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Great deal! We had the one for one burpple deal for ribeye steak. It was the best steak we have ever eaten this year, and was only $13 per dish😋🤩 Will recommend medium rare if you like a juicer steak!

4. Chong Qing style spicy chicken 重庆辣子鸡. Again I usually don’t like spicy food, but this dish tasted really good. The deadly spicy look of this dish might scare non spicy lovers away, but you can be sure that it will not burn a hole in your mouth. It was not too oily and the small bite-size chicken meats were “crunchy”. I just wish that the chicken skin could be removed before cooking. Just me. Haha.

3. Chinese Sauerkraut & Pickled Pepper with Beef 老纭泡椒菜水煮. This dish cake with a choice of fish, beef or pork. The spicy and sour taste of the soup, I think the mix should be with fish. However the fish they used were dory, which I have stopped taking this fish for many years already. The beef meats used were to chewy. I believe this dish will taste better if they were to select a more lean beef meat.

Overall, a nice place to eat and enjoy some delicious food if you are looking for hot and spicy ones.

Rate: 4.4/5. Price: $$

Was excited to try their loaded potato skins but was disappointed by how it turned out. Pork chop was quite salty and nothing to rave about.

Got the dark choc chip & blueberry muffins. Muffins are mini and they go for $2 each. They put less sugar than usual which is absolutely PERFECT cos usually I find other muffins way too sweet.

The boss is also a really friendly nice lady👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

$26 & $28 respectively before gst

Okay TLDR just get it you won't regret it (especially the lamb papardelle)

also sorry for the crappy photo

The gnocchi was cooked w forest mushrooms & truffle ricotta. No surprise that it's a pretty lemak dish so I'd recommend it for sharing. But yea the soft sinking texture of the gnocchi pasta and how it soaks up the earthy mushroom sauce is immaculate⚡️

Ok but the true star of the night is the lamb papardelle. It's lamb sugo sauce, which is supposedly more fluid/less chunky than your usual ragu. You've got your tang from the tomato, the smooth depth of GOOD QUALITY EVOO, and of course the chunks of minced lamb that wasn't too gamey. It's got a very "homey" comforting quality to it, which i like. Honestly, this might be my personal fav pasta dish in SG. pls lmk if u disagree, i'm open to discourse

5/5 for papardelle
4/5 for gnocchi just cos i'm not a gnocchi person

They used to serve pork skin but not anymore

I love this non spicy version of grill fish.

bbq egg plant avail for dinner is my go to dish


Back from my BBT hiatus & one of the first ones I go for is Bober Tea!

They are usually known for their Brown Sugar Boba, but we got a slightly healthier choice with only 25%, together with yakult and their in-house brewed green tea.

The balance of the tea & Yakult is just right, without being too sweet.

First Harry Potter themed cafe in Sg! Definitely recommend booking a reservation cuz the crowd on Sunday was packed. 100% recommend the cream chicken pasta and pan seared salmon main dish. Worth it with Burpple beyond! 😍 their signature black chocolate cake ($7.50?) was great and a must try as well. Regretting getting the $10 butterscotch ale drink as it was too sweet 🤣 will definitely come back to try their other mains, cakes and coffee!!!

It was recommended by my colleagues and got some of their cakes.

Go for their ondeh ondeh and chocolate mousse, which was my favourite among.

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