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Salmon Trout (for 2)

$38.00 · 6 Reviews

Pan-fried salmon served with sweet peas and crunchy Brussels sprouts, topped with Jamon ham. Good balance of flavours. Rubbed with just sea salt to highlight the natural flavours of salmon, the slabs of fish were masterfully seared, boasting a crisp exterior and tender insides. The Brussels sprouts deserve a special mention too—there wasn't a hint of bitterness at all; even my friend who usually doesn't take them, gave his stamp of approval.

Loving this sizeable serving of Salmon Trout which is meant for two persons! It was perfectly cooked throughout and had a crispy flaky skin.

I initially thought the combination of salmon and jamon ham would be strange but to my pleasant surprise it enhanced the flavour of the sea-salted salmon.

The fish rests atop a bed of sweet peas and crunchy Brussels sprouts complete this hearty dish and makes it a great meal on its own.

Thank you DW WORKSHOP for the wonderful hospitality and showing us around your beautiful space. Also thank you to Burpple for the invite! :D


Quaint and welcoming, DW Workshop nestled along Rochester Drive is a great spot for a nice, cosy weekend brunch. The beautifully themed spaces in the old colonial-style house also ensures that for whatever the occasion, every corner is Instagrammable with ample natural lighting and greenery.

Aside from the well-designed interior, you can expect the menu to be equally well-crafted, too. Having the Crackling Pork Belly ($36, Shares 2) and Salmon Trout ($38, Shares 2) from their Communal Dinning menu, I really enjoyed the hearty fare and relaxing ambience.

Portioned for sharing, the Crackling Pork Belly, as its name suggest had a crisp and addictive skin. With the addition of apples in the risotto and alongside the pork, the hint of sourness was able to cut through the richness of the tender meat. An enjoyable combination, the pork belly might be seasoned a bit heavier but perfect once you paired with the light risotto. For something light, opt for the meaty and moist pan-fried salmon trout liven up with sea salt. Tender, flaky and full of flavour, the dish was nicely executed and hidden underneath was a bed of sweet peas with Brussels sprouts to add a nice crunch. The jamon ham atop enhanced the savoriness and complemented the dish as well.


They have two menus - brunch and communal dining. I happened to be there during the communal dining hours. I forgot the dish name but this is salmon and ham. The salmon was very fresh and it was just cooked with very minimal seasoning, probably just with salt and it was absolutely delicious! Good to share with friends especially if you order from their communal dining menu. I had only this and two iced tea - hibiscus flavoured and mint flavoured tea with another friend and we were quite full already. The place felt just like home and the staff were all very helpful ^^

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The Salmon Trout ($38, shares 2) comes with juicy pan-fried salmon trout, seasoned with sea salt atop sweet peas & crunch Brussels sprout before spreading some unhealthy (but oh-so delicious) jamon ham!
Definitely something that anyone would love easily as it doesn't come too heavy tasting & also tipping towards the healthier side of the eating scale.

Thanks to @burpple for the invite & @dwworkshop for hosting us!
Happy Saturday y'all! ☀️

Served with sweet peas and Brussels Sprouts topped with Parma Ham. A delightfully savoury dish, the salmon comes seasoned with sea salt which gives it a light hint of saltiness that attempts to subtly flavour up the salmon rather than to overwhelm the salmon's distinct flavour — the fish itself fresh and flaky with the Parma Ham atop enhancing the savoury flavours of the dish. While Brussels Sprouts are difficult to get right, they did them well here with the Brussel Sprouts being rather crunchy. Of the three mains we have tried, this is probably the lightest tasting of the lot — certainly for those who prefers light flavour profiles.