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Le Omm

$9.00 · 16 Reviews

One foot in the glass doors of this beautifully furnished dessert boutique cafe and I knew the longing to visit this place with mum, after a friend introduced their sliced cakes to me at a dinner gathering (at that point in a takeaway box), was not unfounded.
The dainty cakes here goes into my category of “nice to admire and nice to fork on”; I personally favoured the Raspberry Yuzu flavor over the Le Omm (Matcha). The refreshingly citrusy moist sponge of the former outshone the pale tasting latter.

We never fail to stop by Nesuto whenever we're at the tanjong pagar area, as all their pastries are absolutely divine! For $9 each (and with the burpple beyond deal), these complex desserts are possibly even underpriced.
All the pastries incorporate contrasting textures and complementary flavours, and is definitely an elevated cafe experience. Other excellent favourites are the Le Omm and Miss Isphan, and their range of teas are also... interesting to say the least.
10/10 will always return haha

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Matcha with azuki bean cake, not overly sweet and will not taste jelak as you eat. Great as a cake for most who don't like it too sweet

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Le Omm
$9 | Needless to say, Matcha and Azuki red bean paste always goes well together! Cake is very moist and soft. Azuki red bean paste was spread between the layers of the cake and it’s not too sweet. Slightly disappointed at how the matcha taste is not very strong.

C3 Cheesecake
$9 | Delightfully light. The salted caramel chocolate base was a good touch as it takes away the rather cloying nature of most cheesecakes we usually think about.

If you are a cheesecake fanatics, then you might be disappointed with this as it does not have very strong cream cheese taste. For people who are neutral with it or dislike cheesecake for the jelak-ness, then this is a good alternative.

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Can't decide which cakes to order as they are all fabulous! Ordered the signature cakes- Miss Ispahan, Le Omm(matcha) & Le Goma. Love the texture of the cakes - moist & light with quality ingredients. Each cake is unique in itself. Miss Ispahan is refreshing with different textures in each bite. Will definitely come again.

The quality and flavour bursts you get out of Nesuto cakes are insane! My personal favourite was the Matcha cake (Le Omm, I believe is its name). Light, moist - layered with Matcha tea and red bean skin that gives it a light texture. You’ve to try it to understand what I mean. As the cakes are made with whipped cream and mousse, it’s best to have it in the cafe itself. I mean, why wouldn’t you? It’s a nice and cosy place, perfect for meetups and chats. Will definitely be back again 😊👍🏻

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Was a bit put off by Nesuto’s matcha Le Omm cake before because of how one-dimensionally soft it was, but this Yuzu Raspberry cake that I got for my birthday has redeemed Nesuto in my eyes! I loved the raspberry jam and especially the yuzu meringue mousse in between the layers of vanilla sponge (which could be softer, it tasted a little rough). It was tart, and a really good combination! Just wished that the outer pink frosting could have been flavoured with yuzu or raspberry instead of merely being regular coloured buttercream.

It was our second time back at nesuto patisserie~

Miss' ispahan (comes with rose cream, rapsberry confit, lychee gelee, vanilla sponge and brown sugar sable;$9.80+) and the Le omm (matcha mascarpone cake; $9+)! Beautiful creations they have here! 🌟

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These pricey cakes become affordable with #burpplebeyond 1-for-1 deals. The goma (Black sesame) cake was fluffy, mild and not too sweet. I found signature Le omm (green tea) rather strange with tasteless sponge interspersed with artifical tasting green tea cream and jarringly sweet azuki (red bean). To be fair I dislike red bean. Nice to see actual baking going on at the premises. American coffee ($4.50+) came in a cheap looking paper cup (hate!!!!) although I was dining in. Still prefer cake spade nearby for their dense, moist and rich cakes (+ proper coffee cups).

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