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halfeaten (Ella)
halfeaten (Ella)

I have to admit this was quite the disappointment. I read rave reviews both on Google and food delivery apps, but this didn't even come close to what people were describing? The grilled chicken thigh was fairly underwhelming, both in terms of taste and texture. So too were the buckwheat soba and grilled corn. I'm all for healthy bowls, but I don't think they should be bland. If I hadn't paid extra to add a portobello mushroom, it would have looked quite skimpy too.

Price: $12.90 + $2.50 (add-on portobello mushroom) = $15.40

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My sister surprised us with their assorted tart gift box. This was unanimously voted as everyone's favourite flavour. Sweet strawberries and lightly whipped cream sitting atop a crisp tart base.

Price: $8

#halfeatenblog #patisseriecle #tart #strawberry #burpple

Oregano chicken strips, turkey ham, fresh garlic, spinach leaves and turkey bacon, accompanied by mozzarella cheese and a tomato base. Prices are higher than other pizza joints, but I do think Sarpino's delivers quality consistently. Their pizzas arrived warm and within 45 mins.

Price: 2 large gourmet pizzas for $48

#halfeatenblog #sarpinos #pizza #burpple

They're famous for the donuts, not their brownies, but I think these were worthy of mention too. I love that they use good quality dark chocolate in their bakes.
This brownie square was cakey, crumbly, moist, chocolatey and bitter - all in the best way possible. Just look at those swirls. My sister who has a huge sweet tooth asked me "Why is it so bitter?" and yet proceeded to take many more bites.

Price: $4.50
#halfeatenblog #puffsandpeaks #brownie #chocolate #burpple

Homebakers and online bakeries have been a major source of comfort for me this Circuit Breaker period, when I have been craving desserts at home.

I'm not someone who generally loves nutty flavours, but this was yummy! The brown butter cookie had a light nuttiness, while remaining firm yet chewy. The pistachio filling finds itself in a nice middle ground between paste and cream, with ground pistachios, fine sugar crystals and tiny flecks of salt adding textural contrast.

Price: $4.20

#halfeatenblog #folksandstories #cookie #pistachio #burpple

Truth be told, I didn't intend to order this. I thought the all-brown cookie was the brookie and this double coloured one was the sea salt chocolate chip, not the other way around. So you can imagine my surprise when my order arrived.

But I guess things do happen for a reason - I ended up really liking this. Their cookies are chewy on the inside. I love that they use quality chocolate, both for the "brownie" part of this cookie, as well as for the molten Valrhona chocolate stuffing inside. It's good stuff.

Price: $3.50

#halfeatenblog #puffsandpeaks #cookie #brookie #dessert #burpple

I was quite impressed! Perhaps the first time was a miss, but I finally get why people like it.
Things I liked: grass jelly, aiyu jelly, round pearl-like jelly bursts (all flavourful with appropriate textures).
Things I didn't like: sweet potato/assorted chewy balls (more floury than chewy), tiny rectangular jelly cubes (had an odd sweet flavour). They are very reasonably priced compared to their other Taiwanese dessert competitor, and I understand why they are popular.

Price: $2.90-$3.50

#halfeatenblog #ninefresh #jelly #dessert #burpple

Love how they pack the ingredients and the broth separately. The broth was sweet but I didn't feel too thirsty after, which was a good sign!
Price: $10.90

#halfeatenblog #mrspho #pho #noodles #burpple

Made mini fruit tarts with a crumbly buttery crust, cream cheese topping and assorted fruits (grape, lychee, blueberries). #halfeatenblogbakes #homecooked #homemade #tart #dessert #fruit #burpple

Have eaten this about 3 times in the past month and I think this is quickly becoming one of my favourite korean fried chicken joints, and perhaps the best fast-food one. We got the 18 piece deal, and opted to have 9 pieces soy garlic and 9 pieces yangneom flavour. The soy garlic (pictured here) is both savoury and sweet, with the right amount of seasoning such that it's neither too salty nor too sweet and also not overly sticky. Non-spicy as well! There's plenty of meat on those bones. Was always hesitant to try because their name sounds so gimmicky, but they are pretty legit.

Price: $20.50 for 18 pieces

#halfeatenblog #jinjjachicken #korean #chicken #burpple

This was really bad. Possibly one of the worst ayam panggangs I have ever had. It was dry, hard and not particularly tasty. Quite pricey too. Only the sambal chilli was nice. I think not just the ayam pang gang, but the chef also pang gang (stop work). Price: $5.50 (minus 50c without rice, add 30c for takeaway)

#halfeatenblog #unclepenyet #chicken #burpple

First pic is the lemon curd and pie crust. Second pic is the fluffy whipped meringue. Didn't add enough sugar to balance the tartness of the lemons, but thankfully the pie crust was beautifully buttery and the curd a good consistency.

#halfeatenblogbakes #lemonmeringuepie #lemon #bakes #burpple #StayHomewithAscott

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