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Featuring Thaksin Beef Noodle (Clementi), Fish Mart SAKURAYA (Parkway Parade), Ben's Cookies, Balestier Market, Kabe no Ana (Jurong Point), 7-Eleven Singapore, Bangkok Jam (Wheelock Place), Sushi Goshin (VivoCity), Nadeje (Mahkota Parade), ROYCE (Raffles City)
halfeaten (Ella)
halfeaten (Ella)
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There might be the word "express" in their name, but this place is not your destination for cheap takeout. They serve quality pizzas & pastas for quality prices 😂

I enjoyed this dish! They ran out of the original handmade pasta so we got linguine instead. The beef was very tender and the ragu flavourful.
Price: $26

#halfeatenblog #pizzaexpress #pasta #beef #ragu #burpple

Didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. The exterior was too crispy, and didn't break apart nicely when broken into. The mango and prawn on the inside was good though!

#halfeatenblog #dshanghai #dimsum #mango #burpple

Very soft, fluffy and spongey. It's different from your usual cake in that this one came with layers of custard in between.

#halfeatenblog #dshanghai #dimsum #cake #burpple

Ordered this after trying their Tiger Prawn Pasta, which I loved. However, I found their aglio olio too salty and not well balanced. They were very generous with the smoked duck, but the dish didn't taste like it was cooked with love. I'd definitely recommend sticking to their burger/tiger prawn spaghetti.

#halfeatenblog #pasta #dbar #smokedduck #burpple

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When they name a dish after their restaurant, you can't not try it. It didn't disappoint. The fries were crisp, and the beef burger filled with juicy caramelised onions and a nice flowy sunny side up egg.

#halfeatenblog #dbar #burger #fries #burpple

The staff here were very friendly and welcoming, so we decided to stop here for some dimsum and drinks.

Their Hong Kong style egg tarts were not bad, each one encased in many layers of flakey pastry. However, it wasn't served warm, which would have made them so much better.

Price: $4.80 for 3 pieces

#halfeatenblog #dimsum #eggtart #burpple

Loved how crispy the beancurd skin was, and the seafood inside was so soft and juicy. One of our favourites! It was gone so quickly we had to order a second portion.

#halfeatenblog #dshanghai #dimsum #seafood #burpple

Really enjoyed this dish. The tomato sauce was very flavourful and there was enough prawn to go with the spaghetti. Loved every fork twirl and slurp.

P.S. The waiting time is REALLY long, so try not to go when you're really hungry and need a quick bite.

Price: $18

#halfeatenblog #dbar #pasta #prawn #shrimp #seafood #burpple

This was quite a light, milky take on an iced chocolate drink. I liked it as it was quite refreshing and thirst-quenching on a hot day. But it's not the super rich, dark cocoa that some might expect!

Price: $5

#halfeatenblog #burpple #creamier #chocolate

Surprised to find that Toast Box has so many food offerings in addition to their traditional kaya toast, soft boiled eggs and kopi.
A little on the pricey side given the portion, but decent quality and tasty enough if you're looking for somewhere with aircon and a nice ambience.

Price: ~ $8

#halfeatenblog #toastbox #burpple

Just look at how translucent and tender the outer layer is. There were multiple pieces of prawn in every piece, which was great.

#halfeatenblog #dshanghai #dimsum #prawn #shrimp #seafood #burpple

I have to say they are REALLY generous with their beef. I ordered the large bowl and was so amazed by the portion. Having said that, although most of the beef was fairly lean and easy to eat, I thought the truffle sauce lacked depth. It didn't bring the beef/egg/rice together in the same way a good teriyaki or mushroom sauce might have. But maybe that's just cuz I'm not a huge truffle fan. Still enjoyed mt meal and I can understand why people have been raving about it.

Price: 25.90 for Large

Note that the beef bowl comes in (Regular) and (Large) sizes, whereas their salmon/chirashi dons come in (Small) and (Regular) - meaning that the larger beef bowl option is bigger than the larger fish option.

#halfeatenblog #rakkibowl #beef #truffle #wagyu #burpple


My food is always half eaten before I remember to take pictures! [email protected]

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