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They provide healthy cookies and beautiful cakes. It’s indeed beauty inside out. Price for the cookies in a tube abt $28-32, cake abt $10-$12 per slice.

Not only their cookies and cakes, their beverages also healthy!

I think it’s a healthier and suitable choice for a sweet tooth like me!

This corner stall at Bendemeer Food Centre is quite popular and is worth a try if you are craving for Bak Chor Mee.

Where: Amigo, 01-12, Bendemeer Market and Food Centre

Huge serving. I couldn't finish

Had this for $6.50, cheaper then those foodcourt in shopping mall.

The chicken leg was big.

Overall the taste is about 7/10.

Would definitely return for more.

This definitely didnt meet my expectations.

The taste was kinda bland.

Didnt really like the chilli either.

Student price is only $2 a cup with pearl. Cheap and good!! At Bendemeer mall, there’s itea, tea talk and bober tea. They are the cheapest for student price.

I tried bober tea because of the burpple one-for-one deal.
I must say I quite like it and I have been going back.

But a few areas for improvement.
1) Consistency with sugar level- it is an issue. Sometimes 30% sugar is not even sweet- tasteless at best. Just go for 50%. If you are v particular about not taking too much sugar, to combat the inconsistency, poke and drink on the spot. If it is tasteless, I will request the staff to add a bit more sugar. There was once I bought two medium cups. Both my mom and I requested for a top up of sugar when 30% was tasteless. When the drinks came back, hers was much sweeter than mine.
2) Their bubble tea WITHOUT ice is NOT cold (=not nice). I like my bubble tea cold, but without ice. I usually go for large-sized cups, and it usually takes me a while to finish my tea. So I will order without ice to avoid diluted tea.
3) Today I bought two cups of milk tea and I spilled one cup. Then I realised the two cups of tea were not sealed. My fridge has pearls and bubble tea all over 😨. But to be fair, this is the first time it happened. So it could just be an oversight.

Ordered the 麻辣肥肠米线 with tons of their fried chilli oil. It was sinfully delicious, spicy with lotsa sides. It has been long since I get any decent 米线. 红锅 is far off as compared to this. The China lady in front of me ordered 15 bowls to take away. You can imagine how good it is. Anyway, name of the stall is called 老幺幺.

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Decent. Better than other meat skewers I had here.

These ribs were better than the normal skewers, but that's not saying a lot. Skip the taukwa, it's stupid. Mushrooms were okay.

Sweet grilled bread is common in Chinese BBQ, unfortunately the one here was so limp. Order the eggplant if you like eggplant. It's a steal here. Other Chinese restaurants overcharge it.

Lamb is a staple in Chinese cuisine, but I rarely encounter deep-fried broccoli, which I love from Malaysian lok lok. Lamb here however was terrible. They weren't just tough - many parts couldn't be chewed through. It also tasted more like innards than meat.