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3.5⭐ Bought the deals from ShopbackGo at 35% discount. I used to enjoy eating at Teppei Syokudo as the portion of the Kaisen don is quite huge but disappointed when I saw the portion today. The portion has shrunk alot. 😫 WB had the curry which is average at best.
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I always like to eat their spicy sesame kaisendon although it seems that the sashimi is cut into smaller pieces than the Taka outlet (I believe it’s franchised by different ppl).

They have a special value set meal now that comes with 2 karaage (pretty big pieces) and a small cup of tea for $16.80 (usual price for the kaisendon).

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$15.80. 4 choices of fish included - Salmon, Tuna, Baby Scallop, Yellow Tail. This is an M-size bowl.

Not a cheap option for weekday lunch, but it’s a bowl of quality kaisen don. Limited seating at Plaza Sing outlet.

Quality is as good as it’s Teppei Japanese Restaurant at Tanjong Pagar.


Wagyu beef is will marinated and delicious. Overall a pretty good buy for lunch. But it is a little on the pricier side at 19.80. One of the better festive menus since the mala and unagi festive menu.

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With outlets planted almost everywhere in town, this can be quite a convenient option to satisfy any Chirashi Don cravings. Pretty decent portion for a medium-sized bowl with chunky sashimi cubes.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Fresh and affordable kaisen don ($16.90). Taste is similar to the Mala kaisen don in their previous monthly special. Good alternative!

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For anyone who hates raw fish, i would recommend to give this a chance! Best Kaisen Don I’ve ever had. The Mala Chips really gives it a nice crunch and the flavour is really a to-die-for. Sadly this is only on the menu for the month of October. It would be great if it became a fixed item in their menu. Great splurge option for lunch.

I LOVE crab miso, so when Teppei Syokudo posted about their new Kani Crab Miso Kaisen Don, I knew I had to get it. We were quite disappointed with the small portion of sashimi but they were generous with the crab miso, which was torched and served in a crab shell. The smokiness with the rich creaminess was very shiok! We had this to share with a normal kaisen don, which was better portioned. This don is only available till 2 December 2018!


One of the more value-for-money chirashi dons around. With fresh sashimi, a generous portion and good presentation, what's there to complain about?

Price: $16

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You've got till end August to catch the @teppeisyokudo special menu that's a collaboration between #Teppeisyokudo and #ManManUnagi
Unagi Bento ($24.80)
Unagi Tamago Don ($17.90)
Chopped Unagi Kaisen Don ($19.80)
The boy and I shared the Unagi Tamago Don ($17.80). Tender and soft, the unagi is sweet and salty from the delicate coat of tare glaze that makes certain to not drown out the unagi's natural flavour. The slightly charred surface still retains its smoky aroma from the charcoal grill.
We haven't had freshly grilled unagi from Man Man Unagi but now we've got a taste of it without having braved the queue 😆