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Clean, a bit more flavour than it seems, and the oxtail was very tender

The ume was hard and so difficult to eat, but it does a nice job or perfuming the rice with a citrusy fragrance to cut thru the fattiness of the meat

Tell me that doesn't look like A5. Totally melts in your mouth, really lucky to get such a marbled piece despite it being supposedly A4. Flame the exterior, rest it as the fat renders more, and enjoy. Gets jelak so don't order too many of this first

It's the intercostal muscles I believe. Really difficult to cook, it's slightly dry despite being marinated and doesn't have a sheen unlike the other meats once u cook it. Kinda sticks to the grill. Ideally it's seared on all sides without overcooking the interior, but I ended up undercooking the interior for some pieces(they are not uniformly thick).

Not to mention it curls up and twists, making it even harder to cook each surface properly.

By right there's quite a lot of flavour, but only if u do it right. I'll advise only order if you know what you're doing

The thinly sliced tongue cooks very fast but this you can afford to go lower on the flame(and cook at the side) to achieve a super satisfying and less chewy bite. Though there's no way u can slow cook it until it's tender. Highly recommended if you know what you're doing and you enjoy tongue

P.S. what I do is quickly sear both sides on high flame to get some colour, before "slow" cooking them at the side at low heat

AUS wagyu is more marbled, finally tastes abit like wagyu and not so chewy. Quality was ok except that one of the cubes was 90% fat.

P.S. they don't use charcoal, it's an electric? stove that lets you adjust the strength of the flame. I much prefer charcoal though, even if just for the authenticity

Slathered with a sweet sauce, the liver shrinks upon cooking. Tendon was super chewy and quite hard, really difficult to cook. I guess u just have to accept that texture

Quite a generous portion, this was not bad, esp if cooked well. If u like beef tongue, order the thick slice or the Sendai aged tongue

Karubi, belly prime and roast.
Decent, abit more marbling than I expected for US beef but there's definitely gonna be a chew. Guess the price matches the quality

P.S. finally got to this institution but don't really get the hype. Yes it's value for money, but the highest grade they serve is A4. Also doesn't seem super authentic, only one of the staff is Japanese and the rest are Chinese/Singaporean, not that it really matters. The staff also don't really know the cuts/origins of the meat

A colleague of mine introduced this place to me. The meats were juicy and tender - the chicken balls were especially good. The egg mayo was a good complement, and the greens provide some freshness. This lunch set also came with a salad, miso soup and ice cream. For $15, you get great food and at such good value too. Would definitely recommend!

Karubi & Harami Set (200g)
served with rice, seaweed soup and kimchi

Delicious pork, their signatures 8 type of marinated pork allow us to experience the different taste of pork. Free flow of kimchi & beansprout. Highly recommended for pork bbq