Steamed Spicy Asari

$15.00 · 4 Reviews

Dinner / 10 Jan 2018: the highlight of the dish is the broth - it’s like a seafood like laksa soup (think coconut, seafood, lemon grass). The soup is so addictive that we drench our beef don with it (and they went well together!)

Marrying the splendour of Japanese and Vietnamese cuisines with a touch of Western influence, Maru Dine & Bar’s Dinner menu features quite an array of stellar dishes that is sure to impress. One of them being their Steamed Spicy Asari ($15/small, $24/large). With a tickle of spice in the slightly piquant blend of lemongrass and coconut milk, the Vietnamese-styled broth pack a flavourful punch - all sweet, savoury and spicy. The fresh clams providing the mouthwatering umami sweetness to counter a bit of that heat. Really nicely balanced! And served with toast, you have to use the crusty bread to soak and mop up all that appetizing stock. So guud.

Thank you Maru Dine & Bar for hosting us and Burpple for extending the invite!

Vietnamese style steamed clams that caught us all by surprise with its super flavourful broth! You get that lovely aroma from the addition of lemon grass and coconut milk with a light spice that balances it all out very well, keeping the mouthfuls addictive and not jelak. The bowl is served with crispy toasts, perfect for mopping all that sweet-savoury-spicy essence up! The small portion is also available at $15.

All I can say is that these clams truly made us all as happy as them! Spicy, full of umami, they were really appetising. The best part is you get some toast served on the side for you to mop up all that spicy soup. Yummers!