Homemade Focaccia Bread

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This features a slab of pan-seared foie gras duck liver, atop a crisp toasted ciabatta bread.
Garnished with sea salt and crushed pistachio nuts, with a chunky caramelised apple, and thyme, served with brandy compote on the side.
The compote lends bold fruity boozy sweet flavour to the tender, succulent, savoury salty fatty foie gras, complemented by the earthy nutty crushed pistachio nuts on top.
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SMOKED DUCK SALAD: Small pieces of smoked duck tossed with greens; tinge of sweetness and sour from orange; appetizing and light; probably the better taste salad..
BRUSCHETTA: 2 piece of garlic rubbed baguette topped with marinated cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar and olive oil; garlic taste is very mild; taste like salad on bread; simple dish..
IBERICO PORK: Pork shoulder cooked medium-well; tender and juicy; apple puree at the side is smooth and flavorful, complementing the mild porky taste; with the smooth mashed potatoes; must-try..
ROASTED BABY CHICKEN: Lightly spiced half baby chicken; tender and juicy; mashed potatoes is very smooth and fine; must-try..
TEA-RAMISU: Not the usual tiramisu; no coffee taste; mild earl grey taste; not too sweet; must try..
SALTED EGG CHEESECAKE: Cheese mousse is very smooth and light; top layer is salted egg with curry leaves taste; salted egg layer cover the cheese taste; tinge of saltiness and sweetness; good combination; can try..
Overall a decent and filling meal in a cosy café; portion is pretty small, good for small appetite; quality > quantity; servuce is good; swop rice pudding with cheesecake and tea-ramisu as it ran out of stock; try during weekday lunch time as it comes with starter and dessert..
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While waiting for your mains, why not pick some of these appetizers @wine.n.chef ! The focaccia bread 🍞 is housemade and served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Loved the herby aroma! I would recommend dipping it in the egg 🥚confit mixture for extra flavour especially since the egg confit comes with truffle mushrooms. The century egg cream was yummy but I found the tofu a bit dry.