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$16.00 · 46 Reviews

Porchetta [small] : $9.00
baked pork belly with wild fennel

this porcetta was absolutely beautiful with its crisp, cackling skin...pair it with some mustard and you’ll be hooked in no time. no games smell or taste and the portion was reasonable for its price. although I must say that I was hoping it will still be warm when served.

Rating: 3.90/5 ⭐️

💳 accepts credit card
🌬 air-conditioned
📱 reservations available through chope
🙋🏻‍♀️ service charge and GST applicable

Glorious glorious glorious!!!! Crispy shio ba - a must order when you are here!

Ordered this after hearing so many raved reviews about it. Looks delicious with the crispy skin and all but it was SO SALTY💦! I’m not exaggerating, both of us were literally chugging down so much water to ‘dilute’ the saltiness in our mouths. Wouldn’t order this again.

This is THE BOMB. Honestly, it’s a simple dish - truffle mushroom spread and melty oozy cheese sandwiches by 2 layers of crispy thin schiaciatta bread. But no kidding, it still blew my mind away! While the schiaciattas I had in Italy were usually filled with more ingredients like parma ham, sundried tomatoes or rocket leaves, this simple combination just seemed to work perfectly.

I’ll come back JUST for this and their porchetta. But disclaimer la hor, I’m a major bread lover haha.


First came here 3 years ago... and I’m like how did I wait so long to return?? This was still as yummy as I remember it to be with its crispy, crackling pork skin, a thick layer of fatty meat just beneath the skin and finally, tender lean meat. I prefer this over the chinese siobak because of the fennel and mustard combination that helps to cut the porky taste of meat. And for $9 for a small portion, this was really not that small at all!!! 100% recommend, must get 👍🏼

Came here right before the CB started and the manager who spoke to us told us how he’d miss the restaurant being bustling and lively. Am looking forward to return once we fight this covid!!!

Small - $9. Super crispy! Yums!

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The skin is crunchy, the meat is tender and the fat melts in your mouth! The only downpart is it is way too salty for me. You can try dipping it to the mustard sauce, it helps.

Quite a big portion for appetizer, suitable for sharing with 3-4 person. ($9++)

Really good place for sharing starters, especially their cold cuts board and assorted roman pizzas :-) The burrata is also really fresh and the porchetta is a crowd-pleaser!

Baked pork belly with wild fennel.
Skin was crispy(though a bit salty), meat was tender and juicy! I am not a super fan of pork belly but really fell in love with this.