Hello Truffle

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Very generous bowl of truffle fries dressed with fine grated parmesan! Good for sharing 👍🏻

Had the egg tomato relish ($15). Nothing special about it to be honest. The tomato sauce tasted partly instant with too much salt and not enough freshness of the tomato. Bread was well baked but then again nothing to rave about.
Truffle fries were average as well.
Food is average (no bad connotation). Price is the usual cafe price as well.

I tried the beef yakiniku, truffle salmon scrambled as well as truffle fries. Well yeah, I’m a big fan of truffle😍 And if you are, you got to try the truffle salmon scrambled - it’s creamy and creamy. If you’re afraid of too much truffle, share it alongside with another main. That’s why I got the Beef yakiniku. Even though it a tad too salty for my tastebuds, the onsen egg was a good balance to the flavors. Lastly, the truffle fries. I’ve had better:)

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Went there for the Truffle Fries hype but was a little disappointed. Not really worth my $8. If you want really good truffle fries hit up "The Clueless Goat" at Novena!! Iced passionfruit mint tea was really refreshing though! Truffles Scrambled Salmon was decent but not amazing though :(

Total spent: $29 🍳


Salty shoestring fries are something I'll always crave 🍟Say Hello Truffle (

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Priced < $10, this basket of truffle fries are one of the best deals around! The shoestring fries were fresh, with a discernible waft of truffle oil that paired well with the parmesan shavings on top. Would highly recommend ordering this!

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Truffle fries were yum especially if you're craving some and you're in the area! Reasonably price for a mess-tin full! Ambience is lovely but limited menu choices :-( had their seafood aglio as well which was ok.