Roast Pork Belly / Siew Yuk

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Roasted pork (siew yoke/ sio bak/ 烧肉) ranks as one of my favourite dishes and I’ll go all out to try a good version of it. Finally made my way down to Pudu to try this legendary place.

Wong Mei Kee is touted as one of the best roasted pork places in KL. It’s colloquially known as Datuk roasted pork as its owner has been conferred a Datukship. Datuk Wong is the man behind the show where he does almost everything himself from marinating to roasting to chopping the meat. Diners wait patiently for the food to be served at 12.30pm.

I was thoroughly impressed by the roasted pork (RM 17/ person). It was roasted in charcoal. The crackling was spectacularly crispy and there was a good fat to meat ratio. It was amazing how the meat remained so tender, flavourful and moist. Servings were rather generous as the roasted pork was cut into thick chunks. I chowed down the whole plate with much delight.

It’s one awful dinning experience. Waited for half and hour in the queue without moving forward because the owner was too busy serving takeaway orders. A pregnant lady was queuing in front of me, standing there for more than half an hour. It’s inhuman and unbelievable.

At the end, I waited for an hour for a plate of cold siew yoke and two plates of cold white rice. And somehow the sauce tasted like gasoline to me. It costed me $83 which I think is totally overpriced. Will definitely not go back.

One of the best meals I’ve had in KL my whole life!

It comes from a coffee shop or an institution as my friend calls it called Restoran Wong Kee. The roasted pork is to die for. On first bite, I let out a gasp and the neighbouring tables stared at me. No kidding!

The meat is so so so juicy and tender but of course, the best part is the crackling of the skin which was as crispy as keropok but of course with that crazy lardy flavour. It opens at 1230 and it gets sold out quick. Make this a mandatory pit stop whenever you come to KL!

Made it just in time after lunch before it’s all sold out and was rewarded with plates of meat! From roasted pork to char siew and especially the roasted chicken that was calling out to us from afar, everything was just super yummy that even though we just had noodles prior to this, we wiped out almost everything that we have ordered. Special mention goes out to the roasted chicken which was my personal favourite for its tenderness (even the breast meat was very juicy), flavour and crispy skin. Everything that you would have expected for roasted chicken can be found in this plate.
Restoran Wong Kee
Address: 30, Jalan Nyonya, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A portion of Char Siew, BBQ Pork in Cantonese costs RM17.

The Char Siew was good! BUT wasn't as good as their Siew Yok (Roast Pork). Not bad at all as it was nicely tender!


Famous for their Siew Yok which is actually Roast Pork in Cantonese!

This is a 3 person's portion of Siew Yok. One portion of meat costs RM17 and 1kg of Siew Yok alone will cost you RM110. It is slightly more expensive than normal but I think it was a good choice!

This Siew Yok here is surprisingly crispy but tender at the same time! It was yummy! Definitely coming back for more!

The restaurant serves chicken and also Char Siew (BBQ Pork) and only starts serving their Siew Yok at 12.30pm.

When I got there the shop was packed! I had to wait around for a table to open up, but it's seemed like everyone there had nothing but drinks on their table and was waiting for the Siew Yok. Wow!


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This is the legendary roast pork from Pudu. Please, please, please if you want to come eat at this place, do not be late! Coming early is super recommended because if you miss just 5 minutes of their opening hour (12:30PM), you'll have to wait for more hours.

Each portion of every protein cost RM16. If you consider this is more expensive than the usual chicken rice in food courts, you won't until the majestic roast pork melts in your mouth. Crispy pork skin with the perfect ratio of fat and meat, completed with the savory seasoned pork.

Truly the best siu yoke in KL!

Wong Kee, in Tastemaker Brian Leow's books, makes the champion of all roast pork bellies! On afternoons when time is on your side, bring your friends for the "Datuk Siew Yuk" experience. Owner (and roast meat handler) Robert was conferred a Datukship in his earlier years, hence the nickname. The Pork Belly or Siew Yuk (from RM17) boasts gorgeous layers of crackling skin, juicy fats and tender lean meat. The siew yuk will be snapped up before you know it, so share the delicious Roast Chicken (from RM25) and an order of their smoky Barbecued Pork or Char Siew (RM90 per kg) for a fulfilling roast meat combo meal. Pro tip: Wong Kee begins service at 12.30pm but patrons come in to wait as early as 11.30am because it's impossible to secure a seat any time later. Do the same and be prepared to wait.
Avg Price: RM25


And Tastemaker Brian Leow continues to impress with his extensive knowledge on the array of good Chinese restaurants for delicious non-halal goods. This place is no exception for crispy and tender siu yuk pork belly. The only thing you should really order here although the kakak who takes the order will tell you otherwise. Don’t think of skimping on their roast chicken and char siu with her around. This made me think of Chen Kee which excels in both siu yuk and char siu, also as per Brian’s recommendation.

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