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Featuring Thaksin Beef Noodle (Clementi), Fish Mart SAKURAYA (Parkway Parade), Ben's Cookies (Wisma Atria), Kabe no Ana (Jurong Point), Bangkok Jam (Wheelock Place), Sushi Goshin (VivoCity), Pho Street (Bedok Mall), Buddy Hoagies (Djitsun Mall), ROYCE (Raffles City), Blackball (The Clementi Mall)
halfeaten (Ella)
halfeaten (Ella)
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Bought this today cuz it was on sale in the supermarket and the packaging was pretty.
Would not recommend. It's sooooooo sweet. In fact, after a few spoonfuls my mouth feels so dry. Sure taught me not to judge a book by its cover. 😂

Price: $9.75 (normal price $12+) #halfeatenblog #icecream #vanilla #burpple

I felt that the mango taste was quite artificial. Will probably try their Chinese desserts next time instead.

Price: $5.50

#halfeatenblog #meiheongyuen #mango #shavedice #dessert #burpple

Got half coconut and half peanut.

Price: $2.10 for 3 pieces

#halfeatenblog #kuehtutu #snack #burpple

Ended up a little on the dry side so they didn't flatten out nicely. Thought they were gonna be dry and tasteless, but they were actually really crispy and yummy. Kind of like a crunchy oatmeal cookie. Yay!

Used the recipe from bestrecipes.com/au 😊

#halfeatenblog #halfeatenblogbakes #homebaked #homecooked #homecooking #burpple

Forgot the exact name but this was the first option under fried chicken on their menu.
The chicken was very tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Tasted very fresh and not greasy at all. I also really liked the sauce! It looks a bit like chilli sauce but it wasn't spicy at all. In fact, I liked it so much that I was dipping my pizza dough in it after we finished all the chicken. I love that they give extra sauce on the side.

Price: $16.90 for 6 pieces

#halfeatenblog #pizzamaru #chicken #burpple

Kind of like a Vietnamese version of Bubor Cha Cha. Lots of yam and sweet potato, but the twist is they also added peanuts, seaweed and black and white fungus. Really interesting. Looks funky at first, but actually tastes pretty good. Can't go wrong with coconut milk. Super affordable too!

Price: $2.90

#halfeatenblog #PhoStreetSG #phostreet #dessert #burpple

One of my favourite soups in the world. Like some kind of magical cross between minestrone soup/tomato soup/beef stew, it is delicious beyond words. Could probably just drink this soup every day as my meal.

The soft fluffy bun served with their soup is also so yummy!! Add on that dollop of sour cream and a little side of butter, and I'm in heaven.

#halfeatenblog #borschsoup #shashlik #burpple

The mains here have improved, in my opinion. Was never a fan of their main dishes before, but I enjoyed them this time! Love the attention to detail - the tartar sauce served in a little sauce cup and the metal squeezer for the lemon.
The fish was nicely breaded and fried. My only grouse would be the thick-cut fries, which were slightly soggy and greasy. Strange because the fish was perfect.

Overall I thought their lunch set was very worth it!

Price: $16.80 for lunch set (inclusive of main + soup + coffee/tea)

#halfeatenblog #shashlik #fishandchips #burpple

The broth was stewed using fresh paddy crabs imported from Vietnam. I tried the one with beef shank. There were so many ingredients, including a crab cake, tofu puffs, beansprouts, kangkong and slices of beef shank.

It's hard to pinpoint just 1 thing I like about Pho Street because there are so many! I like the friendly service, the fuss-free and affordable meals, and also how tasty and delicious their noodles are.

P.S. Hope I win the $30 vouchers so I can eat MORE Pho Street!! 😍

#halfeatenblog #PhoStreetSG #phostreet #noodles #burpple

One of my go-to orders from Sushi Tei. Felt that the portion of unagi this time was a little smaller than usual. But still tasty nonetheless.

Swipe right for the card they gave to explain how it can be eaten "3 ways"! Price: $15.90

#halfeatenblog #sushitei #unagi #Japanese #burpple

This was the first milk soft serve I've tried where I could really taste the milk. It was creamy and refreshingly delicious! The perfect balance of milky and light. I personally prefer this to MilkCow and Matchaya's milk soft serves - and it's less expensive too. Will try their cheese soft serve next time!

Price: $4

#halfeatenblog #tokyomilkcheesefactory #milk #softserve #dessert #burpple

There's a Western stall on the left side of the food court called Reese's. The service staff were very friendly and the portions are big. I chose the fried fish with a double portion of onion rings, but I saw someone else order a chicken chop with broccoli and fries that looked good.

Tastewise, the fish was ok only. The onion rings were tasty but a little overfried. Probably wouldn't order the same thing again.

Price: $7.80

#halfeatenblog #bugisjunction #fish #onionrings #burpple

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