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La Nonna Pizza

$24.50 · 24 Reviews

The La Nonna pizza includes a runny egg in the middle which unfortunately hardened on the journey home. This is thus one of the foods that should really only be enjoyed when dining-in.

One of my favourite pizzas in this restaurant. It is loaded with truffle and an egy with a runny yolk in the middle. It is full of flavour but cools downs too quickly.

I always order this sinful pizza every time I come here. The pizza is laden with generous helpings of the truffle paste (though as with most truffle dishes, the truffle taste was very subtle). I love the gooey egg in the centre that goes so beautifully with the cheesy pizza.

Paid 15.90 per main after the lunch 1 for 1 deal! Come here from 12-2.30pm to enjoy their weekday lunch promos!

My go to for Italian food.

Ordered the La nonna pizza ($24.50), special pasta (forgot price) and Parmigiana ($22).

The pizza was delightful with a thin crust and black truffle topped with a runny egg.

We asked for a pasta which is purely vegetarian with tomato base and the chef managed to whip up a dish for us.

The Parmigiana is oven baked eggplant with cheese and tomato sauce. It was my favorite out of all.

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Had their signature truffle pizza as part of their 1-for-1 lunch deals and it was so worth it! The black truffle was aromatic and blended well with the other ingredients, and I love the how the asparagus gave each bite a good crunch! Interesting touch to the usual truffle pizzas. Would order again for sure!

La Nonna Pizza ($24.50) is the signature pizza at La Nonna’s and a staple order every time I visit. A generous amount of black truffle paste is used on a cheese and tomato pizza base, completed with asparagus and a delightful runny egg in the centre. Service is fantastic too! 1 for 1 available on Entertainer 2019.

Deal: Weekday Lunch Specials 1-For-1 (12-2.30pm)

La Nonna Pizza is their signature pizza: Egg, black truffle and asparagus! Initially I thought it sounded the ingredients sounded rather odd, but after reading sooo many reviews about it, I decided to try it and it was really worth the hype! 🙌🏼 It tastes a lot better than it sounds. It really is A Really Great Pizza. I love the runny egg yolk in the middle and how the crust is just the perfect thickness. You really can’t stop at one slice!

We had the La Nonna Pizza which is basically truffle and egg, and the prosciutto e rucola pizza. Both were yummy though I prefer the La Nonna pizza better. Pastas were great too, especially the lobster ravioli! What’s more, these are 1-for-1 on Entertainer!


On multiple occasions I have really enjoyed the Saffron Risotto ($28++) here; a spectacular, well balanced dish with creamy broth, chewy rice, juicy plump scallops with a buttery crisp sear. Big hit for me, I really appreciate their use of scallops compared to the usual prawn/calamari/clam mix that most Italian places do for their Zafferano.

The La Nonna pizza ($24.5++) has a strong presence on many review sites and blogs, but was rather in the realm of "good, not great" when I tried it. Good crust, decent ingredients. The truffle in unfortunately difficult to detect.

Gnocchi ($25++) is a miss. Dumplings themselves are heavy and cloying.

Complimentary bread basket is a very nice touch, warm crisp bun and seasoned breadstick. Simple but thoughtfully executed.

Service is professional, but the waitstaff tend to be very busy even late on weeknights. Tables are a little squeezy. I suppose both factors could be indicative that the place is simply very popular.

Decent value with the lunch promo or Entertainer.

A personal favourite here! Always order this and it never fails to disappoint