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Haemul Nakgi Dduk-Bok-Ki

$48.90 · 4 Reviews

Does not matter because I love both. ◾◽
A mini ginseng chicken hotpot mixed with seafood. A soothing steamy, hot soupy lunch. The broth was quite tastily robust. Happy with it as one can ask for broth topups and fire kept the broth bubbling awayand just last till you have had enough.

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There are seafood like crab, prawn, mussel, squid, octopus, clamp, soft tofu, vegetables, egg and mushroom. For the price of $13.90, the set also comes with free flow tea, side dish bar and dessert of the day. The food tastes pretty good as well. I'll definitely be back again! 😊👍


If you work around the Suntec area, there’s a chance you’ve walked by Kimchi Korean Restaurant a hundred times and always written it off as just another mediocre Korean restaurant. But you’re wrong. This is the perfect place — massive seating space that's chic and comfortable too — to kick back with some friends over some beers while going hard on some Dduk-Bok-ki (rice cake stews). If your group is made up seafood-lovers, order the Haemul Nakgi Dduk-Bok-Ki ($48.90)(seafood octopus in rice cake stew) that comes with a whole octopus (thankfully it’s not live). The massive tray of ingredients like luncheon ham, rice cakes, mussels and instant noodle may look little, but it feeds a hungry bunch of four very comfortably. Be sure to add the bonito flakes into the soup early on — it gives the soup an irresistibly umami flavour! Pro tip: Help yourself to the free flow of side-dishes — the delicious pickled radish helps to undo the spiciness of the soup!

Avg price: $15 per person
Photo by Burppler Hwans Lim


Came with a couple of colleagues for lunch and we had the 🐙 Seafood Octopus in Rice Cake Stew. 🍲 The soup started out more sweet than spicy, but the seafood and bonito flakes (add this in for an intense umami flavour) made it so tasty!! 👅💦 The tray of ingredients may look little, but satisfies four tummies easily. Will definitely be back! P.S. There's free flow of super yummy banchan (sides) that you can help yourself to! Esp. love the pickled radish! ❤️