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Spicy marinated chicken and spicy pork belly. A restaurant marked by atrocious service at the counter - they take reservations but can't deliver tables on time - and great service at the table. Considering the meats are standard fare, this is quite an average buffet.

(Clockwise from top left) Beef brisket, pork belly, pork shoulder loin, marinated chicken, marinated pork shoulder loin, bulgogi. A restaurant marked by atrocious service at the counter - they take reservations but can't deliver tables on time - and great service at the table. The brisket was like shabu and the best, but also the only meat with a limit. Considering the other meats are standard fare, this is quite an average buffet. I love pork belly, but don't waste time on the other pork.

Casual bbq place where they serve skewers of food, and a candle lit grill to warm your food while you feast! Opens till 12mn - 2am depending on which outlet you visit, good supper spot! 🌙

Tried the following this visit:
Grilled Potato Chips
Grilled Romaine Lettuce
Grilled Fresh Sleeve Fish (Sotong)
Grilled Fresh Prawn
Grilled Pleurotus Eryngii (鲍菇)
Grilled Bread
Grilled Pork/Chicken Sausage
Grilled Pork
Orleans Chicken Wings

Noodles with Soybean Paste

Bubble Milk Tea

Items that really took the limelight were the Grill Sausage and Orleans Chicken Wings because its marination hits the spot, Grilled Fresh Sleeve Fish (Sotong) for its softness not chewiness and surprise surprise their Bubble Milk Tea for the balance between their tea taste, sweetness and pearls texture!

A restaurant marked by atrocious service at the counter - they take reservations but can't deliver tables on time - and great service at the table.

Ex but delicious!

Rewarding to try it once in a while. Best if you dine in and chill

Overall 4/5

Overall is good except the prawn.
No complaints at this price for weekend lunch buffet ($18), just be careful when walking inside the restaurant and do check whether the ventilation ald switched on.

Not gonna lie, @oasis_sg post-lockdown BBQ buffet dinner was pretty disappointing. At $88++ per head for the free flow booze & buffet, it’s a hefty investment that didn’t quite pay off for me. Served à la carte style course by course, the first round was the sustainable seafood on ice, which featured a modest duo of poached prawns & rock oysters. Yep, that was it for the seafood appetisers. While the oysters & prawns were acceptably appetising, the selection left much to be desired.⠀

Next came the absolutely addictive grilled ciabatta bread that had been lavishly lathered with a glorious garlic herb butter, alongside a trio of caesar salad, kale tabbouleh salad, and an Asian slaw. And finally, for the meat of the matter, the wood fired BBQ sharing platter was built upon some barbecued beef rump steak, Aussie lamb, chicken thigh, barramundi, and some chorizo sausage.⠀

Rump steak is one of the cheaper cuts of meat, which is why I was taken aback when I realised what cut of steak it was. Normally a tougher cut like rump would be slow cooked instead of being grilled, and it came at medium doneness. It was a little too chewy & dry. The lamb, on the other hand, fared a whole lot better. The gaminess was fairly well mitigated, and the meat was considerably juicer than the steak.⠀

The barramundi was a tad dry in certain spots, but the smokiness of the wood was thoroughly infused into the fish, giving it a delicious smokiness. The chicken, while superbly smoky, was lacking in any discernible Thai flavours from its advertised Thai marinade. As always, sausage always satisfies, and the chorizo definitely delighted with its sensational spiciness & sapidity.⠀

If the buffet was sorely lacking in variety, then why do I refuse to consider it a complete write off? Simple. The stellar service staff were always close by to ensure that your wine glass was always topped off, or to serve you more food. They really turned on the charm with their jovial, amicable attitudes, always ready to engage in a little banter as they attended to your whims. Secondly, free flow booze. Free flow wine, Prosecco & frozen margaritas? Sold.⠀

Well, it ain’t all doom & gloom.

The picture says it all. Good quality wagyu beef and food is served pretty fast. Plates are cleared very fast too. Other food like their pork, chicken and seafood are tasty too. Worth it for the buffet price I’m paying.

Beef yourself with @tenkaichi.sg all you can eat buffet.🥩 Niku!😍
*Drinks not included in buffet.
Food we had,
- Beef of course, if not we wouldn't be here.🤣 Their normal thin sliced cut is already so fatty and succulent when cooked.👍
- Pork Collar👌
- Pork Loin👎
- Mala Miso Pork Belly👍
I am quite impress by it as it has a well-balanced taste with the spiciness and numbness that is not too overwhelming yet being savoury. Kinda hard to find good Mala marinated food.
- Miso Pork Belly👍
The normal Miso Buta Karubi is delicious. Well-marinated.
- Grated Mozzarella Cheese(Will not get creamy/watery)
- Shiitake Mushroom(Long cooking time)
- Enoki Mushroom
- Oyster Mushroom
- Grilled Octopus Ball
- Lettuce👍
- Cut Fruit - Watermelon (not cold)
- Chawanmushi👍
- Tamago👌
- Tobiko Roll👌
- Mentai Mayo Roll👍
- Edamame
- Kimchi
- Seasoned Jelly Fish
- Seasoned Seaweed
Unless you're feeling rich, go ahead for their deluxe or premium buffet for more variety else a good standard buffet is enough to keep your crave satisfy.✌️
For Full Menu, visit tenkaichi.com.sg for more info.
For Full List of pricing visit @tenkaichi.sg on Instagram or www.facebook.com/tenkaichi.sg/
🚩Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ(Marina Square), 6 Raffles Boulevard, 03-129 Marina Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 039594
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Lunch at $18+. Not overly salty. Similarly side dishes are not impressive. Love that they give seaweed. Satisfying main meal. Just note that this soup doesn't have a lot of meat.

Lunch at $12+. The main meal bibimbap was really worth it and super filling. Side dishes and fish cake soup not impressive.

If you’re at Burnt Ends, please do yourself a favour and have the cheesecake. It’s my favourite cheesecake by far.