Sticky Toffee Pudding

$14.00 · 6 Reviews

Sticky toffee pudding, with bourbon vanilla ice cream. Dark, balanced and incredible. The bourbon ice cream, slightly bitter and rich, paired well with the sweet toffee pudding.


One of my favourite desserts on the menu.
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An interesting take on the usual fried dough sticks was this Churros Bowl. It did not taste quite like the typical churros we're used to, but was delicious nonetheless. Even better, was the Sticky Toffee Pudding (not pictured) - a dessert that I've grown to love. TGC's version was wonderfully moist, without being too wet, and was complemented by a generous scoop of bourbon vanilla ice cream. What a scrumptious way to end the meal! Many thanks to @thedisgruntledchef for hosting, and @burpple for the invite! #dessert #foodporn #burpple

With the insane weather, all you're craving for is a sweet treat & some cold ice cream! Albeit a relatively small portion, the sweetness of the toffee cuts through even when it's paired with the Bourbon Vanilla ice cream. A perfect combination of hot & cold, this dish was easily cleaned up, with many nodding in agreement over a satisfied meal.


It's not the type of thing I would find myself ordering in such an establishment, and definitely one I found surprising to find in the dessert menu here. Nonetheless, this is their rendition of a churro where other places usually serve Churros with ice-cream, but they have tweaked their version so that the chocolate ice-cream, coffee ice-cream and vanilla ice-cream sits within a gigantic Churro shaped into a bowl. Sure, it does carry the same sugary and cinnamony flavours you would expect with relative crispness, and the batter felt decent without being too thick but it does trap a little oil within so you get that oily flavour in the aftertaste. It's not bad an attempt, but I would go for the Sticky Toffee Pudding any day instead.

The star of the night. At one point of the tasting before dessert, we were mentioning about The Lokal's wonderful Sticky Date Pudding (we had no idea that we would try this Sticky Toffee Pudding), but when we had a first taste of The Disgruntled Chef's Sticky Toffee Pudding it was a tough fight. This was sweet to the right amount — it's moist, sticky and light with relative fluff and even the vanilla ice-cream is rich, aromatic and smooth. Definitely the dessert to order here!