Cafes Checklist

Cafes Checklist

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Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

Double espresso with chilled milk - that's what dirty is! & I guess the name stems from the muddy look it comes with.

This caffeinated drink does stand out with a name, but taste wise, probably just a stronger coffee option. It's served as it is, without ice, which then warms up quite quickly as it sits at room temp, making it a lil difficult to drink.

Nonetheless, it's definitely enjoyable with its double shot!

Located just a stone throw away from Potong Pasir MRT, Fuel X (sibling to Fuel Plus+) serves up an extensive menu of brunch staples, coffee & bites!

One of the sides that's a perfect sharing dish is their Mentaiko Bro-Cauli Nuggets! The perfect pun to showcase their use of broccoli & cauliflower as bite-sized nuggets which comes lightly battered & drenched with Mentaiko. If you didn't know, you wouldn't have thought that you're either veggies - which is perfect for kids, or non-veggie eaters like me! 😜

The ingenious move of combining a cinna roll & croissant is a perfect matchmake in heaven! 😍

A flaky, crispy exterior, paired with a soft, fluffy & sweet interior makes this a delish pastry to have with coffee, or just as a snack by itself!


Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup ($16) comes with Murcia Al Vino, Ham, Brioche, Tomatoes & a side of Cucumber Pickles.

Tbh, if you separated the dish into two, their grilled cheese turned out to be a pretty decent croque madame, with a well-packed meaty center & loaded up with LOADS of cheese. As for the tomato soup, while it tastes smokey & slightly tangy at first, the flavour dissolves at the end to give you a watery finish which was a slight turn off. 😕 But I guess the grilled cheese/croque madame made up for it!


It's been awhile since I last cafe-hop, but finally visited this popular spot that I heard of.

Tried one of their signature desserts - Grape & Ricotta Matcha Brioche ($13). One might find the combination of fruit & cheese strange, but this surprisingly works pretty! The sweet-sour tang of the grapes, paired with the savoury ricotta works pretty well! To top it, a sprinkle of lavender bits perfumes the dish & your mouth. It surprisingly doesn't overpower the other flavours, but gives it a light gentle flavour boost. Probably the thing that sets it apart from other fruit-cheese combinations.

That aside, coffee is pretty decent as they take it from @commonmancoffee ☕️ as their kitchen closes early on weekends, so it's a great tea time spot to be at!

With beans from 2 degrees north, Brotherbird Coffeehouse pours a chocolate-y base coffee ending with sweet toffee notes with a slight nuttiness.

The flavours are more prominent as a milk-based 5.5oz white, while the nuttiness is more prominent in the black.

Along with the coffee, do have a go at their selection of croissants or desserts!


Alternatively, go for their Croque Madame ($18) which comes with thick slices of brioche toast, filled with smoked ham, Roma tomatoes, bechamel, gryere & topped with a perfect sunny egg with the side salad & roasted garlic tomato.

If you've enough stomach, remember to get your hands on the all time fav - soft serve with mochi donuts, or their croissants! 🥐

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This brunch staple comes with homemade sourdough, a generous heap of avocado, sprinkled with mixed nuts, topped with an oozy poached egg with a side of salad & roasted garlic tomato. The combination is the perfect simple harmony for a brunch dish.


An all time brunch favourite - the Avocado Toast! 🥑🍞

A generous portion of freshly squashed avocado, is smeared over homemade toasted sourdough, and topped with an assortment of sliced almonds & pumpkin seeds; and a perfectly poached egg!

It also comes with a side with salad, and grilled tomatoes to balance the dish out.

The best part, it's an entire avocado per portion 😍

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Their new & improved brunch menu has this under To Share, but if you're a person with a huge appetite, I think this is perfect for you!

Freshly baked homemade sourdough is paired with in-house made & jarred duck rilette & gherkins.

The sourdough slices are thick, yet fluffy & perfectly toasted to give you that crispy crunch of the edge, which leaving the mid portion fluffy & soft. The rilette is soaked in its own duck fat, giving you that savoury burst before melting onto the toast.

Pop in half a gherkin with every bite to give you that sour punch to help cut through the savoury bites of it's too much for you, but overall a pretty great brunch dish!


Possibly the dish that's a hot favourite, as I saw it on almost every table; the Miso Mushroom Bacon Risotto did not fall short of its popularity!

It consists of miso bacon, oyster mushrooms, fried enoki, organic egg atop barley risotto that was soaked in miso-mushroom-bacon broth; making it extremely savoury yet somewhat healthy!

The portion may seem quite small, but as the barley expands with every mouthful, you'd realise you're almost filled to the brim after you're done.

But don't forget desserts, please have their Earl Grey Soft Serve to end the meal!!

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Brought back this gem of a croissant & it still tastes amazing!!!!

Brotherbird is back again with this amazing croissant - Strawberry Daifuku. Daifuku is a traditional mochi dessert from Japan that usually comes with stuffings. So what they did was add daifuku & strawberry compote into a croissant.

This combination is pure genius, and oh, so delicious. The strawberry compote is slightly sweet with a hint of sour, paired with the q-ness of the daifuku & the savoury fluffy croissant.

Do let it before it runs out, otherwise you really might regret it!

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