Truffle Yakiniku Don (Lunch)

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Recommended on the menu: Pan-seared foie gras, US black angus short rib, onsen egg, truffle soy, black garlic brown butter over Tanuki Raw’s signature rice.

It isn’t my first time trying tanuki raw but somehow I think some of the component on the menu has changed from what I remembered.

I liked how thinly sliced the beef was and its tender, not chewy. Broke the onsen egg because I love runny yolk and I dipped the beef slices in it for extra yumminess 🍳 Foie gras however tasted a little off that day, plus too charred on the sides which was quite a waste as I was looking forward to that the most initially.

Good for a quite fix, especially if you can’t live without rice

Excellent. Simply excellent.

One of the best don I tasted for quite some time. Or maybe I eating too much yoshinoya.

Overall I liked this alot.

The truffle gave the meat a sensational aroma.

Pity that the portion was so small and I didnt feel shiok enough.

a well-executed truffle yakiniku don with a generous serving of beef. beef was slightly rare & tender, with a strong truffle flavour. quite good overall, although nothing hugely impressive.

situated at the national design center, the restaurant has a nice ambience. great for catching up with friends!

$18++ | 7/10 ✨

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I can see why this is on every list of Singapore’s top donburis. There’s no overripe fame in this dish. I was riveted by the impossibly soft slices of beef – suffused with a medium-rare flush and gleaming with savoury marinade. This decadent centrepiece was deftly balanced by a healthy touch – brown rice, sharply flavoured, crowned by a small but assertive shaving of black truffle. I’m in love.

🏅 10/10

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Pan-seared US black angus short rib, onsen egg, truffle soy sauce over Tanuki Raw’s signature rice. $18++

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Salted duck egg char siew. The Nagano pork belly char siew was super tender. Served with onsen egg, mixed mushroom and golden salted duck egg hollandaise over sushi rice. Yummy!
Black garlic and roasted leek negitoro. Chopped fatty tuna and scallions seasoned with black garlic and roasted leek soy topped with onsen egg over the signature rice. I found this to be least tasty of the dons we had.
My favourite still goes to the foie gras truffle yakiniku!
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With pan seared foie gras, US Black Angus short rib, onsen egg, truffle soy and black garlic brown butter over the signature rice. Still the best value foie gras and beef don. Yummy too!
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Pan seared US black angus short rib, onsen egg, sauteed mushroom, and truffle soy over the Tanuki Raw's signature rice
+$2++ for a basic set
+$5++ premium set

💸 $24++
Verdict: 😋
Still one of the best valued beef don.
The substantial piece of foie gras was beautifully pan fried topped on their signature rice, yummy with different flavours: runny egg yolk or truffle soy or even the fat of the foie gras 😛 I would love for the beef to be leaner but i guess this texture is not bad too.

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Had the foie gras truffle yakiniku don priced at $19 during lunch time. As other burpplers have commented, the truffle flavor was non existent, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the meal nonetheless! The beef slices were good and the foie gras soft and fatty. I actually quite liked the sweet seasoning on the foie gras. Would suggest against the 5 bucks top up for the set and also the cakes which costs almost the price of a main at $12 - for the price I expected something special or a big slice at least but it was small and not well done at all.