Martini Grilled Pork

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The Martini Grilled Pork dish was also a hot favourite at our table. The tender pork loin is first grilled and then carefully glazed with their Italian martini sauce which was so flavourful! Definitely a must order dish here!


Randomly found a café which specialize in handmade pasta.. Slightly country bumpkin me didn't know that avocado can be used in cream pasta.. Just wish that there's more sauce in the pasta.. Cos.. according to someone.. the pasta became 'western version dry mee pok' after a short while.. 🤔
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From Pastaria Abate, a relatively new Italian restaurant along Craig Road taking over the former spot of now-defunct Fordham & Grand. The place serves up starters, mains as well as pasta — the pasta are freshly made in-house, while patrons can choose the type of pasta to go with the various sauce available for their pasta.

This dish was a true stunner — the tender Pork Loin was easy to cut and chew without being too dry nor carried any porky stench while glazed in their Italian Martini sauce; the glaze itself provided a tinge of mellow sweetness that felt really luxurious and complimenting to the slab of meat. Comes with salad dressed in balsamic vinegar on the side. A dish I really wouldn't mind ordering again; the Italian Martini sauce really got me here!