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Pork Rib Stew

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Comforting stew to end off the weekend ❀️
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I love the beef and pork stew! They are soooooo good! And the crab roe rice ball too!

Served bubbling hot on a mini stove, this pot of pork stew is really good for a rainy day! It packs a bit of a spicy punch too. The pork ribs were soft and tender to bite into. You can choose your spicy level and whether to add udon/glass noodles!

Portion is quite large, comes with purple rice and free addition of udon/glass noodles in the Stew.
The pork ribs were surprisingly soft and easy to bite into.
Flavorful and fantastic. It's a great deal and definitely worth the try! $10/pax after Burpple beyond 1 for 1 deal. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜‹

We ordered the spicy pork rib stew & the pork bulgogi rice ball. Lots of items on the menu contain beef.
The pork ribs were cooked really nicely and were soft and fell off the bone very easily. The soup was also quite flavorful and the glass noodles are super chewy and a must-try!!
The pork bulgogi rice is basically a deconstructed bibimbap comprising korean seasoned seaweed flakes, kimchi and pork bulgogi atop mixed grain rice. Honestly, the rice kept falling apart and the mould-it-yourself rice ball idea was a disaster. We ended up just eating it with a spoon haha.

The soy pork stew is good. I keep coming back for more. Service is good too

Ordered the SPICY CHICKEN STEW (Spicy Level 2) AND SPICY PORK STEW (Spicy Level 1). The chicken of the chicken stew is really tender and also flavourful. It is only recommended to order spicy level 2 and above if you are able to take chilli padi-type of spiciness haha! The pork stew which is level 1 spiciness is milder in spice but is equally delicious too!

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Pictured is the kimchi soup, note that it doesn't come with rice. It was simply delicious, satisfying spicy level!
My friend ordered pork rib stew, she loved the soup in the stew too! Strongly recommend!

Back here for the second time to try my favourite: beef rib soup! (galbi-tang). With burpple one for one, we also got the spicy pork stew.

My strong bias towards galbi-tang had me wolfing it down. While the soup may pale in comparison to the one in Bornga, the ribs are fairly tender and aromatic, accompanied by the broth. Also love that theres glass noodles inside. The spicy pork stew wasnt to my liking perhaps because im not a spice fan, also the meat felt tougher, and also healthier πŸ˜… must say its really flavourful though!

To note that adding a rice means that it is the discounted item for burpple beyond (weird...). Otherwise we enjoyed this place's food thoroughly!

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