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Avocado Eggs Benedict

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i had the pulled pork and avocado toast which was one of their best sellers! i knew why after tasting it because the combination of the egg pork and avocado was amazing! my friends’ food were not bad too!

This dish was so good and sooo filling. The pork was juicy and the hollandaise sauce paired with it so well.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here so I was worried if the food were still up to standard, but this place doesn’t disappoint! This is evident by the sizeable crowd even at 2pm. Would recommend the Ultimate Croissant and Paprika Wings.

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Thinking about the runny egg yolk atop the Crab Cake Benedict we had.

Lola’s Cafe
Address: 5 Simon Road, Singapore 545893
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Just how long do we have to keep this up... Anyway, while it’s sad to see @onthetablesg has closed its door last weekend, am thankfully the sister cafe @lolascafesg is still going strong. The place was quite packed when we were there last Saturday morning (*kudos to those who guess where I was from just the Egg Benedict)

Our brunch is made up of Crab Cake Benedict ($18), Miso Salmon Grain Bowl ($18) and handcrafted flat white. Love how they use Miso Hollandaise and Furikake on the crab cake, giving it a crunchy and briny bite. And while simple fare at least you onow

Lola’s Cafe
Address: 5 Simon Road, Singapore 545893
#lolascafesg #sgcafe


Purists would prefer the pulled pork with BBQ sauce but Lola’s rendition with Hollandaise sauce was surprisingly spot on (though a little dry if I had to nitpick). This is going to be our go-to brunch place from now on. All the dishes were marvellous, ambience was casual and lovely and the staff were attentive.

While this didn’t taste bad at all, crab didn’t come through at all, though it should have been the star of the dish. The crab was mushy (and clearly seemed like it came from a can), and the crab cake was breaded and fried, which we have not come across before, which made it seem like it was meant to cover the fact that canned crab was used. Miso hollandaise was nice however; a fresh rendition of the typical hollandaise. English Muffin was also nicely toasted, and the chewy yet crusty texture made for a nice mouthful, along with the eggs and crab.

Can Order😐

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Perfectly done 😋
No guilt after a ride class 🚴🏻‍♀️ #friyay
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Damage: $16-$18

Eggs were runny and perfectly cooked.
Love the generous amount of pulled pork and very flavourful. Pork was tender and not overcooked/rubbery. Avocado is a nice and thickness of the bread is just nice to hold all the goodness. Very filling and satisfying brunch meal. 🙌🏻