only available on weekdays) and end up with whatever leftover we can snag even upon arriving within the first 15 min of opening hour.

We take whatever we can get from one of the best bakery in Singapore.

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Best prata in all of SG. Crispy on the outside chewy on the inside, love it!!!

Last week of takeaways/tapao!💗 walked around Joo Chiat the other day and found this fancy vinyl cafe @choicecutsmusiccafe serving all-day breakfast items especially bagels! 🥯 the ambience & decor reminds me of like a FRIENDS setup or NYC hippy vibes 🏙💕

Saw this interesting collab item with @artichoke_sg @bjornshen on their menu and gave it a shot 😋 I got to say the sausage is delicious! Grilled with a tender yet solid bite of fattiness💯 I would love it better if a softer toasted brioche bun was used 😍 anws hope everyone had a great morning start! 🌞 stay safe! ❤️

the cream cheese was quite sugary and there was a spice (that i’ve never tasted in carrot cakes before) that i didn’t quite like

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Finally tried Da Dong prawn noodles 🦐 which has been raved by many foodies like @veronicaphua 😂 I got the dry version as you get the best of both worlds - chilli mix🌶 and the rich pork prawn broth 🐷❤️ overall, I would say the broth is definitely with the hype 👍 💯 the soup is packed with unami rich thick aroma of the prawn base yet still relatively clear and not overly starchy🤤 when paired with the chilli tossed noodles - the spice goes well with the smooth thickly flavored broth - Abit like eating tsukemen🍜 ! I do have to say the price is bit steep for the quantity ( no soup refill sad🥺) but worth a visit and well deserved praises for the soup✌️

Loved this filling rendition.
Made with black gram bean flour / vigna mungo / urad, white rice flour, salt, clarified butter / ghee, water, and fenugreek seeds.
The porous soft thosai masala, with mild bitter earthy sour sweet flavour, is stuffed with soft chunky spiced potatoes and red onions. This results in a bold sweet starchy spice flavour.
The accompanying gravies of coconut chutney, tomato chutney, and dhal curry are a little thin, but still lend decent flavour.
ABC Nasi Kandar Restaurant
More details in profile & blog

Next to Fried Hokkien Mee, Chai Tow Kway and Chicken Rice, I reckon #WantonMee is one of the most subjective of hawker dishes out there. Everyone has a favourite stall they swear by, and are more than happy to list the evidence as to why it is so whenever the topic is tabled. Of course, there are no right and wrong answers because at the end of the day, our tastebuds simply gravitate towards the version we find most pleasing 😊.
Topping my own list of go-to’s when the craving hits is #JooChiatAhHuatWantonNoodle which is located in the basement of Dunman Road Food Centre. For those of you who’ve followed me on Instagram for a while, you’ve likely seen me share about it quite often on my Stories. Anyway, I’ve been a regular customer since they started because I had recognised the owner - he use to work side-by-side with the original ladyboss (I’m guessing they are related) of Hong Mao Wanton Mee when they were at Tembeling Road (I was such a huge fan!) before she retired and sold the business to a couple of her regular customers.
For me, Joo Chiat Ah Huat’s wanton mee tastes the same as Hong Mao’s. From the al dente noodles to the sauce (which is a bit darker than most) to the unique tangy chilli sambal, it’s a combination I enjoy immensely. While their lean slices of char siew are acceptable, their handmade wantons are scene-stealing with tastily-seasoned fillings and very smooth, soft skin. Our modus operandi is to add on an order of their wanton soup to share, so we can feast on more of those silky parcels. A plate of this stall’s braised chicken feet is another must for us because they do an extremely tasty rendition that includes frying the chicken feet before braising them in an aromatic sauce concocted from sesame oil, black soya sauce and ginger.
If you plan on trying the food from here, my advice is to arrive early, like in the morning or before 1pm to be very safe. And be prepared to queue.

Had the waygu burger ($21) for dinner. The juicy patty was accompanied with a slice of cheese and crunchy chopped purple lettuce. Served with thick-cut fires and some salad on the side, it was a really wholesome meal. For this price, it is really worth it. On top of that, they also gave every patron a small shot of welcome drink (non-alcoholic) and was a pleasant surprise of hospitality.

Ordered the burrata with smoked salmon ($18) and foie gras ($23) miso pasta. The pasta came with an entire piece of foie gras which was very value for money. It was creamy, lightly pan seared and absolutely delicious. The burrata didn't disappoint me too - milky and buttery! But I do prefer my burrata with parma ham instead of smoked salmon. Overall really enjoyed both dishes.