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The Populus Scramble

$17.00 · 82 Reviews

not a fan of how the bacon was handled but the creamy, moist scrambled eggs paired with buttery, flaky croissant were on point.
tad pricey but good flavour

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Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon ($10.50)
6oz White ($5)

One of my classic all-time favourites for breakfast/brunch.
The croissant had a flaky crust with soft fluffy layers of dough and buttery on the inside. Stuffed with a generous amount of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, every bite was tasty with a delicate crunch to it. Pair it with a good cup of joe for a warm and satisfying start to the day. 🥐☕

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Lemon & White Chocolate Sundae with waffle $19
Wagyu Beef Grain Bowl $24
THE POPULUS Scramble $19





Outram Park駅からすぐの立地も◯






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Second time ordering this at The Populus and it definitely is a dish that warrants re-orders with each visit. We decided to go for the deluxe version where the eggs are scrambled with lobster bisque and crabmeat. The texture of the scrambled eggs are totally on point. They’re creamy, cheesy and moist. They never get jelak thanks to the addition of chillies to add some contrasting spiciness to a dish that could easily become boring. I’m not sure if it’s the addition of bisque that caused the scramble to be more salty than the previous time we visited, but the bacon did seem to be more salty than before too, which may have affected the overall dish. This balances out when eaten with the croissant, so it’s not too bad. I’ll definitely order this dish again when at The Populus. However, although we did see a good amount of shredded crabmeat in the eggs, I’d probably pass on the deluxe order as I didn’t feel that the bisque or crabmeat added much to the scramble.

The coffee was great, and the butter croissant was flaky and nice. Place is quiet on weekday mornings, so good if you want to get some work done.

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Rolled into this café for a spontaneous brunch date today and we didn’t regret it! It was crowded at 1030am but we quickly got a table for two. Loved the iced latte! I would skip the chicken burger as the patty was dry, but really enjoyed the parmesan truffled fries. The deluxe crabmeat and lobster scrambled eggs on croissant was a hoot.

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I love the eggs here!

Spring Pancake & Fried Chicken ($23) Spring onion and corn pancake with succulent fried chicken thigh fillet with hint of cumin and house special ranch dressing.

This is what Sundays should be like! 😀

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Was a tad disappointed after trying this highly rated brunch as it got “gelat” after awhile, with only the toast (they did not have croissant), scrambled eggs and bacon. The eggs were also quite hard and too overcooked for my liking. Better off getting a big breakfast somewhere else for the same price.

The Populus scramble is smooth, creamy and packs a punch of flavour. Very hearty breakfast! :)