Truffle Potato Foam With Croissant

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friday lunch 😎 - buttery, crumbly croissant for dipping in two poached eggs 🍳 covered with the lightest truffle mashed potato ☺️☕️

Truffle potato foam made using a siphon to achieve a smooth and even consistency, finished off with some garlic panko breadcrumbs and torched Parmesan — that makes a good dip for the croissant by the side!


Creamy, pudding like texture from the free-range poached eggs and gooey torched parmesan cheese.
Stuffed with savoury salty bacon bits, perfumed with white truffle oil, sprinkled with garlic panko breadcrumbs. Nice! * Thanks for hosting @chinesewinegal !
Hand model credit: @jellylovefats


Eh don't see the fish black black, the barrumundi (how to spell) was not oily at all and stayed crisp throughout the meal. OOOOH. 😛 I had a super fulfilling weekend, and tomorrow is a brand new start again, righttttt!