Chap Chye

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Classic nyonya chap chye braised in a flavorful rich stock made with prawn and pork. You get a lot more vermicelli in this chap chye, and also black fungus and tau kee. Generous portion for the reasonable price!


More tanghoon than vegetables

Take note this is a portion for 2. Everything is meant to be shared lol it's a very homely feeling.

Contains prawns and pork and loads of mushrooms so it's pretty damn worth it. My favourite is the black fungus. Let's just say that unlike other places, theres actually more of everything else than cabbage lol


I really enjoyed the intense and concentrated pork and prawn stock – it's so thick you can barely see any zhup! I’m not a very big fan of chap chye, but this is by far one of the tastiest I’ve had, studded with juicy shiitake mushrooms and pork belly pieces!


So much tang hoon and so moist and alot of chap.

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Classic nonya chap chye braised with pork and prawn stock

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