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[CLOSED] Country Manna Restaurant

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * *Halal-certified


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Creamy chicken soup with diced chicken and celery. Served with Country Manna's unique puff pastry.

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Price Range: $24-$33

O for: Optimistic

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Country Baked Ribs [$21.90+]
After tasting a string of dry pork dishes recently, it's nice to see tender meat falling right off the bone. Though it's already quite flavourful, I wished that they would have infused an even more emphatic punch to the tastebuds & seasoned more aggressively.

Manna Spring Chicken [$11.90+]
Again, flavourful & tender.
Again, I could not care for its accompanying peach slaw.

Beef Stroganoff [$14.80+]
Prefer a creamy, white base to its Southern approach of adding bell peppers & capsicums.
The thin beef strips were really just of zhi-char standard or less.

Add $8 for a passable French Onion soup and unlimited access to an unremarkable salad bar, drinks & yoghurt dispenser.

What should I try instead?
Baby Back Ribs [$32.00++]
Was really impressed 4 years ago by North Border Bar & Grill's signature, which was well-marinated & heavenly soft. Needs a repeat visit soon to verify its worth.


The crisp, savoury chicken skin is fragrant with herbs and spice.
The grilled chicken meat is juicy near the bone, moist in the middle, and dry towards the edges.

Still so good after all these years!


Loved this when I was younger, the simple, yet comforting, warm broth filled with chunks of chicken and celery.

Little less creamy than I remember though, but still a nice throwback.

Country Manna is the most persistant restaurant I know. Despite a string of closures, they keep reopening again again!

Their tender pork ribs are marinated in a tangy, sweet blend of honey, tomato, worcestershire, and barebecue sauce. Flavour is pretty good, like Hainanese style sauce!

A heavy layer of fat under the meat helps to lock in moisture and flavour, and is easily removed. A little dry towards the edges.

Hope they stay open longer this time!