Matcha Latte

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This is OK. The matcha shone and it wasn’t too sweet. But it’s easy to mistake the thin consistency for dilution, and perhaps the way forward is to pump in a little more milk. It’s a latte after all. That said, I wouldn’t seek out this place on account of its latte. The flak is not undeserved (see my other review) so it’s a no from me – at least not till they ameliorate food standards.

🏅 6/10
💭 Can try


Thumbs up for the matcha latte, 10/10 for visual n flavour. What a pleasant experience I had there - not only for the food but also had a nice conversation with the cafe owners and who would expect to be entertained with a magic show while you’re eating? Definitely cheered up my day.

A sweet take on matcha latte with a double dose of matcha! The drink comes with an additional scoop of matcha ice cream which makes it a lil too sweet for my liking, but the matcha by itself packs a pinch!

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Matcha Latte: asked for one without sugar, which was gladly delivered. What a pity that the matcha flavour wasn’t very strong in this one.

Mocha: really enjoyed how the chocolate still managed to shine through the strong caffeine

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Said to be one of the best, if not the best matcha latte in Singapore. $6 and perfect to chill the afternoon away with the WiFi and power points if you need. So hide away in a nook for Saturday, if the week has been so crazy you thought you’d never make it to the weekend.
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I feel like people were mumbling curses behind my back when I collected lolol

But anyway!! First KopiPass experience at Nook and Cranny (formerly Five by Five) went pretty well

Tried their recommended Chicken Bleu ($15.50): boneless chicken thigh stuffed with bacon and cheese served with orzo rice pasta and salad. Dk what herbs they baked the chicken in but wow 👍🏻👍🏻 For the Truffled Mac and Cheese ($14.50): the truffle oil really worked its magic here. This was my fave!!

Redeemed a freeeeee signature matcha latte (a must try at this cafe) and a hot mocha for myself! #burpple #kopipass #dqky

Hot matcha latte ($6) came in a gorgeous green, was pretty smooth and would be perfect for a cold rainy day. I like the fuss-free hot matcha latte but would happily order the cold one just for its matcha shot - so they should offer the option of additional shots on the side. 😛

Voted as one of the best matcha latte in Singapore, it's not difficult to see why - the bitter matcha shot was a clear winner for me! Both the cold and hot matcha latte is something that I would go for because I love the bitterness and matcha flavour that comes through.

The cold matcha latte came deconstructed - cold milk with a scoop of matcha ice cream (could be slightly less icy) so your drink gets sweeter as it melts, and a separate matcha shot that I absolutely loved and would order it on its own😂 Pace the pouring of the shot till your preferred sweetness (or bitterness in my case). Interestingly, the matcha latte had a minty flavour to it.

Thank you for having us and #burpple for extending the invite!