Whipped Buffalo Milk Ricotta

$14.00 Β· 4 Reviews

"Ricotta cheese? I can get that in supermarkets for like 4 bucks," the auntie in me called out. But she was quickly smothered in a gratuitous daubing of truffle honey and thick cheese.

Not only does this pure ambrosia perform a perfect marriage of sweet and creamy, it also has playful morsels of salt that tickled my tastebuds when I least expected it.

Trust me when I say it's worth it to get a second helping of that deliciously grilled bread to scrape up every last drop of the cheese (+$6).

Places like Cook & Brew makes me momentarily happy- there is nothing to dislike about one, dinner with a view of our city skyline even though parts would potentially be covered by office skyscrapers. Two, fun sides to pair with a happy hour that’s almost all night long on weekends (ending at 10pm).

To elaborate on point 2, I’d recommend the whipped buffalo milk ricotta cheese - that’s sweetened with truffle honey. I could have the entire jar with grilled bread on its own. The prince Edward black mussels were also deliciously cooked in Asian flavours of Thai green curry, mango chilli and coconut - the sauce should be a sin not to polish with the grilled bread around (if there is not enough this can easily be fixed at $6 for extra slices).
For cleaner tasting sides the tartare of Norwegian salmon is a good option, but how could we forgo the variety of fries on the menu? My family finished the sweet potato and crispy nori fries effortlessly.

Lastly the tomato penne was tasty and comforting to have, if you are not a pasta connoisseur. We would also skip our fried calamari on the next visit for we had better. More interesting fries instead, to pair with drinks please.


A meal here must always start with this: slices of crusty bread dunked into that cloud-like whipped ricotta drizzled with truffle-infused honey! ❀️

Light as air ricotta with truffle honey & toasted bread with butter. You mix up everything in the pot and then spread it on the bread. Absolutely delish! I would go there just for this!