Crab Zipang Kama Meshi

$12.00 ยท 4 Reviews

Cooked from raw grained to fully cooked rice within 30mins. The chef measured the prefect ratio of stock and timing for this perfectly cooked rice. It was interesting to watch and eat but for $12 I need to think again.


The claypot rice-esque experience involved no stickiness and clumpiness, and managed to come across as both gently wok hei and eat-clean wholesome at the same time. Elsewhere, the snapper had the chicken-esque meatiness of a topless Yolo Run marathoner. 4/5


You get to choose between chicken, crab, snapper, oyster and eel toppings for your #eatclean, claypot rice-esque experience. You leave the rice to cook for thirty minutes, the timer goes off, and you tuck in while Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears or similar plays in the background of this underrated, '90s lasub bar-vibey ("lasub" means dirty in Hokkien, and the term refers to bars where customers get "special" companionship and possibly enjoy frisky happy endings - Social Studies Editor) hidden gem.

Their signature here, the Zipang Kama Meshi is a traditional Japanese rice cooked in a small pot (it takes 30 mins so make sure you're not starving! โฒ). You can pick from chicken, crab, snapper, Japanese oysters or unagi โ€“ all different pricing though.

When our timer finally beeped, we eagerly lifted the lid off! Digging into it, I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't the flavour explosion I was hoping for but the more I ate it the more it grew on me with the subtle seafood flavours and briny rice that could be eaten just on its own. At $12 bucks, why not. ๐Ÿ˜