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Chicken & Waffles

$21.00 Β· 75 Reviews

Waffle was soft and fluffy and paired well with the maple syrup. The seasoning of the fried chicken was nice but the chicken itself was quite dry. Overall above average but rather pricey.
Also ordered the signature pancakes which was delicious but came in a massive portion. Definitely for 2 to share!


I like the buttermilk lightness of its fluffy waffles especially when its doused in the sweet maple sauce. Though i would say the chicken isn't what I expected. Its chicken breast fried and seasoned. I would have preferred a more tender cut with less seasoning.

Had a chope deal where we spent $25 for $50 worth of credits. Have to order before 6.30pm though! Celebrated international womens day here!

Was slightly sad that they no longer sell the rosti which i liked. Not a big fan of all day breakfast but if you like pancakes and egg bens, this is the place.


The signature fried chicken with waffles. The chicken is fried till golden perfection - the buttermilk waffle was abit soft for my liking. Sinful but good dish nonetheless.


Taste: 3.5/5

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I have never tried these even though I have visited this place multiple times for their pancakes. Waffles were good and went surprisingly well with the chicken and maple syrup! Only thing is that... it’s chicken breast meat which I’m not too fond of.

Prices are not cheap but still ok for cafe even tho I think leaning towards the higher range. Use chope to reserve and purchase chope vouchers!


All Day Brioche French Toast ($18) so appetizing with caramelized bananas & roasted pecans
Kale & Quinoa Salad ($19) add grilled chicken ($3) for the healthy lifestyle diner πŸ™‚
Black Angus Cheeseburger ($23) - house-made patty with Swiss cheese & caramelized onions in between flat-looking house-made bun was definitely tastier than its look πŸ‘€ though I must say the hand-cut fries seemed rather un-inviting πŸ€ͺ
Sweet Potato Fries ($7) & SautΓ©ed Spinach ($5) were good sides but we really like the yummy juicy Rosemary Pork Patties ($8)
Very very delighted to receive this surprise birthday treat and I was glad that I’d finally visited this much read about dining place. Thank you folks!

Waffles had the same flavour as their pancakes. Chicken was well marinated and crumbed but would have preferred if they gave us chicken thigh rather than chicken breast as they were rather dry.


Was not expecting to enjoy this dish after reading some mediocre reviews and also the small simple plating when served, but wowffles. Wowffles indeed?? The buttermilk fried chicken just carried the dish with just the right amount of crisp and batter without being too oily 😍😍 Unless you like real crispy waffles (which in that case go buy a waffle biscuit or sth ugh), the buttermilk waffles was actually pretty well done and actually had flavour and just went so well with the fried chicken and maple syrup?? This dish is so misunderstood and misportrayed in the reviews and it’s definitely worth a try!! πŸ’―πŸ’―

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The fried chicken was really good!! The batter was so tasty and the chicken was really tender and juicy. The waffles were underwhelming though - not particularly crisp or fluffy.

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The waffle was too soggy for my liking but the chicken was sizeable and the maple butter was good. You could make a pass on this.

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