Green Tea Bingsu

$15.00 · 10 Reviews

Bingsu, Korean shaved ice is a big hit in SG! Refreshing, cool & also overpriced. But when it comes to late night icy desserts & you want smth light instead of cakes & ice-cream, there aren't much options to choose from.

Rating: 6.2/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/No

Pros: Open till wee hours. They redesigned the space and it's so much more comfortable and cozy now. It used to be freezing cold but they opened up the place with additional outdoor seating. Pretty wide array of menu items. Good place to chill at for catch up sessions. Free WIFI.

Cons: Sat outdoors and there was a rat. It's not their problem so do watch your feet! 😅 Bingsu is definitely an overpriced dessert. So far i've tried chocolate, strawberry & matcha. Taste-wise nothing fantastic.

Price: S$15, matcha bingsu

Such cute matcha bingsu with all the matcha biscuit! A good place to chill too!
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Exactly what you need in this hot weather, and I heard it's open 24/7, what's not to like!

I blame the weather... But, this adorable green tea bingsu is so worth it!! #bingsu #koreanbingsu #tanjongpagar #bingki #shavedice #koreanshavedice #greenteabingsu #foodart #foodphotography #foodpics #sgfoodie #foodie #instafoodie #dessert #dessertagram #dessertgasm #instadessert #VirginNoMore #burpple #openrice #hungrygowhere #8dayseat #stfoodtrending #swweats #AhSoh吃好料 #ahsoh血汗钱

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Say hi to my cute Matcha Bingsu with a scoop of ice cream, pocky, kitkat and hello panda (what a random combination of toppings, haha). Happy to report that it does not only look good — the shaved ice was very fluffy throughout the entire cup with a nice milky matcha flavor! The melon bingsu wasn't as impressive. I would return for the matcha one!
Bingki is open 24/7 and there's free wifi — yay!

had bingsu as supper last night at Bingki! another bingsu place which is open 24/7! we tried the Oreo Bingsu ($14) and the Green Tea Bingsu ($14). first thing that would catch anyone's eye would be the cute presentation of the bingsus! these were not so heavy as compared to other bingsus, and it was great way to finish off a meal. there wasn't any condensed milk too, which made me feel better because it seemed more healthy hehe 😉 a little expensive for its small portion though.

Most listed flavours are currently not available, so those who are wondering if they want to build (and demolish) a snowman may wish to hold off their frozen ambitions.


This place seems to get all the right boxes for avid instagrammers; cute desserts? Check. Clean and minimalist interior? Check. The Bingsu here seems to be decent on the first few mouthfuls, carrying a light hint of matcha flavour with a subtle milkiness while coming with other goodies on the side such as Azuki red beans, Matcha KitKat wafers and matcha Pocky sticks. The "bear" seemed to be quite dense and creamy matcha custard, decorated with chocolate chip buttons. Personally though this was pretty decent if you are one who doesn't mind paying for Bingsu, though the Matcha KitKat seemed to be rather bland in contrast to the Bingsu (perhaps it's flavour just got overwhelmed) and the some parts of the Azuki Red Bean can be a little softer for a better bite.