Torched Salmon Rice Bowl

RM21.00 · 5 Reviews

And it's easy to see why, white spaces with minimal decor and floor-to-ceiling windows the place just has a zen feel.

Sipping hot lemongrass tea served in traditional China Teapot. Though known for their Beef Tongue dishes we went for Torched Salmon (MYR22) and Light braised Beef Shortribs and Radish with Rice (MYR19) instead. Simple and filling.

If Mei means beauty in Mandarin, Mei by Fat Spoon certainly lives up to its name. Sunlight spills in to create a serene space for quality time with a few friends, and there are comforting rice bowls for all. The Torched Salmon Rice Bowl (RM21) is plenty to love, especially when it gets the help of a tangy lime-chili dressing. Soothe your senses with a pot of the Hot Lemongrass & Pandan Tea (RM8), a highly underrated choice of drink. You may beam in pride of your healthy picks or you can be the one who suggests ordering Cempedak Spring Rolls (RM15) served with vanilla ice cream to share — you will likely be thanked.
Avg Price: RM35
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Alyssia Yu


Torched salmon
Semi-touched salmon served with onsen egg, cucumber, aromatic herbs with a lime chili dressing on steamed rice + miso radish soup.


Reminds me of my mom's home cooked food. Simply labeled as 'Japanese Comfort Food', Mei by Fat Spoon fuses Japanese and Chinese style cooking into delightful dishes. If you like hearty, light, and healthy food, do make a visit here ;)

A very satisfying bowl of Torched Salmon Rice with onsen egg, not forgetting to mention I love their lemongrass & pandan tea.
Kudos to this new restaurant, want to go back for more.