NZ Angus Ribeye

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For $30.50 this was a steal! Medium rare steak came a little too rare tho~

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Steakout has been around for ages, and they’ve had a change of chefs a year or two ago. However, the last time I paid a trip to Steakout was also a couple of years ago, which means that there’s now only one question that steaks out: has the quality dropped?

Fortunately, the answer is a resounding no. This 250 gram slab of Angus ribeye straight from New Zealand costs $26.90 nett and is worth the moolah. Tender, succulent bovine is sublimely seasoned with salt & pepper, and served up with a redolent red wine sauce. That’s really all you need for a decent meal that’ll steak out in your memory.

Of course, the sides are still rather disappointing, but bear in mind that you’re here to chow down on the cow, not on the cow’s food.


This was slightly disappointing, especially considering the price. The steak while well-seasoned turned out to be a little dry, and slightly over-cooked for something that was supposed to be medium-rare. Quantity of the side dishes were not great, and other places like Astons etc. which have similar offerings at cheaper prices are more generous with their sides. If the steak itself was better, it might have been worth it. But unfortunately, this fell short of expectations. To be fair, their non-steak items like chicken are much cheaper and probably more value for money.

With all the buzz surrounding this hotshot little steakhouse, you just knew the steaks-sorry, stakes, were going to be high. Don't let their cute little mascot Moo Moo fool you, this place ain't playing when it comes to excellent food. They certainly lived up to the hype and more with their glorious NZ Angus ribeye ($24.90 for 250g). Well seasoned, tender and perfectly grilled to a hearty pink medium rare, every bite of my steak was a delight. Their sides weren't shabby either, with their coleslaw being crunchy and subtly sweet while their apple-walnut-raisin salad packed a little sour punch along with the crunch of the walnuts to liven up my hearty steak just a little bit more. Along with the fact that there was no service charge and GST, this little hole in the wall has earned a little place in my heart. This place is not moo-ving from my list of great eateries anytime soon, that's for sure.

Probably the cheapest I've known & they are definitely a decent portion & taste!