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The chicken was tasteless but it's got a jelly skin. The sauce which was strong from sesame oil and sweet went well with the chicken.

Everything else is above average, although with this price that's what you would expect. The portion wasn't particularly generous either, so I don't think there's a need to travel all the way here for this

Freshly fried and served warm! They were generous with the cheese and mayonnaise and the quality of them were good as well. Portion is huge and good for sharing arming 4-5 people.

The Butter Sauce Prawn 湿奶油虾 is fried till crispy, drizzled with creamy butter sauce. Great place around Clementi / West Coast area for Vegetarian food.

Location: Zi Zai Vegetarian @ Jalan Mas Puteh, 9 Jalan Mas Puteh, Singapore 128615

The pork belly was very tender, but the char siew was abit too intensely seasoned. Veggies were fine

Tbh I don't really like their curry, it's thick but mildly flavoured and can do with more spice

Delicious and the combination is pretty unique, due to the perfectly done egg and the chili esp. the chili is a smooth paste with just a tad of Chinese chili oil taste, but very much a sambal. Good dose of both umami and heat

Worth a trip!

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The soup is really very comforting, quintessential banmian soup w a bit of herbal-ness. Tastes like home

The mhk was passable. Meatballs were big and quite praiseworthy

this one was a lot more normal though, the broth and the ingredients were as banal as they look

It's interesting how the different kinds of chili pots in Chinese cuisine can taste so different based on the region they're from, even though it probably looks very similar to many people

This was quite light actually, and there's a mild sourness from various preserved veggies alongside the heat which was significantly less intense than it seemed. The minced meat had a bit of dandanmian flavour GG on, in terms of the nuttiness

The beef was tender but not very worth 5nett, not at a hawker centre at least.
Despite it being called dry, it's only relative to the rest. it's still a broth rather than a sauce. The noodles had a very good bite though, but it doesn't catch the thin broth well

Hup Heng Noodles in West Coast Market Square has been around for as long as I have lived in the west but I have never tried it. Felt like eating Wantan mee today and since this was the only stall serving Wantan mee within a 1 km radius, I thought why not, especially since there were only 4 persons in front of me in the queue. And yet it took me 20 plus mins to get my noodles, even though the patrons in front of me only bought 2 portions at most.

Finally I saw what was the hold up. The lady cooking must be more than 70 years old. Her frail and bent body toiled away in front of the pot, blanching noodles, mixing sauces while her able bodied son took orders and packed/plated the finished noodles. All was forgiven immediately and I felt sorry for being impatient.

For Wantan noodles, I always order dry with chilli. The noodles must be al dente, the sauce savoury and spicy, the char siew must be consist fatty meat, it must be moist and sweet. Last but not least, the Wantans must be intact with well marinated meat imparting flavours to a moist wantan wrapping.

In this case, this stall managed to not meet any of my requirements, which I think are very basic for Wantan mee. Noodles was soggy with strong taste of alkaline. The char Siew had zero fatty meat and was dry as tree bark. The chilli sauce did nothing to the noodles, being a blend of watered down soya sauce and tasteless chilli sauce. Most importantly, the wantan was tasteless due to the very bland meat fillings inside.

The only saving grace was its portion. For $4, you get a decent portion of noodles, quite a few pieces of char siew and 5 wantans.

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idk why this isn’t on the menu but it should be because the chicken is soo tender and crispy🍗 much more worth than the wings set

The first thing you notice about Ramen Shiba, is their logo, which is the lovable Shiba Inu. It's so cute. Ramen Shiba opened in Sep 2022 at West Coast Plaza and we recently visited them to try their ramen.

1. Original Tonkotsu Ramen, price starts from $11.90
2. Shiba Signature Butabara Ramen, starts from $15.90
3. Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen, starts from $12.90
4. Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen, starts from $12.90
5. Sides: Pork Gyoza: 5pcs $5.90
6. Macrons (Collaboration between Ramen Shiba x Sandra Bakes)
Raspberry Ganache (1pc) with HokkaidoYuzu Ice Cream (1 scoop) $6.90
Lotus Buttercream (1pc) with Hokkaido Yuzu Ice Cream (1 scoop) $6.90

Their ramen broth is rich and thick. I love that they allow customers to select the level of oil, salt, spicy, hardness of noodles etc. so you can customize your order.

The original Tonkotsu is a favourite here. I personally prefer the Shiba Signature Butabara, which has added meat. It is worth that few dollars more.

Then the next favourite is the Spicy Tonkotsu which gives extra oomph. For those who love the black garlic flavour, their broth is rich with flavour so you will not be disappointed.

As for sides, there are several sides on the menu but we only tried the Pork Gyoza, which is considered large size gyoza and five of them for $5.90.

Now comes the attractive part, the limited availability of the super adorable Macrons which are the shape of Shiba. When paired with the Hokkaido Yuzu Ice Cream, that provides the perfect finish to your meal.

West Coast Plaza
#B1-09, 154 West Coast Rd
Singapore 127371

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portion used to be way bigger but taste is still as good🍲😋