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Top 10 places for BBQ

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You could even add on your ala-carte side dishes too! We loves their marinated pork & chicken! The seasoning went all the way into the meats and it’s so tasty once you bites! Soup is great too, not salty.. we also love their Thai Magee mee, it’s so good and fragrant!!! Or you can also choose Tang Hoon too, equally tasty when cooked in soup! Chilli was great!! I couldn’t stop dipping into the chilli and it wasn’t too spicy too!! Damaged was about $30 for 4 pax and we walk away with a full tummy rubs! Burrrrrpppp! If you are lucky enough, you could also spot some local celebrities here too! Btw 888 Mookata is opened by our own local celebrities, Chee Chor Meng & Zhou Chongqing! 👍🏼💕 #888mookata #mookata #mookatasg #hougangstreet21

Located at Blk 212, Hougang St 21, Singapore 530212.
Open by Local Mediacorp Celebrities, Chew Chor Meng & Zhou Chongqing! They have set menu for 2 or 4 pax, mushroom/veg/meat platter or even ala-carte! They give generous, big pork lard for you to stir fry the wok before you start BBQ your foods! Plenty of varieties to choose from and we love their marinated chicken & Pork, it’s so flavourful and tasty! Soup is great too, not too salty! Wow, Chilli was awesome, not too spicy yet addictive - great dip for the meats! 🍗🍖🥓🥩 @888mookata #hungryunicornsg #888mookata #mookata #mookatasg #mookatathaibbq

Similar to steak tartare, this dish was served raw, made from the most tender part of beef you can imagine, thinly julienned and mixed with seasoning such as soy sauce, onions, sugar, salt, sesame oil and spring onions. A raw egg yolk was added to be mixed-in to complete the dish. A must try for beef connoisseurs. 😋😋😋

Prawns were fresh and marinated chicken was really good 🤪 I’ll probably give the pork belly a miss though.
They serve two types of chili and the spicier version goes really well with Mookata 🌶👍🏼 Went on a weekend at 6+ in the evening and it was almost full so go early if you can!
Will I go back again? I won’t say that this is the best Mookata in town but yes, I’ll definitely go back again 👍🏼 #mookata #mookatasg #888mookata #food #sgfood #foodsg #foodie #foodiegram #foodlog #sgfoodie #fooddiary #burpple

Rainy days ☔️like these make me miss these melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu Karubi 🐮and Gyu Tan 👅slices, lightly grilled Yakiniku style for the best flavours~ Mmmmm~~~ 😋💋💋💋

#tenkaichi is now having a 1-for-1 promo, so it comes up to about $67/pax for the premium set including free flow drinks 🍵! Not the most mind blowing buffet I've had, but quite ok for the amount of Wagyu you're having. ✌🏻💕

If you don't eat beef, there's a variety of seafood 🐟🦐 such as fresh and succulent scallops and cod fish, and the cooked food such as Unagi was good too! 🙆🏻🇯🇵 Just don't expect too much from the "service" here... 🙈

Slight difference is that they are offering both korean bbq and army stew buffet plus free flow of chicken wings, chicken dak galbi and truffle fries!

Selection of meat, seafood and veggies spread out at the bar counters make us spoilt for choice. Do try their spicy pork collar, succulent with a little kick that we can’t help but devour it quickly. Or if you prefer chicken, they have a range of marinated chicken to choose from. For that budget friendly price tag (lunch from $12.80 and dinner from $21.80) and variety of dishes available, it’s value for money.

I'm Kim Junior
Address: 2 Orchard Link, Unit ‪03-01, SCAPE, Singapore 237978‬

Resembling a fine slab of marble, I allowed it to sizzle and grill in all its juicy thickness before placing it in my mouth for bite after bite of medium rare meat that melts like butter. I’ll be back soon. 😋😋😋

Going for a5 miyazaki wagyu buffet, i was disappointed by the a5 miyazaki wagyu cuts that were available, as they were too lean and thinly sliced to enjoy. The usda karubi(pictured above) was the one that we kept going for, and the seafood available (salmon and scallops) were nice too. However, for the price, i expected to be able to enjoy quality japanese beef. surely we can find better deals elsewhere. One note though, the black sesame ice cream was fantastic.

Super interesting concept. Sit back and watch the food cook automatically in front of you. Price is slightly high but absolutely reasonable with 40% off from fuzzie