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If there’s one thing you can’t say about Decker, it’s that the food is lacking flavour. Everything is so well seasoned and has a depth of flavour! I got the wagyu brisket and pork spare ribs. The brisket was tender and slightly fatty, just the way I like it. The ribs were honestly too salty for me that it had me reaching for water. The crunchy slaw with a bit of tang helped to cut through some of that saltiness. I expected the cornbread to come warm but it came cold, not a big deal because it was delicious.

A hard seltzer and meat platter for one later, it came up to $50+ per pax inclusive of a $5 service charge. Very expensive! Would think twice to come back but for the food I’d come back for more of an occasion.

Yeah there's a reason why this is highly raved. It's very different from the normal dry tasteless stuff u get at other places, when I but into this I tot it reminded me of xlb filling. It's really v tender, and the sauce is strong too which balances the mild tsukune. This is coming from someone who doesn't like tsukune normally

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Their signature item

Outside wasn't v notable but interior was very creamy, more than the normal ckn liver. Worth a try!

Min order 2 skewers

Came back here cos they ran out of their signature gossodama previously.

Small stick, not as crispy as it looks, but the marinade/brine is pretty on point, so it's q savoury

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This BBQ buffet offers a charcoal grill to cook all your meats and veggies which provides a really nice smoky flavour to the food. However we discovered that the meat cuts were not always consistent after ordering the same thing over many rounds. The beef short ribs for example, it’s like a roulette on what you’ll get; sometimes it’s super fatty, sometimes its super thick, sometimes it’s super thin. The enoki on the other hand was so good despite being a simple dish.

Don Dae Bak uses charcoal to grill the meats, and some were pretty good! The pork belly slices are fresh not frozen, and the quality is actually pretty decent. The weekday buffet goes for $27.90 per pax and one of the best part is actually the free flow omelette that you can get and with the grill, it is possible to make it soft and fluffy 😍 most decent Korean BBQ places tend to be rather pricey, hence this is a good recommendation if you are looking for something in the middle ground 😊

went on a saturday night and there was alot of people but we still managed to get a seat!! I really like the concept as it is open spaced and the staff there are very generous with their portions. Weekend was only $22.90 for 2 pax and u get to fill yourself up as much as you want. All the food was nice but some of them like the tofu and meatball was quite fishy? I think they left it out for too long.. But overall it was really an affordable and right atmosphere to have bbq buffet there!!

【Hello Korean BBQ】
Whoever has cravings for Korean bbq and lazy to cook should totally patronize @hello_korean_bbq, just tell them the doneness and they will cooked for you. 😜 They are the same Korean siblings renamed from Super Star K Bbq at 46 Circular Road. 6 pax, 9 order for just the 💵 SGD 210. SO CHEAP! 🇰🇷
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cheapo version of gyu-kaku. price and taste acceptable. Signature Set $15.80++

Ordered the unagi fried rice & buta kakiniku !! Great atmosphere & food. Would come back again !!

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Good food and good service too!
The staff were a group of old people but they were really efficient and handled everything very well. Recommended! Would definitely come again.

Ordered the mentaiko pasta (good flavour, slightly dry) and fried chicken don(super crispy and nice) using 1-1 lunch deal. Portion sizes aren’t the biggest but it’s good enough!