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My go to place for roast meats, visit them around 11am when they are fresh out of the oven...


Not too 'spicy' and sweet. My cup of tea 🫖

Had to dabao this home and it stayed crispy. Quite shiok

At 1pm, I still has to queue 40 mins for this bowl of dry beef noodles with beef balls ($5.50). Very generous with the sliced beef and you get two beef balls. Their braised sauce was viscous and just savoury enough especially if you pair it with their chilli sauce. The beef was thinly sliced and not over cooked. Beef balls were a bit of a disappointment. Felt like chewing through a ball of dough. The beef broth was nice with a strong taste of beef from blanching so much meat every day.

Very close to what I remembered of the old Odeon Beef Noodles. I have to say this is one of the best in Singapore today, which explains the queue.

Super long 25 mins queue at lunch time. The first thing that hits you is the broth. Very umami, you can tell it was done with real prawns in it. I like their pork ribs. They choose the ribs with soft bone and the meat comes off easily. The two pieces of prawns, halved and deveined were fresh and crunchy. You can also add pig skin for 50 cents if you come early.

At $4 a bowl with the inflation these days, it’s value for money. Strongly recommended if you have the time to queue or come earlier.

Finally checked this nasi lemak joint off my to try list! When we reached here, there was only the Ayam Berempah Leg option left so that’s what we got! The fried chicken leg was the star of the show - it was nicely marinated with a fragrant flavour and was pretty juicy too! Also, I love the sambal chilli, so savoury with some spice! I just wished the rice could have been slightly more ‘lemak’ but I guess it’s to balance out all the richness already on the plate. Will definitely be back!

Recently, I tried some of the Mid Autumn specials from Skinny Cakes. The Pulut Hitam Mochi Snowskin ($14.50) is unexpectedly delicious - the black glutinous rice filling is smooth and aromatic, and the mochi snowskin is super soft and Q. I can see myself getting this for the next Mid Autumn Festival🥺!

I also tried the White Lotus Tart ($8.50) which is a French pâte sucrée tart with white lotus mousse, salted egg yolk creme and pistachio cream. While the white lotus mousse is quite light and not too sweet, I felt that the salted egg yolk and pistachio flavours could have been more prominent to make this tart more interesting.

Overall, the Mid Autumn specials are quite enjoyable and the creativity is on point!

Known to be one of the best shao la or roast meat stalls in Singapore, I must say their meats are really of standard.

We got 3 different meats and an egg for 2 pax ($19.30) which we do find slightly more expensive than other places. The roast pork belly pieces were very well executed, as the skin is not only really crispy, but airy as well. The meat itself stays succulent and flavourful. The roast duck pieces were tender and flavourful from the herbal ingredients used to season it.

I believe the winner of all their meats is their char siu, as not only it was really tender, it comes with a layer of pork skin which was well caramelised with the sweet savoury sauce around the meat. I dare say this is one of the best char siu I've had.

Their chilli sauce are to be commended as well, as they not only pack a punch, they were savoury and garlicky too. Perfect with rice!

Definitely worth a visit if you are around the area!

Nacho and cheese @ $6+

Chips felt like they were from a store bought bag. Cheese was served cold. Would go for other sides next time.

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Beer battered fish and chips @ $19+
Considered 'free' with burpple beyond 1 for 1.

Very nicely fried fish, which didnt fall apart much when cut into. Batter was nice and crispy. Best taken when hot. Fish portion a little bit small but overall still quite worth it. Mayo sauce was nice too.

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Charcoal grilled whisky ribeye @ $28+
Medium rare

Very nicely grilled and has a bit of charred taste, and the meat was not too chewy. Juicy and the sauce was good. Nicely complemented with the salad.

Got the burrple beyond 1 for 1 deal with the fish and chips.

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From Adam’s Corner
Had the tasty curry with crispy prata.
Teh tarik also not bad.