Cutey Jimbo

$4.80 · 5 Reviews

One of Taiwan's fast food chains specialising in fried chicken has made its way over to Singapore. Located within NEX in Serangoon, Fried Chicken Master dishes out beautifully fried, golden brown chicken — a sure winner amongst fried food lovers. It also helps that a full meal with sides and drinks is affordably priced under $8. There are four options available. Flying Jimbo ($3.80) comes with two chicken wings, Running Jimbo ($4.80) with a massive chicken thigh, Lovely Jimbo ($5) with a chicken breast cut and shaped like a heart and Cutey Jimbo ($4.80) with 200g of fried chicken cubes. Our Burpple community loves the very addictive Cutey Jimbo chicken cubes for the juicy, tender meat and incredibly golden-crisp batter. Be sure to complete your meal with either some Onion Rings ($2.50) or thick-cut Crispy French Fries ($2) — the fries batter reminds Burpple Tastemaker Cassie Ong of McDonald's twister fries.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Raine Liu

Rather similar to Angel's - tasty skin but this was not as thick as Angel's. The Cutey Jimbo ($4.80) was mega tasty as well, super addictive that it was so dangerous that you can't stop popping them into my mouth. The only draw back was that the fried chicken a little too oily for my liking but overall very very good 😋💦💦💦


I'll choose those cuties over wings any day. Cooked only upon ordering, you'll keep popping these succulent chicken bits into your mouth. And those thick-cut Crispy French Fries ($2), the batter makes it taste kinda like McDonald's twister fries! Now I got another place to satisfy my fries cravings.

With four selections of chicken parts and two different flavours, my favoueite has gotta be Cutey Jimbo ($4.80)! So tender, so juicy, and the marination somewhat reminds me of 阿嬷家的炸鸡.. so homely 😬


🐔🎉 .
Love their tasty and juicy chicken. Instead of sprinkling powder on the fried batter, they marinate the chicken beforehand. The batter was super crispy too. .
🐔Lovely Jimbo (S$5) : Chicken breast in a heart shape 💗 and imo it's the best among the four.
🐔Cutey Jimbo (S$4.80) : Similar to pop-corn chicken, my second favorite.
🐔 Running Jimbo (S$4.80) : Chicken thigh because it's used for running!
🐔Flying Jimbo (S$3.80) : Chicken wings. .
They also serve crispy French Fries (S$2), Onion Rings ($2.5), Rice ($1.8) and Mashed Potatoes ($1.8). Try their Earl Grey Milk Tea too! Da bomb...
📍NEX Serangoon, #B2-48A
23 Serangoon Central, 556083
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 10.00pm