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It looks bigger than pictured! The entire leg was grilled right before our eyes, served with lemon wedges and some really great sauce which is kept light to retain the freshness and sweetness of the crab πŸ¦€

Hamachi carpaccio with truffle bits and ikura. Refreshing and the ikura spheres do a good job of ensuring the dish is not overwhelmed by the aroma of truffle

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Secured a rare Eatigo 50% on a Saturday. These ban chan were not refillable if using Eatigo discount.

This platter was part of the set menu we ordered - flavorful black ink sotong sausage, good sio bak and tasty meat roll.

The cold crab was fresh and enjoyable with the sauce provided.

Ssul Lung Tang is a milky beef soup made from broth that has been simmered for hours with beef legs bones. The soup however turned out to be rather light and unflavourful as compared to the thick-richness I was hoping to get. Other than some brisket pieces and sweet potato noodles in the soup, it was too "qing" but comforting at the very least.

Decent food. Soondubu Chigae At 15$ plus rice and Bibim neng myeon At 15$
Before gst.
Side dishes were great though

used eatigo at 50% off so it was only $15/pax after all the discounts and gst+svc charge!! wuhuuu first time trying im kim’s dinner buffet and the meat selection was expectedly larger and better than the lunch’s!! they had significantly more beef choices and i really liked the short ribs and some bulgogi thingy that totally tasted like the yakiniku beef strips in rice bowls 🀀

rating: 3.3/5

Value for money Korean bbq buffet. The pork steak was especially juicy and tender, comes with free flow water and ice lemon tea

- 'Pork mixed in with our very own mix of spices and specially slow roasted over charcoal'
- Love the spices that were stuffed into the pork, strong garlic flavour and right amount of chilies
- The meat was very flavourful but slightly saltish, will probably pair well with the rice
- Skin was very thick and crunchy with a thick layer of fat beneath; A very fatty cut of meat
Overall, tastes very sinful but very delicious
Taste: 9/10

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Used Burpple 1 for 1, and still think it’s not worth it for the first time. Pancake was burnt on the other side, took quite a Long time despite only 2 other table in the place was occupied with customers. Otherwise it tastes fine. Army stew was pathetic. Meat to fats ratio was like 1:9. Portion was really lacking. On the positive side, the waitress gave great service and the side dish(kimchi) was excellent.

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Still good, but quite pricey. Will be back if there is occasion only.

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