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Another hidden gem located in the heartlands! Yummy pork knuckle with crispy skin, served with a side of sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. At this price range, this is pretty good, and the meat was quite tender. Not too big portion, but should be filling enough for one.

Another thing worth mentioning: the beer here is at a mere $10 (!) a pint. Be sure to check this place out if you wish to have a nice drink with friends.

If there's one thing Knuckles Bistro is famous for, it's definitely their ample selection of beers at prices that would make any drunkard weep with joy. Their full pints of beer all (!) sit comfortably at the $10 price line. That's right, even this tall, dark and handsome pint of Erdinger Dunkel costs just one red note. Joy to the world, I can finally have a pint or two without declaring bankruptcy!


It's a new year already? Well, then it's high time to check off one of the places that has been on my to try list since God knows when, Knuckles Bistro. When you're here, do bear in mind the maxim of 'you get what you pay for'.

The famed pork knuckles (top right, $10) come deboned and in a savory brown sauce reminiscent of the chicken chop sauce you'd get at a Hainanese western food stall. It's a good accompaniment to the pork knuckles, which are no slouch in the taste department either. It comes in a reasonably sized portion (well, it IS $10) backed up by sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. The pork knuckle can get a touch dry, but the sauce helps to alleviate that issue.

The pork schnitzel (bottom right, $8) was surprisingly large and better yet, it isn't as thin as a supermodel, or the schnitzels you get at other places. Big doesn't mean bad though, as the schnitzel is expertly seasoned and lightly breaded before being fried just right. The cream sauce that came on the side was the show stopper though. It was rich, full bodied and smooth without weighing too heavily on the palette, adding an extra layer of savoriness to the already decent schnitzel while plastering and smoothing over the rough texture of the breading of the schnitzel.

At $12, the ribeye steak (bottom left) was the most expensive (har-de-har, it's still cheaper than many coffee shop stalls) dish on the table but it didn't disappoint. Even though it initially came way too rare (I ordered medium rare, as per normal), the polite but overstretched staff were quick to fix it and refire the steak. It's decently tender and seasoned satisfactorily, and the sauce on the side is the same as the one served with the pork knuckle, so no surprises or disappointments there.

$6 truffle fries rounded out this lads' night out, and while not as breathtakingly amazing as other places that offer truffle fries at double the price, it's a reliable, economical workhorse. There's a not-insignificant note of truffle oil on each and every last fry, and they didn't skimp on the fries.

Oh, and the pint of Benediktiner beer standing proudly in the centre of it all only costs $10. Knuckles Bistro may not be winning any Michelin stars anytime soon, but they sure are winning the crowd over with decent yet scandalously cheap food.

Cheap food cheap beers! The most expensive main is only $12! A steak!

dishes were undeniably cheap but quality was poor. we agreed that the hands go to their cheap range of beers

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Sadly their pork knuckles($12) were sold out, had their truffled mushroom pasta($8) and sirloin steak ($12) instead, food was pretty decent with the quiet chill ambience with a bottle of beer($6). All prices are NETT, sweetening the experience.

Cheap food cheap beers! The most expensive main is only $12! A steak!

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New favourite!

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