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Salted Egg Yolk

$3.60 · 29 Reviews

It is so worth it to get 1-for-1 ice cream at this shop. Shared this deal with my friend and each of us only had to pay $2.50. Good deal! Even better when there are interesting ice cream flavours for you to choose from. The salted egg ice cream is always a must-try and must-order for me, but this time round i decided to try something different. Chanced upon new flavours and decided to try them - white chocolate nori and parmesan cheese. Glad to say I have found my 2nd favourite flavour (white chocolate nori) which was like seaweed ice cream with white chocolate bits. So so good!

A few different deals available on Burpple Beyond at Tom’s Palette including 1-for-1 4oz cup, waffles and double scoop and a takeaway tub (750ml). We originally wanted the waffles and double scoop deal but we arrived just when they opened at 1pm on Sunday and were informed that the waffles weren’t ready yet, so we settled for the 4oz cup instead.

We were excited by how many interesting and unique flavours Tom’s Palette had to offer like salted egg, lei cha, Parmesan cheese cracker. They do have the regular ‘safe’ flavours, as well as dairy-free flavours so you’re covered no matter how you like your ice cream. Thankfully, they do allow tastings and you’re also allowed to have two flavours in each cup (this is awesome!!!). We settled on the Lei Cha/Dark Chocolate sorbet for the first cup (front) and White Chocolate Miso Nori/Croc (or some chocolate name) for the second cup and loved all of them!

The lei cha was surprisingly very good. It tasted somewhat like matcha, with a grassy taste and some herbal afternotes. The dark chocolate sorbet was amazing from start to end, and never got jelak. It’s rich and slightly bitter, but not so creamy that it overwhelms your tastebuds. I think my absolute fav was the white chocolate miso nori which comes with chunks of white chocolate glazed almonds and has a sweet yet complementary savoury taste. The almonds add a lovely crunch to the ice cream too, and you can see the little bits of seaweed in the ice cream. Whoever came up with this flavour is a mad genius, but this flavour combination works like a dream! I really can’t remember the name of the last flavour but it’s named after a wafer chocolate bar and it’s a chocolate-based ice cream with chunks of the chocolate bar inside. This was the sweetest out of the flavours, but it wasn’t overly sweet and these four flavours were a great combination overall.

At $5 for a 4oz cup with two choices of flavours, Tom’s Palette is already very affordable. With Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal, it’s a steal! I’ll definitely be back for more awesome ice cream with or without the deal!

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Because it was just too hot and because we were just across the road from it. We had the rum and raisin, white chocolate nori (yes, there were seaweed in it!!), lychee and salted egg yolk. Our all time favourite is still the lychee! We actually wanted to try the chrysanthemum and yuzu, but it wasn't available when we were there. We felt that the salted egg yolk and white chocolate nori were too "heavy" and "heaty" though. It was the first time in my life I declined icecream and got my bf to finish them instead 🙊 time to move on to try other icecream shop places! (Before my burpplebeyond membership ends soon!) Heh, if anyone wants to sign on for burpplebeyond, do use my code:SPOO360 😄
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Tried the granny's favourite flavour but not impressive. The chocolate sorbet is rich - our favourite among all. They offered some unique flavours like salted egg, lei cha and tang dessert which are suitable for the adventurous.
Rating: 3/5

Granny’s Favourite is so rich and chocolatey. It is basically chocolate and malt ice cream with chunks of eggless cookie dough. Luscious and indulgently good!
Look out for new flavours every month!

Ordered my Favourite salted egg mix with savoury crunch ice cream to takeaway and then noticed the Burpple beyond sticker. I asked if I can use the 1 for 1 on the takehome tub ($18) and the staff said there has to be 2 people present in order to redeem it. Helping us to keep our diet in check? Doesn't really make sense since it's a takehome tub and it doesn't matter how many people are around so I just paid for my one tub and left.

Prices have increased over the years but I still think it's worth it for the quality! Just remember that there has to be 2 people present to redeem 1 for 1s.

It's such a great delight to be able to try new interesting flavours! Both the white chocolate & nori and salted egg yoke tasted so gooood, hooking you at first bite. Just a little advice though, eat the latter first as the former is a bit overpowering on the taste buds, so as to have a complete savoury experience with both 😁 Nevertheless, this gem has definitely made it into my list of ice cream heavens:)

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Salted Egg and Rum & Raisin Ice Cream~

Prices are NETT.

They have salted egg yolk ice cream! Anyway my personal Favourite has to be their Apple pie and cinnamon :) it has chunks of Apple in it. Peanut butter as well 😄😄😄. Blessed Sunday peeps!

Tom's palette is a hidden gem in Shaw towers. They night have the prettiest ice creams but definitely have the quirkiest and tastiest. On the left is white chocolate nori & pumpkin winter melon. The white chocolate nori is sweet w a slight note of savoury while the pumpkin winter melon is almost like the pumpkin paste you get on your orh nee, smooth and creamy!. On the right is luo han guo, yes your favourite herbal drink is now a sweet cold treat you can enjoy! Somehow it has a slight nutty taste, almost like coffee. While at the back is salted egg. Salted egg is slightly grainy with bits of real salted egg. Definitely legit. Best thing of all? Students get 15% discount! The large with 2 flavour is only $5.20 after discount!! 🤣 #burpplebestbugis