Cold Brew

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Address: 1A, Duxton Hill, Singapore 089587
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Winning major brownie points is the novel presentation for the cold brew here. I really like the way they delivered the refreshing caffeine in five syringes, clustered together in a glass beaker with a separate tumbler of ice cubes. I squeezed out all five shots, so I could enjoy my cold brew "on the rocks".


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You can imagine how bemused I was at this cheeky presentation. The brew was a tad mild for my liking but that was intentional, as I was told, to suit the locals' palate. Personally, I like my cold brews more concentrated.

A good way to make sure that the taste is not diluted but I couldn't taste much notes or flavors in a shot.

I really wanted the chocolate-lined waffle cup latte, but that was already sold out. It's an off-menu rarity, since the waffle cups are hand-carried from the States. The cold brew is served in 5 shots โ€“ literally. I love the pun, but the presentation is really for the photogenic factor. Nonetheless, the coffees are smooth and the shop is beautiful. But mind you, it's a 3-seater coffee stand so don't expect to troop down with friends to chill.