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Don Dae Bak is a cosy Korean barbecue joint located at Kreta Ayer offering authentic and pocket-friendly Korean BBQ buffet. Enjoy high quality meats cooked over charcoal that are well seasoned and served in huge portions with free slow steamed eggs and side dishes.

Besides their barbecue, they also offer a wide range of Korean food. I recommend trying the nourishing ginseng chicken soup, the comforting Jajangmyeon, the tasty seafood pancake, and the crispy & flavourful Korean fried chicken (cream onion & soy garlic).

Come down for an authentic Korean food experience!


Instead of the usual sized Korean pancakes, Hyang Yeon does them more bite-sized! While it was fried well with crisp edges and easy to eat, it didn’t have as much seafood as we hoped for. We really liked the dipping sauce though, it had a good balance of sour-sweet and savoury. This was the medium and they also serve a large version at $20.

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Oh my this was the best doenjang Jjigae I have ever had. The boiling hot stew was thick and flavorful, with bits of soy beans inside. Came with beef slices. Quite a lot too. Yummy and steaming hot till the last bite. Very slightly spicy. Loved it.

This lunch set (available during weekends too) included the fresh lettuce too. Very delicious, with a wonderful smoky aroma. The sauce was great. Not fatty, really good with rice. Just wished this dish was hotter. Thou it looked steaming hot, it was just hotter than lukewarm.

Remembered the cheesy soonsal chicken I enjoyed so much previously. This one was good too. But surprisingly it wasn’t as hot as I expected. Maybe they had already prepared in bulk and just heat up on the hot plate upon order I dunno. I chose the spicy one over the mild. Really quite spicy. Went very well with rice. The sauce used on this chicken was awesome. No bones.

This boiling hot soup came with rice. The kimchi stew was the watery and quite sour kind. A lot of ingredients inside. And pork slices.

Haven’t been here for a while and was delighted that all their delicious banchan are refillable now. The kimchi was as good as always. But my top pick was the spicy fish cake slices. So good with rice or on its own. The stir fried bean sprouts, potato slices and eggs with chili rounded out the 5 plates.

Average food, loaded with MSG, unattentive service staff, no air-con.

In case you’re wondering, we got the laksa and mala broth 😄 And probably my first and last time here

Quality food. If you like fatty cut of pork, you will like their Pork Jowl, fatty and juicy. If you are up for some beef, Marinated Beef is my favourite choice from their menu. I really like Kimchi Pancake but the portion is too big for 1-2pax, good to share among 3+ pax though. Love their tasty and wide range of side dishes. Happy ending with a complementary small bottle of yakult after meal.

Pork Jowl $22++
Marinated Beef $39++
Kimchi Pancake $17++
Nearest MRT: Beauty World

Good food, and affordable with 1 for 1.
Can use chope to reserve too.

Some of you like your seabass nicely cooked skin-down, delicately plated with creamy sauces and quenelles of whatevs; some like it gently steamed with aromatics and soy sauce; but when I think of a good seabass, @camp_kilo’s beautifully grilled one is what comes to mind. Armed with the basic salt and pepper, wedges of lime, and an insane mastery over fire, Camp Kilo’s no-fuss take means you really get to taste that lovely sweet, fresh fish. There’re no fancy sauces to detract you from the fish (they do have a few fantastic housemade sauces on the side if you really want em), which means they’ve got no way to hide any mistakes like bad produce or overcooked fish. That I get perfectly succulent, moist and tender fish every time speaks tons.


The Bibimbap was nice and filling. The side dishes were delicious and we asked for multiple refills of the Anchovies and kimchi until one lady told us only one refill per set which was quite surprising to me as the norm in Korean restaurants is free flow banchan. Had to pay $1 for barley tea as well. Set lunches available daily at $12.90++.