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First time trying An La Ghien even though it is relatively near me. Because working from home doesn’t justify me to order lunches that are $10+ 😄 but this place has always been quite crowded during meal times before phase 2 HA and it serves authentic Vietnamese food.. so I have been wanting to try!

Decided to be safe and ordered my typical chicken pho soup order. I thought it was quite funny that they have shredded ginger in the soup!? I don’t usually see ginger in other chicken pho soup I have tried. I also didn’t quite like how the chilli served was the sauce kind instead of chilli padi! IMO chicken pho soup is best eaten with spicy chilli padi :) I also like my pho soup to be more peppery!

Price wise it was $9.9 via grab food (not sure original price if takeaway directly, but I had a grab food voucher hence decided to use it for the order), comparable price to like namnam.

Ordered their Phase 2 takeaway menu: beef yakiniku don ($11.50) and oyako don ($9.50). It's like Japanese zi char by Keisuke - delicious stir-fried meat in amazing sauce served with premium Japanese rice (same rice as their restaurants) and miso egg soup. Very value for money! Worth a try!

💕Angus Ribeye Steak Jyu.
Beef Ribeye Steak, Beef in Ginger Soy Sauce.
💕Karubi & Gyutan Jyu.
Beef Short Plate, Beef Tongue, Beef in Ginger Soy Sauce
💰$2.2 each

For place order can visit this link  https://order.yakinikugo.com.sg/en_SG/ . 
Island-wide Delivery from $5 ~ $12 with min order of $40.
Free Delivery for orders above $120

33, Sengkang West Ave, #01-49.
The Seletar Mall.


My first ever Pao Fan experience, I gave to @shaobbq, and boy was I in for a treat!
We had the large sized Mixed Seafood Pao Fan which they’ve considerately packed in two separate containers: one, a milky seafood broth which I couldn’t get enough of, and two: crispy fried rice, fluffy white rice with an array of seafood (lala, prawns, squid and plump oysters).
This meal ticked all the right boxes for me: texturally crunchy, full of flavour, temperature; still piping hot when we ate and just wholesomely full on comfort.

$58 for Large Mixed Seafood Pao Fan
$15 off Self Collection with code: PICKUP15
$10 off Islandwide delivery with code: SHAO10


Velvety texture, generous with their ginkgo nuts, enjoyed the extra touch of fragrance from their addition of osmanthus flowers.
My love for Yam Paste is abundant. This one from SHAO was just a tad too sweet for me, but I would order it again as a sweet end to my SHAO teochew meal.
$15 off Self Collection with code: PICKUP15
$10 off Islandwide delivery with code: SHAO10

Go K-BBQ is a korean bbq restaurant that serves aged meats.

We shared one of their bbq platters over lunch which came with three types of meats and 2 stews. Boys being boys, we ordered a seafood pancake and an additional order of meat as well 😋😋😋

I really enjoyed their beef short ribs. The flavours were rich and intense and every bite was bursting with juices. The seafood pancake was also really good.

Compared to some of the Korean bbq restaurants in the area but this is the price you pay for better meat quality!

So fingers crossed🤞, let’s hope things will get better and we can start dining in again after June 13🙏.

Featuring one of the few KBBQ joints in 🇸🇬 that uses charcoal grills, @superstark_sg is a no-frills restaurant with round silver-ish tables (alike in 🇰🇷) and simple interior design. With unlimited servings of Korean side dishes (Banchan), do expect your BBQ meats to be perfectly cooked by their friendly waiters/waitresses!

KBBQ isn’t complete without some Black Pork Belly, don’t you agree😉?

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

📍Super Star K
75 Tanjong Pagar Rd, S088496

staCey: 7.68/11 ~ for me!!! we ordered takeaway for special bday celeb~ the loBster was jUicyyyy n meats were flavourful!! food need to be heated uP for maxiMUM YUMMMinest!!! excellent serviCe bY deliVery people too :~)

ethEL: 8.2/12 ! thnx 2 stacey’s fam 4 providing me dinner <3 variety of meat was plentiful and lobster meat was sooo sweet n juicY ! rly efficient and meticulous delivery service ! overall was suuuper y0ms hope 2 try d restaurant irl soon ~~

The Beef Skewers here were tough and dry, seemingly overcooked, so save the calories and try the other skewers available on the menu. The Chicken skewers on the other hand though, were delicious! Tender, juicy and sweet, the smoky notes from the grill and the seasoning complemented well and this was one of the well loved skewers at the table.

All in all, this is the place to go for if you're looking for affordable drinks and bar grub! Can't wait to head back again!

For the non-meat skewers, I enjoy the King Oyster Mushrooms the most, where the shrooms were still juicy and intact, where other places would have grilled till it turned dry with charred bits. The natural sweet flavour of the mushrooms were enhanced by the smoky notes from the grill and the spiced seasoning, definitely a must order here!

The Beancurd Skin was a tad disappointing as the large pieces of beancurd skin only had seasoning on the outside while the layers within was bland, making this rather tasteless and dry after a while. My friends and I also got full on this after a while so you can give this a miss if you want to make full use of the Burpple Beyond 1 - 1 deal.

Man, this pseudo CB that we are in right now makes me miss the skewers I had at Taan just last month. Utilised my Burpple Beyond deal and got 60 sticks to share among a group of 5 which was more than enough. This was the perfect place for bar grub, offering a great variety of skewers with different seasonings. Had initially thought this was a Japanese stall from all the Kirin, sake and Highball that I see on their drinks menu (yes, drinks are my priority) but found out they were more of a fusion, what with the skewers tasting akin to Chinese lok lok.

The skewers here are pretty bold in flavour and thirst inducing, as the sodium in each skewer were pretty high. Nevertheless, since they were prepared over a charcoal grill, they were still an oily, delicious mess that I'd happily devour.