Avocado Eggs Benedict

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Nicely done eggs with hollandaise sauce, with spiced pulled pork to give it some heat.

Ultimate croissant - Huge portion of creamy scrambled eggs!
Pulled pork avocado Benedicts - Fucking good! smoky pulled pork combined w the creaminess of the avocado, Hollandaise sauce and runny egg
Honey paprika wings - crispy, sweet, yummy

beef burger: patty was soft and juicy and very flavorful! caramelized onions were sweet and egg was runny!! truffle fries were also crispy and the taste of truffle was very distinct.

crab cake benedict: swapped out poached egg for scrambled eggs because my mum has something against runny yolk but it still fit the dish pretty well! flavour of the crab came through and meshed well with the sauce but might get a bit jelak after awhile.

miso salmon bowl: salmon was a tad dry and there was a bit too much sauce on the quinoa which made it quite salty! appreciated the avocado, hanjuku egg and baby corn though!

iced latte: flavour of coffee was decent but wish it could have been slightly richer.

(not pictured) chocolate hazelnut waffle: waffle was superb but ice cream was a little bit too sweet. the fresh blueberries and strawberries helped to cut through some of that though!

service was impeccable and servers were really friendly and helpful. definitely one of my favorite cafes in singapore (:

Lola's has always been popular with people, and did it live up to the hype? YES.
The pulled pork benedict was done well, perfectly runny eggs and the pork was tender and super flavourful and moist. The sourdough toast at the bottom eventually got abit soggy with the pork juices but i don't mind! The portion was surprisingly filling as well!!
the place was jam packed with people so highly recommend making a reservation before you visit!!

Pulled pork & avacado eggs benedict + ultimate crossaint + truffle fries. Great food but small place. Do reserve in advance!

⭐️ 4/5

Generous amount of pulled pork! Worth the money! Tastes good as well 👏

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Good crab cake and nice hollandaise sauce. Trust me is a very filling portion.

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The crab cake eggs benedict is one of @lolascafesg signature dishes.

This dish uses English muffins (which I personally prefer) instead of soft sourdough. The crab cake can be a little dry at times but I thought the slight briny taste of the crab goes well with the creamy hollandaise sauce and rich egg yolk.

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@lolascafesg is our default go-to joint near @jooeunchung place. The laid-back neighbourhood cafe never fails to disappoint with its excellent brunch food and generous portions.

I like their pulled pork & avocado eggs benedict. Two perfectly poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on top of tender and juicy 6-hour smoked chipotle pulled pork with fresh creamy smashed avocado and light sourdough bread --- an excellent way to start the day!

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