Salmon Soba

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Really good food here!! Especially the avocado toast! Love how the avocados were sliced instead of mashed. The salmon soba (?) was pretty good too!

An excellent first choice for new comers to this joint that serves fragrant coffee brew. The soba was washed with sweet sauce - slightly too much in my opinion - but the salmon was done right and it was well garnished with pine nuts and seaweed.

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10 Dec’17, Sun
Salmon and Soba (warm) at Old Hen Kitchen...

Moist and tender salmon with crispy skin and warm soba, tasty! Find it a little salty but otherwise, this is great!😋

As for the portobello aglio olio, my friend had a special request to go without the bacon, the taste is good but she find it a little spicy for her...

Moving on to their drinks, their white is good too! They got their coffee beans from Nylon Coffee Roasters and the one I had is a little towards fruity taste, not bad at all!☕️

As for their bottled matcha milk, I like it as it is not-that-sweet, with a hint of matcha’s bitterness, but do expect the very rich milky taste since this is a matcha MILK okay~🍵

The open-concept kitchen allows us to have a preview of how our food is being prepared but I prefer to sit a little further away from the kitchen so as to avoid getting the smell stuck on me...🙊

Like how the cafe setting is, filled with paintings and plants (instagram props)...🤣

The service is good, the staff served us politely with smile and making us feel welcomed!

Not like some of the cafes which clear your plates quickly once you are done and checking you out on-and-off (that kind of pressure to hint you to leave) or might as well ask if you can give up your seats for other diners directly...

Instead of chasing us away after we are done with our meal, the staff actually replenished the bottle of plain water on our table as we chatted our time away...

Overall, for the food, coffee, ambience and service, I will be back again!

Damage: $19 (Salmon and Soba) + $19 Portobello Aglio Olio + $4.50 (White) + $7 (Bottled Matcha Milk)

P.S. For more photos, please go to my instagram account: add1zer0
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Their weekday set lunch comes with a 2 course and a coffee. The salmon was nicely cooked and extremely soft, and delicately plated on top a generous serving of soba. I can see why this is one of their top best sellers!


Perfectly cooked salmon that is crisp on the outside, yet tender inside, atop warm soba tossed in tangy citrus teriyaki. Every slurp of soba is just so oooomph. .
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$19 lunch set: starter (tomato soup) + main (Salmon Soba, in photo) + hot coffee. I've never had a more satisfying lunch set experience at a cafe. I was impressed by how well done the salmon was, as well as the fact that the soba sauce was not just your over-the-counter soba sauce but had a little tang as well as a little sweetness. As well as the fact that edamame was added, much appropriately. As well as the fact that there was a generous serving of salmon roe to complement the soba. The list goes on. Kudos!


I rarely say that anything is '#perfect', because nothing is really... but this was as close as it gets. And... #addicted to #noodles much someone? 😆 #yummy #weekend #yestergram #brunch #soba #sgcafe #foodpics #noodleporn #burpple

(He's right for once, thank goodness 😂)

Loveeeeed the sous vide salmon for its fork-tender, flaky interior that belied a crispy, pan-seared skin beneath the scarlet flesh. It's so good! 😍

That citrus teriyaki sauce coating the soba noodles tasted a little similar to the one used in Yusheng - an addictive marriage of sweet, tangy and savoury notes.

P.S.: Special thanks to the super friendly waiter at Old Hen Coffee for guiding me to Old Hen Kitchen.