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($6.50) comes with choice of steamed or roasted chicken, boiled vegtables and soup. Roasted chicken taste not that bad but too much sauce on vegtables.

Rare find of pure black ssm filling with right amt of sweetness that I can still taste the bitterness, super nutty! Bread is quite dry which I expected but still bought it anyway hehe

Despite eating here so very often, this is the first time I had the white version.

And the white carrot cake here also very good. The egg were more eggy than crispy type.

Add egg+$1

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Sorbet's texture was really smooth. Chocolate was superb!
Will be back for more Chocolate indulgence!!

One of my favourite stores here at BMFC also serves Pork Ribs noodles.

Pork Ribs were tender and easily slides off the bone.

Usually long queues during breakfasts.

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Get a load of Common Grill By COLLIN’S® signature grills and delicious pastas! If you’re on #BurppleBeyond, be sure to utilise your 1-for-1 deal on the Chicken & Shroom Aglio Olio with Forest Mushroom Soup set. This is available at their 3 St. George outlet!

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I have tried set 2 ($3.40) before a few of year ago but the taste for rice still remain the same. The chicken still crispy and crunchy after a while.

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I think it's my first time trying their flatbread. It's surprisingly good. It's dense and fragrant. The ingredients also went well together. I don't know why tuna is so oily lol.

Don't bother. On its own it's acceptable, but it's the worst cookie from Subway I've tasted.

The Lychee Martini Cake is one of the more popular cakes here at Bloomsbury Baker

The alcoholic taste was distinct and not overpowering.

Cake was adequately moist within as well, texture was soft and the cream within tasted good and goes so well with the Lychee and the Martini.

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I don't remember McDonald's messes with its Filet-O-Fish, but this worked. Especially given the unorthodox but delicious sauce. On a side note, it's also quirky to see lettuce in Filet-O-Fish.

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