Ispahan Eclair

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The pastel purple won the beauty contest against all other contestants at my visit (well, strictly speaking, this clinches the position of the 1st runner-up. I was swooned by Ms Ispahan and had it in my previous visit). Taste wise, the cream within the eclair has very strong hints of lavender (duh) fragrance. So strong that it seemed to be taste a lil' 'artificial'; raises suspicion of the use of flavouring. But of course, I place my trust in L'eclair - to use only natural, real ingredients in their beautiful bakes!

Vanilla and caramelized pecan:
Spot the sexy lil' black spots on the coat! They scream "It's 100% true-blue extract right straight from the vanilla pod!" The rich, vanilla fragrance (no artificial taste!) was warmly welcomed in my mouth Topped with caramelized pecans, the nutty-vanilla combi was simply something you don't wanna miss in your afternoon tea.

These were so pretty I took like 738373 photos and couldn’t bear to eat them 🌸
Ispahan (~$8.50) 🌹 a rose lychee cream eclair was light and floral, though the rose taste was subtle and did get overwhelmed by the lychee at times. The eclair was abit soft and soggy though 😫

Ig @goodfomood

The pink layer on top of Ispahan was chewy and gummy-like. Rose mascarpone cream was light but detectable. I liked the lychee fruit flesh inside but not the raspberries. Floral and sweet. Paris Brest was delightful. Loved the hazelnuts inside. The cream was not too sweet. Very yummy.

The Ispahan (rose mascarpone cream) and Paris Brest (hazelnut praline pastry cream) were light and #yummy. Enjoy with #burpple 1-for-1. (S$14)

When I saw @leclairpatisserie is on Burpple beyond, I was like YASSSSSSSSS❤️ I got their BANANA GRANOLA🍌, PINEAPPLE🍍,ISPAHAN (lychee rose)🌹, DARK CHOCOLATE🍫 ($8 each) ✨they are all so pretty and delicate!!!!💕 they are not just pretty but really tasty as well☺️ the cream is filled completely not slacking in ingredients at all👍 i got to say I’m really impressed with the pineapple, it’s unique and really refreshing, I can taste the freshness of the pure pineapple, not from syrup😎 now @burpplebeyondfans has 1 for 1 (2 eclairs or 4 eclairs)😍 hereby wishing everyone a good workweek ahead🥰
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ISPAHAN: Mixture of rose and lychee flavor with lychee and raspberries eclair; light and fragrant; not too sweet; eclair is fluffy and moist..
PISTACHIO: Roasted pistachio flavour with strawberries eclair; taste surprisingly light; not too sweet..
Overall a good and cosy dessert place in a quiet building; good place for a nice meet-up or chit-chat session; affordable with the use of 1-for-1 promotion on burpple beyond..
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Don't be overwhelmed by the large selection of gorgeous intricate eclairs in this Parisian chic cafe. Start with their bestseller, Ispahan ($8.50), where a rose, raspberry and lychee cream combo sits in sweet choux pastry. Otherwise, the classic Dark Chocolate or Hazelnut ($8) are fine choices as well. For something rich and complex, try their Matcha ($8) éclair which boasts a slightly bitter aftertaste. Psst. With #BurppleBeyond, get four éclairs and two drinks for just $22!
Photo by Burppler Melissa Chia

Located at 190 Clemenceau Avenue, unit 01-28, Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924. .
Best Seller Ispahan $8.50, Classic Dark Chocolate $8. Indulging in exquisite flavours eclairs by Sarah Michelle. Not only it looks very pretty and Instagram worthy, it’s very delicious and savoury! @leclairpatisserie .
We enjoy more savings with #BurppleBeyond . You can claim either “2 eclairs & drink” or “eclair and drink”. @burpplebeyondfans .
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Such pretty eclairs I couldn’t bear to eat them!! The ispahan was made up of rose cream, chunks of lychee and whole raspberries, giving it a subtle sweet taste accompanied with hints of floral scent. The pistachio cream on the other hand was richer and more full bodied, with crunchy chopped nuts to add to the bite.

Liked both! Came here with burpple 1F1 and paid just $7 each for an eclair (UP $8-8.50) and a drink - we got iced earl grey latte and iced matcha latte (the matcha was gooooood, thick and creamy and sufficiently bitter but the earl grey was sadly too milky). But overall, FANTASTIC deal and chill afternoon in this quiet cafe, thanks burpple beyond!! 🤗

Guess what I had for my tea break? Ispahan with Eclair. This is my second time coming to this restaurant. :) it's very good. :)
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