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Reviews of good food at Changi Village Hawker Centre

Goes by a heartwarming stall name, Warung Nenek has mainly snacks like goreng pisang, vegetable-stuffed tau pok (beancurd puffs) to offer. But we decided to try their rojak bakar instead.

Similar to the Chinese rojak, it's a mixed of ingredients tossed in a lighter version of the sweet sauce and shrimp paste, with crushed peanuts sprinkled above. What's different is that there are no turnips, no fruits like mango and pineapple, just mostly the fluffy tau pok and crispy you tiao (dough fritters). Makes me feel less sinful with this lighter version of rojak!

The ordinary carrot cake you can find here at Changi Village Hawker Centre from $2.50.

These are the gems! One of the many snaking queues you'll witness when you're in the Changi V hawker. They have basically 2 main items on the menu - Fish soup and stir fry Sambal/black bean Fish Head. Both are simply finger licking good! The fish soup was light yet flavorful as though the broth was simmered with loads of ingredients with a hint of Chinese wine taste. Thick slices of fish that was smooth and odourless. While the stir fry fish head was superb. The sauce were thick with good balance of savory and spiciness. Bitter gourd was softened and well absorb the dish sauce leaving behind just a tiny winny bitter aftertaste. Fish head was not that boney and they had considerably good amount of meat to savor on. Price of dishes were reasonable too given the generous portion! Fish soup ranges from $4-8 while the stir fry fish head is at $12, $18 or $22! Highly raved about!

...and then there's lor mee and goreng pisang too that I didn't manage to capture.... So much good food here we stuffed our faces before our next flight out! πŸ™ŽπŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ™ŽπŸ»πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

The price is reasonable and the food is good. The dishes that you must try are nonya Assam fish head and fish head with bitter gourd. The steam fish is around $25-30 depending on the fish you choose and is enough for 3 pax. The individual food are $4 and $4.50 and the stall is near the market area.

This bowl of dry mee sua consists of many ingredients e.g. mocked abalone, ikan bilis, fish ball, meat ball, minced meat, slices of braised mushrooms, etc. I'm a huge fan of mee sua and this stall didn't disappoint me (S$4).

Had the White Bee Hoon for dinner and shared amongst 3 person!! We didnt want to eat the crayfish set so we just ordered the Sliced Fish and Lala Set which only costed $12?! The amount of fishes they gave were large and there were plenty! For the Lala , although there werent many, they were LARGE and yummyπŸ˜‹! Definitely coming back to try the set with Crayfishand Prawns as i heard their broth would be better. Definitely recommend this to those who wants something light for their tastebuds😊

Our staycation in Changi Village was as delicious as it was dangerous to our waistlines...

The standards at this hawker center are incredibly high and you can almost go to any stall and be guaranteed an excellent dish!

We really enjoyed this hokkien mee... very friendly cashier and such a generous shake of the lard container... my hero!

This Nasi Ayam Bakar was so nice and affordable! The huge soft grilled-chicken leg was served with sambal on top of it, accompanied with white rice and pineapple and onions on the side. The sambal sauce was quite spicy but not as spicy as it looks. But overall it was a good meal! The portion was so huge that we are full before even finishing it.

On the other side, we ordered a satay beehoon from another stall. It is just a so so. A lot of intestines and peanut satay sauce. But it was not good as what we expected from reading the reviews on Internet.

Named the "Commando", this Mei Lin stall in CVFC is where the dessert originated.
Simply put, it's a red tea jelly with longan ice with evaporated milk. The combination's "down-to-earth" and pleasant, light jelly with sweet longan against the milk ice. A great treat for the hot weather. Apparently a favourite of the commandos from the nearby Hendon Camp too.

Chanced upon this stall because most stalls were closed on a weekday afternoon (is this always the case here?). No regrets though because this was a hearty bowl of noodles, with chunks lean chicken meat, fatty pork belly and fried yam slices. Add your own chili for an extra kick. I wished there was ngoh hiang in it though. Sorry to the bf for taking the last portion of kway teow and leaving none for you πŸ˜‚.

As you can see - generous servings of fresh seafood (the prawns were hugeee) and a delicious broth sweetened by chinese cabbage. A must-try when you visit Changi Village's iconic hawker centre! $12 and feeds 2-3 people.

Such a huge portion of crispy chicken with ipoh horfun & their chilli is so good!! Not forgetting th fried wanton (8 for $2, $12 for $3) which is super crispy and delicious as well! πŸ‘πŸ» 5/5 βœ”οΈ Best fried wanton and chicken cutlet horfun ever!! Best of all, at such a cheap price πŸ“ Changi village terminal 🚌

These are the 3 items(mutton, ikan bilis, fried egg) which I always like to order. No matter eat how many times I'm still in love with it! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

The seemingly intimidating thick sauce was easy to slurp down as it wasn't overwhelmingly sweet or savoury. I added extra vinegar and green chilli to elevate the flavour (since I was scared it'd be too sweet for my liking). The plate was also packed with loads of ingredients: fishcakes, charsiew, chicken, fried wanton and mushroom, hiding the pile of thin hor fun beneath.
Weng Kee Ipoh Hor Fun
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