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Since the Robertson Quay branch closed its doors I find myself frequenting the one at Takashimaya more often now and my go to is always the Nagekomi Don, otherwise known as fisherman's catch or fresh catches of the day. The selection doesn't always vary too much and features the usual staples like tuna salmon, negitoro, anago and ebi but on some lucky occasions the bowl has featured shiroebi, hotate and more. The set comes with a miso soup and some chef appetisers and is filling enough to leave me in a food coma for the rest of the day. What I truly love is the mixed grain rice that delivers a different depth of flavour on its own and adds to the complexity of the clean bowl. I've been here many times and will keep returning just to sate my regular sashimi bowl cravings. At under 30 nett, its definitely a steal and for affordable than the expensive Ala Carte dinner menu!

Very worth it chirashi! Sashimi is not cold but warm. I like this cos Iโ€™ve eaten cold ones and didnโ€™t feel as nice going down my belly!

Fresh sashimi and huge variety! Large serving and couldnโ€™t even finish it! Came with miso soup, pickles for appetiser and a jelly for dessert.

Really worth it for the price!

Ginza Kuroson is always a place for fresh and affordable sashimi, sushi and dons around Orchard area during lunch time. With such great ambience and comfortable setting, it is hard to believe that the seemingly "attas" assorted sashimi don set costs only $22. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ryoshi-Gokai Nagekomi Don is topped with specials of the day so the assortment may vary, adding an element of surprise. This lunch set even comes with salad, side dishes, miso soup and dessert (chocolate mousse). ๐Ÿ˜ #BurppleSushiMonth

Come to this upscale, refined Japanese restaurant on the third floor of Takashimaya for their impeccable service and truly value-for-money lunch donburi sets. Prices start at $22 and go upward to $88, and each meal comes with an appetizer, salad, pickles, miso soup and dessert. Get the Ryoshi-Gokai Nagekomi Don ($22) โ€” a stunning bowl of fresh sashimi that includes lesser known fish like silverfish. Burpple Tastemaker Ice Blossom highly recommends it, describing the don as one of the more delicious ones in town that "fares very well in all aspects โ€” texture and taste of the rice, freshness and sweetness of sashimi, assortment and variety of sashimi, and price". Otherwise, the reliable Barachirashi Don ($22) is bound to satisfy any fish lover's cravings. Willing to spend a little more? Get the Australian Beef Steak ($35) โ€” limited to only 10 sets a day, the beef cubes are perfectly cooked. Pro tip: Call ahead to request to sit by the impressive sushi bar so you can watch the chefs work their magic!
Avg Price: $45 per couple
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Only $22++ for this glorious bowl with an appetizer, salad, miso soup and dessert. Love that there are less common fish in this bowl, such as silverfish. The rice was well seasoned, but really what impressed me was how delicate and fresh the ikura roe were - sometimes I find them too aggressively salty and briny. Super fresh fish and just great value. The restaurant is so beautiful as well, I loved the open kitchen and counter display of the fresh fish options available.

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I take my don seriously. Ginza Kuroson always presents me with a don filled with fresh sashimi. The nagekomi don fares very well in all aspects - texture and taste of the rice, freshness and sweetness of sashimi, assortment and variety of sashimi, and price.

I've almost no complaints except for the dessert that comes with the set. I dunno if it is choc mousse or pudding. The texture and consistency were too ambiguous. Enlighten me, please.

At the moment, I can't find another delicious don that is so affordable in town. (If have, recommend it to me please ๐Ÿ˜‹.) That's why I've been coming back here once every 2 months... ๐Ÿ˜„


Woohoo~~ finally a don that outshines many neighboring establishments. This is NOT a don I would recommend to many but those who reeeeaaally enjoy sashimi of many assortments of fish that are not commonly found in the Japanese restaurants in Singapore. I think many would be more comfortable with Chirashi don.

Nagekomi-don has silver fish! Raw silver fish is not very common in Singapore though. It has quite a strong aftertaste because you will be chewing through the small fishes' intestines. They are fresh so there's not much of a foul taste in the mouth. I'm so looking forward to trying other dons and dishes.

I think Ginza Kuroson @ Takashimaya will become my new favourite go-to place to satisfy my Japanese cravings during the lunch hour. They serve up incredibly satisfying food at an affordable price point. What you see in the picture is almost similar to a Chirashi Don. However, the sashimi that you get is not fixed and is really dependent on what the chef feels is the freshest for that day. Generous, fresh and delicious, most of Ginza Kuroson's lunch sets are priced in the 20s range. They all come with an appetiser, miso soup, salad, dessert and pickles. This outlet is located in Takashimaya, on the newly revamped third level, right next to Kiton. Oh yes, this particular set lunch that I ordered is priced at $22. Like wow??