Mixed Bara Kaisendon Lunch Set

$20.80 ยท 42 Reviews

(No queue somemore) We ordered the Salmon Ikura Don set ($18.80++) and Mixed Bara Kaisen Don set ($20.80++). All lunch set comes with salad, prickles, chawamushi, miso and Mochi! So value for money! Salmon don are more generous whereas bara kaisen don was very small portion. Both are equally fresh and good but I would recommend salmon ikura don over the mix bara kaisen don for the quantity! ๐Ÿ‘: 5/5
โœ”๏ธWill I go again? Definitely during lunch hour!

Thank you @sumiya.sg for choosing me so I can savor this bowl of goodness w @luciuslu ๐Ÿ’•

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I would say it was my first time eating chirashi and it was quite a nice experience. Do reserve the seats as I wasn't able to get window seats. ๐Ÿ˜‚
When I first dip into the rice, it is very nice and fluffy. Following, I took a bite at the salmon that is rich and fresh. I personally like salmon compared to the yellowtail and tuna. The yellowtail is little big. If you keep eating the chirashi, it will get jelak. When complement with the avocado, it helps to take away the jelak feeling. Or you can try the chawamushi which is soft and has some meat, mushroom inside. The salad is mediocre. The salad dressing taste like the one as the China salad dressing at the supermarket. I can make the miso soup at home. I didn't realise it was too salty til my bf mentioned it. Next are pickles, unagi and some crunchy vegetable I can't name. The dessert is soft to bite and has a cooling and subtle black sesame taste. I wasn't able to detect the black sesame taste. Still a good experience. And are the bowls very light? Because I hear them dropping twice.


Always a good clean lunch option when you're in Orchard! Reviewed this many times and this remains good.

Quite pricy but was really good too


Finally made my way to @sumiya.sg to try its affordable lunch sets.
The mixed bara kaisen don set (S$20.80++) comes with an appetiser, salad, pickles, miso soup, chawanmushi and mochi dessert.
At the stroke of noon, you can see rows of bowls sitting on the sushi bar, all ready to be churned out like a factory for guests who come to order the popular chirashi sets. Its popularity is a true testament to how fresh those large sashimi chunks are.
I left extremely satisfied, both stomach and wallet wise. Lunch orders are from 12nn to 2:30pm.


Posting my pescatarian sister's eats! For $20.80 this was seriously value for money. So much fresh fish with avocado and it also came with sides like chawanmushi and side salad. Bang for you buck!


Assorted seafood sashimi chunks on sushi rice ใ€‹$20.80

All lunch sets comes with appetizer, salad, pickles, miso soup, chawanmushi & dessert