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Oreo Bingsu

$6.80 · 13 Reviews

if there’s ever such an occasion where there’s too much toppings, it wld be it; milky and smooth shaved ice overloaded w an entire bed of oreo crumbs, heaping scoops of chocolate ice cream, garnished w loads of chocolate sauce and an extra oreo to finish things off ~~~ it was rly good i’m not even complaining but it’s defo a sharing portion :”) even for 2 we were struggling to finish it hahahahaha

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The best Bingsu I've ever had so far !!!!!! And it is really oreo overload. A definite YES especially for anyone who loves oreo. They were so generous with the serving & it was only $6.80!?!?!?!!?! with no GST/Service Charge! Damn damn damn worth the price

Ice cream and the chocolate sauce is too sweet. But the price and everything was afforable. $6.90

ONE ICE CAFE HAS FULLY REDEEMED ITSELF. There was a period just some time ago their bingsus turned out to be small in portion and toppings were close to miserable; the whole thing was just extremely bare. But today, I left the dessert cafe feeling very happy and satisfied. 😂😂

To my surprise, it's not a cafe but A humble street style stall in level 2 of Jcube (at jurong gateway road).
Generous amount of toppings ✌️ Tip to eating: don't eat them by layers, as the bottom are all plain shave ice. Mix them up to enjoy the full flavor! :)
Might need to bring out your aunty spirit by standing beside a table to wait for customer to leave (like what you did in hawker) to get a seat.

Oreo bingsu at One Ice Cafe in Jcube. Generous portions at very affordable prices! Comes in a variety of flavours too!

Really generous Oreo toppings but a change of its ice cream would be better!