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From the Burpple community

Yummy and big portion at $3.50 ! so filled and alot flavor. Lots of prawns too! Available different price to choose. 😋🤤

Noodles were chewy and moist with the gravy, decent serving of char siew however the three boiled wantons that came with the noodles were quite hard

Deep Fried Wantons were tasty with good filling

Price of Deep Fried Wantons: $2 for 7 pieces
Price of Dry Wanton Noodles: $3.50

Have to admit I'm generally not a Fan of Ipoh Hor Fun due to the sweet sauce but this one here is significantly different and very very enjoyable. The sambal was also pretty strong making it really shiok, and the tinge of sourness means the green chili was not really needed. An Ipoh Hor Fun i would definitely recommend to anyone, even those who are not usually a Fan of it

Wtf. The pic got cockles, but came without. 😒😒 The worst ckt I ever eaten LOL. Have never tasted any ckt like that before. Hais. There goes my calories.......

Crave remains as my favorite nasi lemak but whenever I am here, I don't have a to-go-to stall. The standards are similar for all stalls.


WAITING TIME: Only a few people in the queue on a weekday early evening, took only about 5 - 8 min

- Only 4 lala
- Very different from the original Sembawang White bee hoon. This is soupy, not thick and flavourful. Kinda like fish soup.
- Lots of fried pork lard, which adds a nice crunch and taste

PARKING: Free parking after 5pm at the beach carpark