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Heavy supper. The curry rice tasted a bit spoilt. Not a good idea to keep curry rice until supper. I topped up with a prawn cracker from the same stall.

I preordered online to avoid the queue. Some of my friends have said that the wait can be up to 2h on a bad day. I got them at 6 for $16.90, that’s about $2.80 each! This is significantly cheaper than P&P.

• Crème Brulee: The custard was of the right sweetness. Do note that the torched crust is bitter, and not for everyone. The filling for this was the most generous of all the donuts I got.
• Maple Cinammon: This reminds me of auntie anne’s! The filling tasted like whipped cream to me.
• Blueberry Cheesecake: The filling was ~80% blueberry flavoured whipped cream paired with 20% blueberry jams like those old school bread. Couldn’t really taste the cheese.
• Donutella: Just the usual nutella.
• Raspberry Jam: The jam was a perfect balance between the berry’s sweetness and tanginess.
• Pistachio: The filling is really thick, nutty and fragrant. It will definitely hit the spot for pistachio lovers.

The bread is more of the chewy type, in my opinion.


they weren’t kidding when they said you have to try this place if you’re a burpple beyond user 😭😭😭 the steak was rly well done and by well done I mean medium rare to pERFECTION 💫 also they had this special fish dish for Mother’s Day promo that was rly yummy and had atas Thailand vibes 🤤 not as quality as the steak tho but overall defo gotta come & dine! 🥰

Although I didn’t manage to get my favourite Pulut Hitam Tartlet from Bloomsbury Bakers (sold out in 30min😭), thankfully the other items did not disappoint:

🍓Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Tartlet ($3.20)
The strawberry rhubarb filling literally lava-ed out of the tart once you cut into it. The tartness of the rhubarb balances the sweetness of the strawberry and the freshness of the fruits really comes through. The tart pastry is crisp and buttery - delightful!

🍵Matcha Tartlet ($3.20)
The first thing that came to mind is that this matcha is INTENSE. The matcha ganache is rich and creamy and the bitterness of the Uji matcha powder complements the chocolate tart. Hard to resist for Matcha lovers out there!

🍫Plain Brownie ($5)
To be honest, I chose brownie over cake simply because I wanted something that is easy to transport, so I didn’t really have much expectations for this. However, the brownie turned out good! It is rich but not cloying, with just the right amount of chewiness. Although I am not a big fan of chocolate, I found myself enjoying the aroma and texture of the brownie.

Glad to have new items joining Pulut Hitam Tartlet on my list of favourites from Bloomsbury Bakers:)!

Really enjoyed their charcoal grilled whisky ribeye. The steak had a smoky taste to it while the meat was tender. The portion is also hearty while the salad worked well as a palate cleanser. Highly recommended to make reservation as we did not, but since we came around 6.15pm, slightly before most of the reservations at 7.30, we were given 1h+ to finish all our food, which was manageable, but I would have preferred a longer duration. Will be back, this time with a reservation!

Had this on 8 May 2021
Homely vibe located in boon Keng heartland really loved RIBEYE charcoal grilled whisky 🥃
Used 1 for 1 deal from beyond very worth it
Will be back again
👦🏽🍴: 🌿🥩
👧🏻🍴: 🥩🌿
📍: Home ground grill & bar
🚇: Boon Keng
Taste :⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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💸: $3

💬: Can get the matcha and pistachio, but the honeycomb chocolate is a no from me and the thai milk tea was subpar

For a theme restaurant I am really surprised that the cakes are pretty good. The blackout is a must other and this red velvet with cheese frosting didn't disappoint too. Cake is moist and pairs well with the cheesy frosting. It's pretty filling and best to be shared.

The cake is chocolatey and really moist. I highly recommend plus its pretty affordable at 7plus. The butter scotch ale is surprisingly refreshing. It not exactly butter, more like a cream soda. But it's pretty refreshing.

Loved the food and ambience here! The ribeye portion was just nice and the red wine sauce is superb!! :) also had the grilled fish and the deep fried pork bell - a bar bite that I’ll be back for 👍🏻

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From Platform 1094 🧙‍♀️🧙
Seriously to share cheese sticks.
We enjoyed it either on its own or simply dip the sauce.
Hot cup of water infused the tea inside the red owl.


Themed restaurants have always been a miss for me. It seems like they always lacked quality food. This place was slightly different.

For main courses : Food was decent with an exception. We had the pan seared salmon and basil pesto pasta. Salmon was slightly fishy but vegetables were executed well. The pesto pasta was abit disappointing as they mixed the pesto into the cream and I believe sugar was added too which gave the whole thing a too “sweet” taste. Personally I’d prefer if the cream pasta was done classic with chicken on it and basil added ontop of the chicken, thus giving better layers to the flavours vs just throwing a pesto bomb into the pan.

Desserts were good , was happy to hear they did their cakes in-house. Choco cake was good and moist. Hedwig’s message was good too.

Drinks were their biggest let down. Seems like it was a lot more for “show” , instead of doing a delicious cocktail. I wished they could have done more with that!

However overall I’d say this place ain’t bad! If I were to visit again I’d skip the drinks, go for the grills instead and just settle for their choco cake :)

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