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Hearty and spicy soup is perfect for rainy nights. Warming up with MKMK’s bubbling hot pot stew loaded with Mandi dumplings, rice cakes, fish cakes, spam luncheon, ham, sausage, glass noodles, instant noodles, cheese and much more! 🥘🥟🧀🌶️
Oh, the set also comes with fried chicken [8pcs in seaweed flavour], multi grain purple rice and drinks that’s great for sharing. 🫶🏻

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$15 for the sliced beef pho set which comes with a drink and a choice of single piece spring roll. They gave plenty of beef slices and the soup tasted light and sweet. My only complain is the pho was not as thin as I would have liked.

My partner ordered the grilled chicken fried vermicelli set $18

Hakata has a long history started as Kyushu Nihon Ryori right here in the former Hong Leong Garden Shopping Centre, before it was demolished and replaced with NEWest today.

They came back to their original place and renamed as what it is called today. Continue to serve their authentic Japanese cuisine here.

I went for their teishoku. a classic Japanese set meal with the stir-fried pork and vegetables in ginger sauce. Accompanied with rice, tofu, miso soup and a slice of watermelon.

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Flavourful and generous in portion 😋
Rarely see Japanese being open in the neighborhood, really a great suprise.

Miso soup are also very authentic, cooked with real ingredients instead of instant packages ❤️‍🔥

Price are pretty decent as well average around 8~15

Food :■■■■■
Price : $
Ambience : ■■■□□
Crowd: ■□□□□

This self-service eatery is just a stone’s throw away from my workplace and I have never tried it until now.

I’m uncertain about the Korean flavour of this dish but it sure has the essential element of local zi char [a.k.a. stir-fry] cooking — tender and flavourful beef slices with onions on a sizzling cast iron hot plate with the distinctive ‘wok hei’ [a.k.a. smoky flavour]. Yums! 😋

P.S. Did I mention that this set that comes in generous portion and free-flow of barley tea cost below S$8.00?!

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First ate here years ago when I was not based in Singapore. I recall back then, good Hong Kong style roast meat restaurants were quite scarce In Clementi West Coast area. Besides roast meat, they also have wantan mee, zichar and they sell Nasi Lemak and porridge in the morning.

After my return I continue to frequent this place basically ordering the same duck drumstick rice with added roast pork, braised egg and double boiled water cress soup.

The quality dropped and the portion has been reduced over the years but price has increased to over $10 now. Only the double boiled soup has remained consistent in portion and taste. Quite disappointing.

Quality restaurant Indian food which was worth the price with burpple beyond. Thanks to burpple beyond, we managed to try 2 kinds of curries for the price of one, which were the butter chicken and masala chicken. The butter chicken was more creamy and much less spicy compared to the masala chicken which was more spicy and I felt was more flavourful and had more spices in it. I enjoyed both dishes very much as they were thick, creamy and so flavorful, and both went well with the naan that was slightly chewy. The portion was not too huge, with around 5-6 chunks of chicken in each dish.

This is my go to place when I crave Cantonese Zi Char like Hor Fun or Fried Rice. I also recommend their Har Cheong Gai, Fish Head Steamboat and Prawn Fritters.

If it is true that good food does not need good presentation, it is evident here at Polar Beurre Cafe.

Had 2 scoops of ice cream, and both scoops were placed into a paper cup used for drinks.

But what they lack in presentation, they made up for it with their flavourful ice cream.

Especially this Blue Pea ice cream which was damn good.

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Finally had the the chance to try some of the Penang food at this eatery which is located just a stone’s throw away from work.

I love the fruits rojak served here! ♥️

The you tiao is what sets it apart from other rojak stalls — They’re soooo crispy and has a biscuit-like crunch to it. The fruits rojak also comes with pineapples, bang kwang [a.k.a. jicama turnip] and cucumber 🥒. Tossed in a thick and robust shrimp 🦐 paste sauce, it is truly a match made in heaven! 😇

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Pop by for a late lunch at this quaint little cafe-bistro run by a Japanese family. We opt for their sukiyaki set that’s super value-for-money! ♥️

The sukiyaki is served in a shallow cast-iron pot filled with tons of thinly sliced Angus beef alongside with vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and konjac noodles.

So love their scrumptious and addictive soup base that’s bursting with sweet, salty and savoury flavour. ♥️♥️

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Normally, I’m indifferent to chicken kaarage on a Japanese restaurant menu, but @sakabaigokochi exceptional Chicken Kaarage ($10++) is so good that you need to order at least two portions. No seriously, these gargantuan globs of deep fried chicken are so divinely delicious that I was utterly mesmerised by every juicy bite.⠀

The large chunks of chicken are deep fried till perfectly cooked, no mean feat considering the size & girth of each piece, yet all of them retain a reservoir of juice within, unleashing all that moisture the minute you bite into it. It’s seasoned simply yet sublimely with salt & white pepper, and each morsel of bird is utterly infused with savouriness. There seems to be a deeper, underlying layer of umami that permeates the chicken and makes it so satisfyingly delicious, and it might have something to do with the marinade these chickens are prepared in. I don’t know what Sakaba Igokichi is putting in the marinade, but they’re definitely doing it right.⠀

And of course, the batter was breathtaking. A tremendously thin layer of batter coats every cut of chicken, and every bite elicits an audible crunch. The brilliant batter is crunchy, scrumptious and could easily be the gold standard for all fried chicken batter.⠀

Despite being and sounding relatively simple, Sakaba Igokichi’s captivating Chicken Kaarage is simply spectacular. Instead of chomping on these chickens while you’re guzzling beer or sake, I propose that you pair these robustly flavoured poultry parts with an excellent Japanese whisky, like a Matsui Single Malt.⠀

Look, we’ll never find out why the chicken crossed the road, but I definitely crossed the road for @sakabaigokochi divine Chicken Kaarage.