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Definitely a go-to if you're a fan of thick crust, doughy pizzas like me. The texture of the dough is very similar to naan. Fluffy, dense, chewy - everything you'd want in a solid thick crust👌🏻

At the core of this pizza is the impeccable quality of the tomato sauce used. It's tangy, fresh and is what makes this pizza stand out from other joints.

And of course nothing could go wrong w quintessential toppings of ham, mushroom & egg.

Bottom crust gets a lil soggy after spreading the egg around, but that's just another excuse to wolf it down fast yea


Just the sight of the pie hitting the table detonated our hunger - the pock-marked, leopard-spotted crust was swathed in dobs of Fior di latte mozarella, ham, mushroom and parmesan, as well as a beautifully oozy egg smack dab in the centre, making for an umami flavour explosion in each slice.

Taste: 3.5/5


Utterly delicious. The dough was on point, with a complexity and body of its own. Salted as well. Toppings of mushroom, runny egg, fior di latte etc were all so feel-good. A must-try for sure! So incredibly satisfying

P.S. it's a juicy pizza so the dont wait or else the crispy dough slowly gets soggy. Use the crust to mop up the juices!


Swing by this Kandahar Street stalwart for authentic pies, done with Mediterranean pizzazz! The shophouse sets a wonderful mood for buzzy date nights. Order the Bismark ($25) that comes with fior de latte cheese, ham, mushrooms, parmesan and a runny egg — the perfect addition for that luxuriously creamy mouthfeel.
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We were blown away by the starters. The #roastedpumpkin ($14) was probably the most memorable with a perfectly roasted pumpkin paired with a delicious sauce of sweet truffle honey, ricotta cream and crunchy mixed nuts. The #burrata ($22) was perfectly creamy and smooth and we loved its mix with toasted pistachio, onion marmalade & pesto. The off-menu special fried zucchini flower ($9/piece) was super unique and well-executed with a perfect crisp batter but quite pricey considering it’s 1 small piece >


A charming spot on Kandahar Street, this beautifully outfitted shophouse restaurant is the place to go to for Neopolitan-style pizzas. Made with imported Italian flour, topped with homemade tomato sauce and loaded with fresh ingredients, the pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven that is suspended from a ceiling (!). Neopolitan-style pizzas sport a characteristic leopard-like spotted crust and are incredibly flavourful. Order the Bismark ($25), a Burpple community favourite that comes topped with fior de latte cheese, ham, mushrooms, parmesan and a runny egg. Take Burppler Cassandra Chow's cue to swirl the egg yolk with the creamy cheese for "a luxurious, creamy, fragrant, amazing mess". The Magherita ($18) and salami-topped Diavola ($23) are also winners in our books. For dessert, consider the 72% Venezuela cocoa cake, flecked with pink sea salt and topped with vanilla gelato.
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burppler Cassandra Chow

The Bismark is topped simply with cheese, ham, mushrooms and an egg, but it was a party of flavours in my mouth. 🎇 I loved the abundant pools of fior de latte (buffalo mozzarella), which when swirled with the runny yolk, yielded a luxurious, creamy, fragrant, amazing mess. The mushrooms were also delish, their earthy fragrance lifting the richness of the cheese and egg. I wish I knew how Cicheti prepared these shrooms. 😋 Not to forget, the signature pizza crust which was light and slightly chewy. So good!

Beautiful little Italian place. We had the one with the runny egg of course and also a spectacular starter of burrata and parma ham (or was it prosciutto?).

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Through the open-concept kitchen (the glass panels were a nice touch to prevent diffusion of food smells onto guests) we watched in fascination, as the chef began to build the pie from scratch before popping it into the dome-shaped wood-fired oven.

There were nine flavour combinations including classics like Margherita and Quattro Formaggi, but Bismark beckoned with its wobbly egg centre. Boasting the coveted coat of leopard spots, the dough had a beautiful pliant texture, a trademark of Neapolitan-style pies. These are unlike the crispy ones we're used to; they don't hold up very well, what with their wet centre, but I guess that's part of their charm.

The gf & I threw all decorum to the wind, slurped up these finger-licking pies, and thoroughly enjoyed losing ourselves in this delicious, slippery mess.