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Had the prawn and mushroom aglio but was v disappointed cause it tasted slightly off today. Felt that it was lacking of oil and leading to lesser fragrance. The buffalo wings were shiok though!! And also like how this outlet has no gst/service charge since it’s just located at a coffee shop!

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From a shop called SkinnyCakes inside the MRT Station, just below the escalator. S$2 each, buy 5 get 1 free.

It's made with less sugar and fat, but doesn't taste like it, hitting just the right spot for sweetness levels. Although, it would be nice to know the exact amounts if calorie counting is what they are going for.

The cake is fluffy, and a bit spongier than most cup cakes. Fillings make the cakes very enjoyable to eat as they are well distributed and give very good flavour. Chocolate cakes are however on the weaker side as they don't boast as much of a chocolatey flavour.

Durian brûlée had real durian fillings which surprised me & wasn’t just artificial cream. best to share it with a friend. These were baked not fried.


Mee Siam - Thoroughly coated in the gravy, the al dente rice vermicelli noodles had an addictive firm bite. The luscious gravy had a great balance of sweet and spicy notes.

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One of my fav sub 😍
Sauce: Ranch, Honey Mustard, Chipotle Southwest

Love the fried rice from this place great wok hei... Only $4 and add on $2 prawns... Cheap and good!

This restaurant has a Long tradition! Their signature chicken stew is a must try!! Tender fall off the bone chicken that melts in your mouth and that Unami sauce that soaks the chicken!! My mouth is watering

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Something simple & light for the comfort. The vegetarian kway chap from 健康素食 is indeed a comfort food, though the portion can be quite small at times and it is not enough to fill our tummy🤣 But its okay, there’s always room for dessert for stomach.

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fried 饭粿 ($1.60 each) & 笋粿 ($0.90 each) is a good food! I ordered two of 饭粿 & one of 笋粿 . This is so good!!!! Happy me! #burpple #soonkueh #pngkueh #breakfast

Got some vegan cakes for my vegan friend (◔ᴗ◔)

Manage your expectations because these are nothing like typical cakes. Instead, they taste more like COOKIE DOUGH, which I rather enjoyed as they were not overly sweet either. Of course you can convince yourself that it’s sorta less sinful.

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Stall #01-28
Date visited: 3/6/2018 (Sun, 10:30am)

The wait for the fritters are long at Liang Liang You Tiao. You are given a number for your order. Then, you wait patiently for the display to beep/ call for ur number. Must have waited for at least half an hour.

This stall sells a variety of deep fried dough fritters. You can get the usual sweet & savoury fritters from them; they have Hum Ji Peng (咸煎饼), Goreng Pisang etc.

The butterfly fritter I had was crispy and sweet! The coating of sesame seeds gave the dough fritter extra fragrance and taste. Crispy and mildly sweet on the outside, soft, fluffy and mildly chewy on the inside. Not too oily.
A delightful treat!

The You Tiao was a nice contrast. Can almost taste the subtly salty taste when I bit on the crispy crust. The outside was crispy, and it was almost puffy at the ends
It was soft(er) and almost fluffy on the inside. More oily.

The constant demand for the different types of fried fritters means that their turnover was high and the fritter you get does not even get a chance to cool down/ get very chewy.

So the fritter(s) you are getting is/ are freshly made and freshly fried.