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Small - $9. Super crispy! Yums!

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The skin is crunchy, the meat is tender and the fat melts in your mouth! The only downpart is it is way too salty for me. You can try dipping it to the mustard sauce, it helps.

Quite a big portion for appetizer, suitable for sharing with 3-4 person. ($9++)

Really good place for sharing starters, especially their cold cuts board and assorted roman pizzas :-) The burrata is also really fresh and the porchetta is a crowd-pleaser!

Baked pork belly with wild fennel.
Skin was crispy(though a bit salty), meat was tender and juicy! I am not a super fan of pork belly but really fell in love with this.

Porchetta, grilled octopus and pistachio tiramisu

Had the small portion ($9) and it was amazing - the skin was incredibly crispy and the meat was juicy and tender. It paired extremely well with the mustard sauce on the side! The servers also help to cut the pork at your table.


At only $9 for small, this is an incredible steal. It was perfectly (yes, perfectly) done; with exceedingly crispy roasted skin on the exterior and tender pork inside. My partner and I were practically squealing with delight as we had this dish - Italian Osteria never ceases to impress.

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It was smaller than I thot but the quality more than made up for quantity. The fat meat ratio was perfect and it was melt in the mouth tender. Skin was cracklingly good. Not the hard stone type that will make you go for implants. But the crispy crunchy type that crumbled beautifully in your mouth. Loved it.

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We had the stuffed schiacciatta (truffle) ($10 for small portion), porchetta ($9 for small portion) and the crispy seafood ($12) which were all delicious! The truffle schiacciatta is a staple item I order every time I eat there as the bread is fresh and the truffle stuffing is fragrant and flavorful but not overpowering. Porchetta was nicely done. Crispy seafood came with yummy dipping sauces as well. Tried some of the mains previously but I wasn’t too impressed. In my opinion, the items from the appetizer/Italian Street food menu are a lot more impressive.

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