Green Tea Bingsu

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Matcha Mochi (Rice cake) Bingsu ($16.90)
Albeit closer to green tea, the "matcha" flavour was decently strong, and I'd suggest pouring more of the milk over, so you'd get a more milky flavour from the shaved ice. The red bean was pretty sweet, but it did help provide more flavour to the bingsu.

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Black Sesame Bingsu ($19.80)
This bingsu comes with chewy green tea rice cake, which isn't really strong in the green tea flavour, so don't expect too much from it! I quite enjoyed the first layer, in which you could taste the black sesame grains, but beneath it was just shaved ice/ milk that wasn't milky/ flavoured enough.

This is my 2nd time coming here and since we came on a Wednesday, OMG Bingsu ($26.90) was available which is available only from Mon-Fri excluding Eve and Public Holiday. OMG Bingsu is a combination of Matcha, Oreo and Injeolmi. Previously when I came, it was a few years ago and it was $23.90. I guess inflation has make unavoidable for them to raise the price. It is still worth it even with the price increase and the 4 of us had a hard time finishing it.

Not the best Bingsu but satisfies the cravings!

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Because Yole was closed at 10:05pm, I was delighted and also surprised to find a bingsoo alternative in Oma Spoon which have stood the test of time!
While the bingsoo food fad has long weaned, this korean dessert establishment is still surviving! Why? I’d think attributable to a myriad of factors from location, to product offerings (petite bingsoo go from $6++ onwards - a wallet friendlier option); also the as mentioned situation I found myself in.
Still the 2 bingsoo we got to share were all made with good ingredients but I was not pleased with the clumps of ice blocks within the supposed fine shaved ice expected of bingsoo.


While spending $13.90 on shaved ice is indeed a little pricey, it was a great experience overall. The shaved ice was topped with milk and have a reasonable amount of toppings to go with it. The portion was just right for 2-3 girls.

really enjoyed it the first time i went a few months ago. however the green tea ice cream tasted funny and artificially sweet 🤭 don’t think i’ll be getting this flavour the next time, think i’ll get the strawberry yogurt one instead. #burpplesg #burpple

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It’s either too much syrup or I’m eating chunks of tasteless ice. A friend suggested to visit @omaspoon and it’s so good. 🥛 The milk shaved ice was so tasty! We ordered the Green Mountain Bingsu. 🍵 It tasted more of cookies and cream than matcha, but it’s still delicious. If you want a more matcha tasting bingsu, go for their Green Tea Bingsu. No regrets! 🤤
🍧: Green Mountain Bingsu, $14.90
🍴: O’ma Spoon Korean Dessert Cafe, 313 Orchard, #04-20

O’ma Spoon seems to have fallen under the radar compared to other popular bingsu chains, but I still really like the bingsus here!

The black sesame flavour is new and comes with matcha rice cakes, red bean paste and crushed almonds. The shaved ice is very milky too (you can make it even milkier with condensed milk). I wish there was more black sesame powder though, a secret layer underneath would have been good :p

like why would you pay $15 bucks for chopped up ice?
BUT I have to say that the Bingsu from O'maspoon is actually good. This is the Matcha one. The shaved ice is milky and sweet (not plain ice!!!) and the toppings simple but everything goes so well together. Never thought I would say this but I genuinely enjoyed the bingsu here!

Price: $13.90

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