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Have been waiting to give Homeground Grill & Bar a revisit for a while — pretty amazed by how the grilled meats that they have been serving up and how consistent the standards were during my first revisit some months ago.

Pretty torn between their Charcoal Grilled Whisky Ribeye and the Deep Fried Pork Chop but then ended up with the latter; and with good reason. Described as “savoury pork chops coated in buttermilk biscuit, paired with housemade coleslaw”, the Deep Fried Pork Chop is a dish I will gladly recommend on any visit here. Grilled pork chops have been notorious for being terribly dry and tough if not done well, but the fried pork chops here are absolutely delicious — not only was the flesh tender and sufficiently moist, it’s also the fried batter that is a winner here; crunchy yet crisp, the batter comes with a slight sweetness amidst the savouriness of fried food which was absolutely addictive. A dish that is difficult to give a pass on whenever I am here!

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The deal covers all mains except the ribeye and the lamb shoulder. We ordered the pork ribs ($22) and the salmon ($18). Both were plated very beautifully and the vegetables were very nice (even had beetroot!). However, I felt that the pork ribs and salmon were just so-so - they were nice but not super wonderful. I think that using burpple makes it fairly worth still though, since most of their mains are

From Nan Rong Chee Cheong Fun
Awesome combo of steamed CCF & Yam Cake.
Then added ngoh hiang & egg $3 only.
Wallet friendly.

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Nice chew but rather tiny, compared to what we grew accustomed to from blackball. Not bad tho, the syrup is slightly too sweet, and the pearls were sweet as well. So probably don't get the gula melaka one, it's gonna be saccharine

Lor bak was nice and the duck was absolutely stunning. So tender, sapid yet clean. Must try!!

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Food was all decent, without much surprises.

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Quite savoury, not too salty at all though despite what you might expect, you can actually eat it by itself. Not bad

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Can’t recall the name of this drink, but it was nice and sweet. It was a float of some sort, but was interesting to see it rise while drinking it haha.

This was a decent dish. No magic in this but was quite nice.

Served with magic! Can’t really see it in the photos but it was burning for a while haha.
The purée and broccoli were nicely done!
Chicken got a little jelak after a while.

The stall is only opened in the morning and there’s always a queue when I walked by. I had some expectations but when I eat it it’s just okay?

The carrot cake would taste much better with a few more minutes on the pan for that slight crispness on the outside.

The radish cake itself is actually incredibly bland - It needs more chilli/preserved radish/some seasoning. I enjoy the texture of the radish kueh though. It is firm and not mushy. The dish is also not oily.