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Featuring Thaksin Beef Noodle (Clementi), Plank Sourdough Pizza (Swan Lake), Fish Mart SAKURAYA (Parkway Parade), 7-Eleven Singapore, Kabe no Ana (Jurong Point), Restoran Kam Long (阿福街金龙咖喱鱼头), Sushi Goshin (VivoCity), Bangkok Jam (Wheelock Place), Azuma Sushi Japanese Restaurant, Nadeje (Mahkota Parade)
halfeaten (Ella)
halfeaten (Ella)
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Went to the branch at ION Orchard. I quite liked these, although they were just slightly sweet. The texture of the cake was very nice, and the flavours were simple yet tasty - not too confusing or funky for the tastebuds.

I also really liked them after refridgerating for a day! The icing firmed up and was very easy to eat.

Price: $4.20 each (buy 2 get 2 free on @entertainersg !) P.S. The outlet at ION is a cafe hidden in a clothes shop. Got a little confused trying to find it!

#halfeatenblog #plainvanilla #bakery #baked #cupcakes #icing #frosting #burpple

Feel like I've been posting a lot of fried/salted egg squid recently. But I can't help it - it's my newfound love!! 😄
#halfeatenblog #calamari #squid #rosmarino #seafood #burpple

We tried the Hokkaido Milk (left) and Matcha flavours (right). Personally I find the Matcha soft serve a little to thick and earthy, although I'm sure true blue Matcha lovers would enjoy this.

I liked the Hokkaido Milk! It was light yet creamy, and refreshingly easy to eat.

Price: $5.90 per soft serve cup

#halfeatenblog #matchaya #softserve #icecream #milk #matcha #greentea #burpple

We loved their pizzas... thin crust, baked in a wood fired oven, large and cheesy - what's not to love? Just look at those hands swooping in to grab a slice before I can even get a good picture.
#halfeatenblog #jojositalian #pizza #pepperoni #burpple

I love that they can make all their veggies taste good with just a simple soy sauce base. Lettuce, mushrooms, beansprouts... we tried everything they have! 😄

#halfeatenblog #ipoh #louwang #mushrooms #veggies #burpple

Even though the vanilla ice cream melted quickly, it went really well with the warm lava cake. I loved how I could taste the chocolate bits in the cake, which provided a really nice texture. The lava was really molten so thumbs up🖒

#halfeatenblog #tbobscorner #molten #chocolate #lavacake #cake #dessert #icecream #burpple

My new favourite burger from this cosy eatery. I love that apart from the beef patty, it also comes with chilli beef (kinda like a minced meat gravy, not spicy at all!) and onion rings! I also instantly gobbled up all the fries that had chilli beef on them 😂 Will definitely get this again.

Price: $16.90 (a real steal with 50% off on eatigo!) #halfeatenblog #tbobscorner #burger #beef #fries #onionring #burpple

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My favourite part of this dish is the mushroom cream sauce. It tastes good with the lobster, with the rice... and anything really!

Price: $22.90 (get 50% off on eatigo!) 😁

#halfeatenblog #tbobscorner #lobster #seafood #thermidore #mushroom #cream #burpple

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Love how everything here is A+ and the staff are so nice 😍

Price: RM 8

#halfeatenblog #shakespeare #milkshakes #softserve #icecream #dessert #cone #burpple

Was pleasantly surprised by this dish. The prices here are super affordable and the food is decent. The thai chilli fish rice comes with an onsen egg, fried bread fish drizzled with sweet thai chilli, as well as blanched broccoli and carrots.

I liked the vegetables, soft egg and breaded fish. The sweet thai chilli was also delicious. The only thing I didn't like was that the rice was soggy with too much sauce. Perhaps the sauce should be given separately to dip, or only put onto the fish.

Price: $6.50

#halfeatenblog #thetree #fish #thai #chilli #fried #egg #vegetables #ricebowl #burpple

The scallops were plump and juicy, and coated with breadcrumbs and a tasty garlic sauce. I felt it could have been even tastier, with more garlic, but this will probably suit more palates as the taste isn't too strong!

#halfeatenblog #rosmarino #scallops #seafood #shellfish #burpple

Been wanting to try this for a while, after seeing all the positive reviews!
To date, I've only tried brown sugar pearl fresh milk drinks from 2 places: R&B Tea and LiHo. The LiHo one is much more affordable but on the sweet side, and nothing particularly magical.

The version from R&B Tea is not bad. I can see why people like it - the cheese brulee is rich but not too cloying, the fresh milk generous enough that the brown sugar isn't too sweet when mixed, and their pearls soft. I quite liked drinking all 3 different layers because individually they are already nice! Mixed together also nice 😁

Price: $5.80 for medium, $6.50 for large (this is the large)

P.S. The outlet at Marina Bay Sands is actually located at the Rasapura Masters food court. (had a hard time finding it cuz it's not a shop on its own)

#halfeatenblog #milktea #brownsugar #pearls #boba #drink #cheese #brulee #burpple

My food is always half eaten before I remember to take pictures! [email protected]

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