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Small $9. Crispy. Fatty. Yummy. Comes with mustard.

For all the westies who crave Italian and don’t wish to travel too far to dine, you can check out @ioosteriasg at HillV2!

Ft. Homemade Taglioni with Prawn [$22]

This was not as impactful as the porchetta and we felt the portion could be bigger for its price!

For all the westies who crave Italian and don’t wish to travel too far to dine, you can check out @ioosteriasg at HillV2!

Ft. Porchetta [S, $9]

We like their porchetta the most - the moisture and flavours were locked within the meat by an outer layer of crackling pork belly skin.

Baked Pork Belly with Wild Fennel comes in 2 different sizes! The one in the picture is small at $9! Loved how thin layer and crackling the skin is. The meat is so juicy, savory and flavorful too. Complement really well with the herby flavor from the wild fennel! Overall, the food has a very nice homely touch to it.

Always end up coming back for group celebrations because the food is fantastic and comforting! Definitely recommend the porchetta, pizzas and tiramisu. Braised beef and pork chop was also soft and tender. Might want to skip the pastas, haven’t had a good one yet.

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The Orecchiette ($19) really blew my mind 🤯 I rarely spend so much on pasta outside as I feel that I can easily whip it out but wow the depth of flavour... You’ve got to try it out!! So deliciously meaty and creamy! The little bits of sausage provided bursts of flavour and omgggg so shiok to scrap the bits up at the end.

The pizza ($9) was delicious, but i found the crust to be a little too thick. It still maintained a nice crunch though and my partner who is a bread lover LOVED it. The bread itself wasn’t overly oily, the grease mainly came from the cheese and pepperoni, but it was so satisfying.

I would say the Porchetta ($9) was the weakest out of the three dishes pictured. While the meat was moist and the skin was quite crunchy, i’m not sure if it was worth the price tag. I feel like some sio bak that i’ve had were better and cheaper than this. But nearly every table ordered it, i would say it was worth trying but it was not mindblowing.

We’ve ordered the Pistachio Tiramisu ($14, not pictured) as well. Honestly it tasted pretty average, but the thin layer of pistachio made it taste more special. Personally not a fan of cakes with too much cream, so this wasn’t for me.

The bill came out to $60 after GST for 2. Would definitely be back to try more of their pastas and pizzas 🤤

PSA There's this sharp ringing noise. Very high pitched, apparently many people can't hear it. If you're younger just take note, it really affects the enjoyment of the meal here

This is what I'm talking about. Thanks Sean for insisting that I return

Now I understand the hype. Crackling skin, juicy meat with aroma of fennel coming through. Still don't like the mustard though.

Nonetheless, given their previous plate, I would think this place doesn't have good consistency.

Rant:communication was tough. Told them 1130 ready to serve and they said ok. Reached at 1140 and they said ok we will start preparing now. What's the point of ordering in advance if you wait for me to come before even starting to prepare. The wait staff was nice about it tho, tried to explain how it's more important the food is hot etc


Porchetta [small] : $9.00
baked pork belly with wild fennel

this porcetta was absolutely beautiful with its crisp, cackling skin...pair it with some mustard and you’ll be hooked in no time. no games smell or taste and the portion was reasonable for its price. although I must say that I was hoping it will still be warm when served.

Rating: 3.90/5 ⭐️

💳 accepts credit card
🌬 air-conditioned
📱 reservations available through chope
🙋🏻‍♀️ service charge and GST applicable

Glorious glorious glorious!!!! Crispy shio ba - a must order when you are here!

Ordered this after hearing so many raved reviews about it. Looks delicious with the crispy skin and all but it was SO SALTY💦! I’m not exaggerating, both of us were literally chugging down so much water to ‘dilute’ the saltiness in our mouths. Wouldn’t order this again.