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黑 Rice

$22.00 · 28 Reviews

黑 Rice, PH Big Breakfast & Truffle Fries!
The beef and pork from the mains were really yummmmy. I can still remember the taste of the pork until now. The rice actually just tastes like good fried rice, but black haha, and with a slight crunch.

This meal was a bit filling for 2, so i would recommend skipping the truffle fries. Nice ambience & friendly service too 😊

Hey, check this out. Visually, it may look like Halloween descended on your plate, but the dish itself is umami-fied thanks to the typically rich ingredients. The first mouthful was an adventure but it soon got boring as the steak lacked flavour and the components didn’t really come together. Good portion, though. One of the more exciting brunch menus around!

If the sound of squid ink rice turns you off, think again! When I first read the description of 黑 Rice ($24), I did not expect it to mean the superior WOK HEY taste that we’re all familiar with.
This dish combines my favourite elements of the Western, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Think perfectly medium-cooked steak, garlicky and wok hey flavoured fried rice, topped with mayonnaise, Nori and Tobiko for that extra sweetness and crunch.
Will definitely be back again for this!

Won’t come back. Pork was too salty. Even both of us didn’t manage to finish the food.

Squid ink rice with 150g of flap meat. Really love their presentation of this dish. We sliced through the beautiful soft egg to reveal oozing yolk onto the 黑 rice which had a light umami taste. It could have been stronger but maybe it’s downplayed due to the seasoning on the beef. The beef has a generous portion and is well prepared but it’s definitely not the star of the dish. However, at SGD24, we still think it’s worth to try out this main.

黑 Rice SGD24.00


Out of the new items, you can expect starters such as Maple Fried Chicken ($15), nicely marinated and deep fried fried chicken coated with a gooey coffee maple with pieces of Belgium waffles for a representation of chicken and waffles, and mains such as the Seafood Capellini ($24), served cold with an assorted of raw seafood on a truffle soy dressing, and the PH Big Breakfast ($25) with items such as bacon steak, maple sausage and cured salmon.

My all time favorite from this cafe however has definitely got to be the 黑 Rice ($24) that has a huge slab of flap steak with black rice and orange ebikko. Mix in the onsen egg with the rice to give it a little bit of the creaminess, take a piece of grilled steak, combine both together and you will get an umami burst of flavour.
Paddy Hills
Address: 38, South Buona Vista Road, Singapore 118164

Finally went to a highly rated café and tried their signature dish..
Gnocchi: Love the chewiness in the side and pan-fried to a little crispness on the outside; the matcha-like sauce is actually spinach puree; few pieces of pork belly; no porky stench..
黑(black) mami rice: squid ink rice with 3 colour prawn roe; rice is well-cooked with a super "wok-hei" taste; remind me of zi-char fried rice; slightly oily towards the end; forever love the egg with oozy yolk; steak is lightly salted and cooked to medium; no bloody water on the plate..
Cappuccino: strong coffee taste; not bitter; good cup of coffee for coffee lover as told by a coffee lover; take a sip and still.. I'm not a fan of coffee..
Berry muffcake: muffin + hotcake = muffcake; 2 pieces; crispy outside and soft inside; a bit dry but fluffy; variety of berries; vanilla ice cream in a cube; butter at each corner; love the small yogurt balls; sour and sweet taste; best to share the calories; start to fall in love with this dessert..
Overall a pretty good meal that is worth traveling to, portion is just nice for small appetite; but if not eating muffcake, then need 3 main course for sharing (for my appetite)..
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😍Squid Ink rice, 150g flap meat and an onsen egg. Steak was flavourful and medium rare but what blown me away was the squid ink rice which had a nice charred taste (wok hei)! 👍🏻😋
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More brunch spots to explore. Dim lighting, indoor and outdoor dining area is available. The indoor one has dim lighting, and very relaxing in the empty morning. Service was really friendly as well

Mami Rice ($23)-okay maybe the steak isnt medium rare all the way through, but was one delicious breakfast. Egg is wobbly and runny, steak is tender and flavorful. The combination of squid ink rice, eggs, crisp and steak is just delightful 4.5/5

Other items like the perennial favourite 黑 Rice is reworked slightly. Ended our meals with the Berry Muffcake ($23) which amidst all that colours taste jus as good as the last time we had it. Meanwhile, stay tune to more food pics from here yah!
PS: Really love this pic alot, a collaborative effort between this two little imps, I really don't know what I'll do without them siol @ this point of time.
Pic taken @PaddyHill.Sg
38 South Buona Vista Road
Singapore 118164
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