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Squid Ink Paella

$26.00 · 9 Reviews

Not the most appetizing presentation but taste was spot on. Pork ribs with pumpkin purée was also excellent. Also tried their croquettes (tastes like deep fried canned soup with meatier add-ons), cauliflower, octopus and tortilla tapas.

Mega love towards @mendontgetit @iwannayolo for their UOB gourmet stories by #uobdiningadvisor ✨😊✨it’s a UOB cards exclusive rewards where they offer limited quantities of 1 for 1 lunch/dinner sets deals to special promotion prices for some of the best restaurants in Singapore!🌝🌈 the menus are specially curated for UOB with unique themes and ingredients behind each of the dishes😍 For dinners, most of them have designed wine pairings🍷 best part: the list of participating restaurants changes every month - discount slots are first come first serve🏃‍♀️ quite a few of the restaurants are in the @michelinguide!!!🤤 thus, this is a really awesome and attractive feature for foodies like me😉 so here I managed to grab 1 for 1 set dinner deal for @focpimpam 🌞it is opened by the same team behind @foc_restaurant 😎the space is relatively larger and designed in zones like tapas bar/main dining room/ outside terrace🙃 thus, certain portions of the restaurant can be closed from private function. It is a three course meal with wine pairing from red - sparkling to white✨ firstly for tapas there is the traditional cold cuts with bruscetta and prawns al ajillo🤤 The cuts are all uniquely different in treatment~ purrfect start🌸the prawn is pretty standard in seasoning and type - but definitely well cooked✨ next we get the Spanish Main dish: black Mediterranean squid ink paella🤤 cooking squid ink is such a skill, for this dish to be well-balanced in favours with that dash of cream👍up a notch! Last but not least: suckling pig terrine - woahhh that meat separates from the skin so smoothly just like silk and the skin crunch like biscuit🤤would love to have a dessert finale but oh wells🤷‍♀️ looking forward to my next uob deal hehes🤤💕
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Had the squid Ink Paella at FOC PIM PAM with the 50% Singtel discount.

Haven't had many paellas, but this seemed to be a pretty competent rendition, with a nice smoky squid ink sauce and little squid nuggets scattered in between. The rice was nice, albeit a tiny bit hard (though understandable given it's a paella). Came with 4 dollops of garlic aioli topped with prawns, though it was a little unfortunate that the flavour of the aioli wasn't really discernible when mixed into the paella, having been slightly masked by the squid Ink sauce.

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PATATAS BRAVAS: Thin slices of potatoes stack up like 'kueh lapis' or layered cake, and deep fry; very crispy; topped with salsa and aioli sauce that add flavor and cover the oily taste; with to try..
SQUID INK PAELLA: That super black rice that attracted my eyes long time ago; super flavorful squid ink infused rice with pieces of squid; tinge of sweetness from squid and prawn; a little charred at edge added crispness; prawn is big, juicy and fresh; probably the best squid ink dish I've tried..
LEMON LEMONCELLO: Very lemony lemon-shaped lemon dessert; lemon sorbet and meringue; using fresh lemon juice hence really quite sour which sour lover like me will like; cream surrounding the 'lemon' is lightly burnt; quite sweet though; complementing the sourness; refreshing dessert that will get rid of the oily sensation after the main course..
CROQUETAS (MUSHROOM): Quite creamy and super mushroomy taste; outer batter is quite thin; In summary, deep fry mushroom cream soup..
CROQUETAS (CRAB): Loads of crab filling inside; tinge of sweetness; no fishy taste..
BARRAMUNDI: Super small piece of fish; fish quite fresh and well-cooked; sauce is creamy and with strong cheese taste; pumpkin gnocchi is not the usual chewy gnocchi; simply pumpkin puree wrapped in a thin layer of 'jelly'..
IBERICO PORK RIBS: A fairly big piece of ribs lying on a bed of mashed pumpkin; natural sweetness; meat is quite tender; too much fats that I feel the whole dish is so oily..
Overall a decent and filling meal; pretty pricey if not for the 50% OFF all menu items for Singtel Experience special menu; service is good; main dining hall looks pretty atas (high class), with dimmed light and cosy..
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Ok enough has been said about it so I'll just add on a little of my opinion. First off don't mix the aioli in as there probably isn't enough to taste once it's well mixed. Secondly remove the rice from the sides asap lol cos it dries up. And the squid ink is legit so it might be too strong for some people


I'm not usually a fan of squid ink - too many poor experiences. But this was so good! It was creamy and packed with super ocean umami. Also, squid pieces were buried in the paella like little bouncy treasures.


The squid ink paella here was superb. It had (almost) a 1:2 ratio of squid to rice grains and the bite-sized squids were so tender that you wouldn't get tired chewing them. The briny squid ink gave the much needed wetness to bring the different elements together. If you are looking for a nice romantic first-date-kind-of-meal, the squid ink might be a turn-off, but trust me, it was worth the black stains on your teeth and lips. Portion might not be that fulfilling for most people but then again, it's tapas, so you need to pace yourself out throughout the meal. Tbh I was already 3/4 full while having this paella.
Thank you @pimpambyfoc for the hospitality and @burpple for extending the invite!
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V fresh prawns !

Had the squid ink paella and thoroughly enjoyed it! Flavourful and with enough wok hei to give it some kick. That and the impeccable service made for a beautiful dining experience. I'll definitely be back to try the other paellas! #BurppleXChope